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'The Shield': Final season begins in September, but it's curtains for 'Dirt'

Det. Vic Mackey is back in action.

According to the FX website, the seventh and final season of the show will premiere at 10 p.m. Sept. 2. When we last left Vic -- the sixth season finale aired a full year ago! -- his world had turned upside down. Mackey had just formed an alliance with former rival Aceveda, while his former partner Shane turned into a man on the run.

Log on to the show's official website to watch videos of the cast as they reflect on the first six seasons.

In other FX news, the network has canceled Courteney Cox's tabloid drama, "Dirt." And after two ratings-challenged and critically panned seasons, there's not much left to say about that.

-- Denise Martin

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Hello again. I must say I am really loving this final season of the Shield - Shane's character is really a stand out. I simply love this show and will really miss it after the end of November. Does anyone know what happens to Vic? I simply must know...I don't think I can wait till the finale!!!

I was so sad to see Lem killed by Shane and I love the plot line right now, with Shane a Mara on the run...but I don't think Vic should pay for all of his crimes...he is the first anti-hero and should be allowed to wiggle out of "this one" as well.............Pls share with the viewers if you know anything about the finale..............pls.....................Vic I miss you already.

They should give Julien or Michael Jace, his own series. I miss you guys all of you already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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