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High ratings for 'Camp Rock,' the Disney Channel's Jonas Brothers movie

Friday night's premiere of "Camp Rock" on the Disney Channel, er, rocked (sorry!) in the ratings, drawing 8.9 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Among those, 3.4 million were tweenagers, the 9- to 14-year-olds Disney targets.

"Camp Rock" -- which as The Times' Robert Lloyd pointed out in his review, is sort of a Jonas Brothers movie, but mostly not, and co-stars Demi Lovato, who is seen as the inheritor of Miley Cyrus' crown -- now stands as the Disney Channel's second-most-watched TV movie of all time. It falls behind, of course, last summer's record-breaking ratings for "High School Musical 2." That cultural phenomenon/franchise brought in 17.2 million viewers and was the most-watched entertainment (meaning, excluding sports) telecast ever on basic cable.

But "Camp Rock" did outdraw the first "High School Musical" movie, which had an audience of 7.7 million in its initial airing in 2006.

In a cross-platforming strategy among various Disney properties, "Camp Rock" will be rebroadcast on ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney" tonight (Saturday) and on ABC Family tomorrow (Sunday).

-- Kate Aurthur

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the movie camp rock was amazing. it was annoying that disney channel so much about the movie that it kinda ruined it. they SHOULDN'T show the ENDing song. the movie started off very good. i was crushed when i found out that nick and kevin were not going to camp aswell :(. nick was smart about things. kevin was random haha. joe rocked! i cracked up on the scene when shane gray walked in the kitchen and mitchie put flour on her face. the final jam preperation should have gotten more in it. overalll this movie is awsome i love it. hopefully theres a a CAMP ROCK 2, where demi and joe have an actual kiss and nick and kevin joins the camp. thank you for this entertaining movie :D

Great movie, absloutey loved it :) Can't wait to purchase it. Camp Rock is a great movie,

Overall, i think the movie was "ok." There was absolutely nothing completely fantastic about the storyline, but it was a "cute" story and is definitely worth watching at least once. I was hoping for something way bigger and exciting after all of the promotional stuff that was done, but i liked the movie.

Most of you people are disappointed because there was hardly any Nick and Kevin, but no one said it would revolve around Connect 3. If you had read the description of the movie on the website itself, you would see it had more to do with Demi and Joe and the "new girl" trying to fit in for once, NOT Connect Three. The commercial wasn't implying that there would be more Nick and Kevin anyway. You should have known the bases of the story anyway. And no one said there was going to be a kiss in the first place. You are all just disappointed because you had high expectations for this movie, you assumed what would happen. I think the movie would have been better with a kiss, but between Demi and Joe, it's not legal... So maybe THAT'S why there was no kiss?...

I think Camp Rock was amazing; too amazing for words, better than HSM. Why are you guys comparing it to HSM anyway? HSM is a musical, Camp Rock is not... Anyway, Joe is really good at acting. I LOVED Kevin's character, he was too funny; his strange obsession with birdhouses. He played Jason really well. Kevin should act more like that, even though he already does a little. Nick didn't change much, he was still "The President", the leader of the group, goal-oriented. Demi was amazing also, singing and acting. I can't wait for Camp Rock 2, maybe (hopefully), that will top HSM2

ok i loved camp rock and i can understand why nick and kevin werent in the movie that much it was about joe and demi guys you have to understand was shane(joe) was trying to find his love interest which was mitchie(demi) and they were finding out more of who they were and there places you really have listen and think about what there saying but i loved it and yes the ending was cut short but the movie comes out on dvd on august 19 and if you buy there is an extened ending to show what happens so you have to buy the movie to see what happens at the end and it was a great movie and i love the Jonas Brothers and Demi!!

I loved camp rock so much !! it was so cool .. demi was so great and so was the jonas brothers !! joe was adorable and funny x3 !!
the movie inspired me so much and The songs were very good
demi proved that she can sing .. i loved her songs she inspired me alot
CAMP ROCK movie did better than HSM , I think the movie gave us a great message and it was more honest than HSM.
it was really cool !!!! xD

thats my opinion !

HSM sucks. first one was to cheesy and the whole break into song. boring!!! the second one wat the hell its call HSM not summer country club muscial. that one just sucked and the songs were low quality and cheesy. The third one in theaters? yeah right i am not paying to see the same cheesy movie again but in theater this time, especially cuz the last one sucked! plus efron wears to much make up and vanessa is a skank. but CAMP ROCK was amazing. i mean it colud have improvements, but hey its just a disney channel movie wat do u expect. The jonas brothers rocked. i kno there sholud have been more nick and kev but they rewrote the script to included them so we should just be happy that they are even in it. the other actors were good the plot was fun. The songs were amazing. it was alittle rushed but i bet the next will be better. demi lovato, for it being her first real acting gig it was pretty good and her vocals are great. plus camp rock is a better movie cuz kids can relate to the characters and see themselves as them so they can really understand and feel what the character is feeling. and it wasnt cheesy! so all in all camp rock was better. plus there are 3 jobros and only one efron he cant compare.

i loved camp rock! yeah, they could have done a better job of lipsyncing and there should have been a kiss, but it was still really good! i can't get the songs out of my head! i hope they make a camp rock 2 :)

Hey i think that camp rock moive was awesome. I think Joe Jonas did a good job with the acting. They made Kevin Jonas so funny i was laugh every time he had a scene. Nick Jonas was very cute and he play his role very well!! Demi Lovato I have to say was very great and she song very good. From that movie i learn something and that is to be yourself. That was a good thing how they had that in the movie, so that younger kids don't choose them path ways. I very happy that the Jonas Brothers play in it because they seem to be very good people. They music is so awesome and just worth wild to listen to. I think the Jonas Brother have a great future togther and they just need to keep doing what they doing. I really like to say that just because I am not there # 1 fan I give them the respcet they need because they are awesome. I tell a lot of people that. I wish the best for all the camp rock people who played in the movie and may there future stay on the right path. By the way the music was great in the movie i just really love it. Joe Jonas singing had me just like can I sing with you. Him and his brother are just great and I wish them the best. There new song is awesome with the video. Crazy man and just to good. I think it take a long time for aother disneychannel movie to bet camp rock. Come on the movie come on 38,13,19 and then the computer. There no movie to bet it. So....... Jonas Brothers you are great and good luck in the future. From: Sha'Quayla Davis Virginia

i have to say, the camp rock storyline had me really excited, It sounded much more original than the HSM plot. After watching the movie though, i realized that it didnt really live up to my expectations. The movie had a great soundtrack, which was one of the main components compelling me to watch, but after seeing the movie i realized something. On other disney shows people will talk about how 'that person cant actually sing THAT well' exc...., so this time they cast a lot of people where music was their strong suit. however, in doing so, the acting was a bit weaker and the characters more scatter point. What ever happened to Lola, whose mom was on Broadway??? This isn’t to say the kids couldn’t act, they just couldn’t act as well as they could sing. Overall i loved the original plot, but i wish Disney had paid as close attention to the acting as they did musical talent and i also wanted to see nick and Kevin a bit more. Their few scenes were sporadic but I found them quite funny with Kevin’s birdhouse and their newly invented copper rule.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wuz soooooooooooo kewl. I luved it. But i still luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv HSM!!!! Zac iz HOT!!! but so r da jonas brothers.

It was watchable, but sort of boring. It should have tried to be more of a movie and less of an advertisement for Jonas Brothers world domination and that probably would have made it better. It also lacked any single particularly compelling character. HSM had at least a couple.

I thought it actually was a really good movie. But it all looked a little fake. Like when they were singing sometimes their lips were moving at different times than the actual song. The whole cast did a really good job. I wish I could go to a camp like that, with the whole cast and not have as much drama like in the movie. I thought it was really sad when Shane ((joe jonas)) yelled at Mitchie ((demi lovato)) I cried at that part. But no offfense to anyonw who disagrees she deserved it. She lied in the first part so she deserved that! I loved how most of them had TOTALLY different personalities. Well Joe and Kevin did. Kevin was "out there" ((haha kevin)) and joe was a total jerk. Nick was like himself sort of. Serious but funny. I overall loved it! great job guys!

I am a huge HSM and JONAS BROTHERS fan, but was a little disappointed. It was like the same plot as HSM only gone camping. The "Tess" character was EXACTLY like sharpay it was scary. They should have just gotten ashley tisdale to play the part, since thats what they were goin for. Even more like HSM... they build up this huge moment for a kiss and all the fans are just let down. All in all i liked it (i guess because i am a HSM fan), but i would not call it an "original"

I agree with every single thing that "Mitchie Torres" posted at 12:27AM on June 22nd. I found it hilarious and very blunt. About the movie, I thought it was a piece of shit, a waste of two hours and fifteen minutes, and the only good thing was being able to swoon over Joe Jonas and his hot sexy brothers who didn't even show up that much which was a shame because of the fact that Disney advertised it as "Starring The Jonas Brothers"...NOT JOE JONAS BY HIMSELF! Okay, I also thought that Demi was definitely a bad actress, and should seriously work on changing her fake ass smile. I have never been so angry about a movie's plot...ever. Matthew Diamond should go back to director's school so he could learn how to direct a mother fucking movie! I believe that if Kenny Ortega had directed "Camp Rock", it would've been soooo much better.


I LOVED CAMP ROCK!!!! okay so i have to admit, the movie's storyline could've been better but the Jonas Brothers and Demi totally rocked it. my favorite parts were when Joe and Demi were together. i was kind of disappointed when Joe and Demi didn't kiss but i guess they were saving it for the second one, just like HSM2. i defidently thought that if the movie starred the jonas brothers, that all 3 of them should've been in it a lot more but i'm a big Joe fan so i'm cool. i have to agree with some of you guys. i think the movie was cut and looked rushed, as if they couldn't wait to get it out. the scenes didn't make much sense and it looked too jumpy. also there should've been more details in it. the songs were awesome!! but again the scene jumping kind of made it obvious they were lip singing. Hopefully there will be a Camp Rock 2 and it will totally dominate this one.

this is not a good movie
come on,.hsm is way better,.this movie choreograph ws soo bad ,i hd my eye aching watch it!
kenny ortega ws much better!
and demi did not hve those 'shine' like linzi/hilary/miley ,.
so does,.the blonde girl,compared to ashley tisdale
im dissapointed,.

Of course all the jonas bros fans think the movie was awsome! But it really wasn't! I watched it with all my friends and we didn't like it at all!
Even though i'm a big fan, i do say it wasn't good! When i watched hsm for the first time i had a happy feeling! and it was new and the plot was good! The plot in this movie wasn't good at all! And all the fans are all making stupid excuses like: the reason the ratings weren't that high is because of the camp rock parties people had and it was like 20 people watching one tv..
WHEN HSM2 CAME ON TV THEY DID THAT TOO! Do you guys really think that it would make any difference? NO, because hsm2 had a lot of people watching it too on one tv.

honestly it was what i expected, it was a somewhat "corny" disney channel movie. No one could expect something really serious, i mean the target age group is under 12. I think that the Jonas Brothers are decent actors, as is Demi and the storyline seemed a little rushed; yet the music was actually enjoyable. Overall it was good, but you really can't compare it to HSM, they are two different ideas--with majorly different actors--you can not compare the Jonas Brothers to Zac Efron--the only thing is is that you have to be happy that the Jonas Brothers actually want to be apart of Disney.
It is almost so typical for an unknown actor or actress, like those of HSM, to suddenly make it big and rather than enjoy their fame from something everyone loves, they think they are too good. The first words out of their mouths are "I want to be known for something else" and decide they don't want to continue working on it anymore. I feel like the fame gets to their head, you almost want to ask them, "what on earth is wrong with you? you just made a movie that is loved world-wide and all you can think about is "getting away from disney." Atleast we know that the jonas brothers want to be on there, i mean they are just signing on at the age everyone else wants to leave.

Why is everybody complaining about CAMP ROCK's performance level. It's all good as long as Nick, Joe, and Kevin are holding it on their shoulders. But I do agree- there could've been a bit more JONAS in the movie. Oh yeah, crazy girl ( Mitchie TORRES) NEVER DISGRACE THE NAME JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU could'nt act to save your life. They did great 4 their first time. JONAS 4EVER! Peace out!

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