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TCA: FX's new club

July 15, 2008 | 11:20 am

FX is venturing into the world of motorcycle clubs for its new drama, "Sons of Anarchy," which premieres Sept. 3.

Created by Kurt Sutter ("The Shield") and James Parriott ("Grey's Anatomy"), revolves around a young man who reaches a crossroads while dealing with his family, which has been involved in organized crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs for generations.

During a panel discussion to promote the series at the Beverly Hilton, Sutter said he immersed himself in an outlaw motorcycle organization and researched how such clubs morphed into crime syndicates before writing the pilot.

"The thing that attracted me to the world and these guys is that I had no doubt they were dangerous cats but there was this amazing camaraderie, an amazing familial I’d-kill-for-my-brother-bond...and that was somewhat endearing," Sutter said. "That juxtaposed against the lifestyle was fascinating material."

The cast includes: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, and Maggie Siff.

"These are guys who made the ultimate sacrifice for their government and came back and were disillusioned," Perlman said. "So they formed an alternative thing to depend on. They have a ruthlessness in protecting the values they always thought American values were but found out that the American dream being shoved at them was a little short of something you can totally depend on."

Sagal described her matriarch character as a "ferocious mother."

"She will do anything for her son and family, her family being this motorcycle world," she said. "When you see the show, you will realize how far all of them will go in the name of loyalty to their unit. It’s actually a lovely bond. They just have a deep way of expressing it."