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High ratings for 'Camp Rock,' the Disney Channel's Jonas Brothers movie

Friday night's premiere of "Camp Rock" on the Disney Channel, er, rocked (sorry!) in the ratings, drawing 8.9 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Among those, 3.4 million were tweenagers, the 9- to 14-year-olds Disney targets.

"Camp Rock" -- which as The Times' Robert Lloyd pointed out in his review, is sort of a Jonas Brothers movie, but mostly not, and co-stars Demi Lovato, who is seen as the inheritor of Miley Cyrus' crown -- now stands as the Disney Channel's second-most-watched TV movie of all time. It falls behind, of course, last summer's record-breaking ratings for "High School Musical 2." That cultural phenomenon/franchise brought in 17.2 million viewers and was the most-watched entertainment (meaning, excluding sports) telecast ever on basic cable.

But "Camp Rock" did outdraw the first "High School Musical" movie, which had an audience of 7.7 million in its initial airing in 2006.

In a cross-platforming strategy among various Disney properties, "Camp Rock" will be rebroadcast on ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney" tonight (Saturday) and on ABC Family tomorrow (Sunday).

-- Kate Aurthur

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I was disapointed with Camp Rock. Nick was barely in the movie and the plot was somewhat boring. The Demi and Joe singing scene at the end was cute, and I was a bit disapointed that they didn't kiss. Kind of like the first High School Musical when Zac and Vanessa didn't kiss either. Overall, it's a great movie but disapointing with all the previews and promoting that the cast had gone through.

hey guys joe kiven and nick how r u i am a fan but i am cool

I, at first, was a bit upset with camp rock. But after i watched it a few more times, i am now in love with it. Demi Lovato is an amazing singer and actress, and Joe is a big goof, which is why everyone loves him! I do have to say, Nick should have definetly been in the movie more, and then it would have been a bit better the first tme around! The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are amazing though!

I was disappointed in the movie. The scenes went to fast cutting to another scene too quickly. It seemed like everything was rushed. Some scenes were too unrealistic. I feel like too much of the movie was given away with sneak peak clips and disney commercials before the movie even aired, so when seeing the movie it was like i had seen the entire thing already. And the ending was so-so. Joe and Demi's characters could have atleast said something to eachother to signify the end of the movie. idk..just my opinion.

The Jonas brothers did a good job and werent at all bad to watch.
I just think a lot of girls are going to say that is was so great because they were in it when in reality the quality was lacking.
I think Disney was just rushing to get the next big thing out there.

I was pleased with Camp Rock. The songs were pretty good (mainly the songs done by the Jonas Brothers) and the plot was cute. I do think that Joe and Demi should have kissed, but overall, the Jonas Brothers did a great job and the movie was worth watching.

Huge chunks of the plot were derivative of Mean Girls. Demi can sing, but isn't quite a leading lady yet, and her moments with Joe felt like she was grinning indulgently at her older brother--not a love interest. She doesn't have the "sparkle quality" that Hillary or Lindsay had at that age, or Selena Gomez has now--nor does she have the sheer 'look at meeee!' energy that Miley exudes.

This movie will be popular because of the Jonas Brothers for now, but won't stand the test of time like I predict the HSM series will. Alyson Stoner was pretty great, though.


Camp Rock beat all!!!I can't even watch HSM anymore Camp Rock was the greatest i can't even explain how much it inspired me,and i'm so happy that it wansn't chessy like HSM.HSM was good but so IDK.I so luv Camp Rock so much!!!!

I did not like how the hyped the movie so much they wanted it to be bigger than HSM2 but it wasn't. The only reason they beat the first one was bc they hyped it more than the first HSM movie. Overall I disliked the movie and hope that they make something better, and there is no girl right now that can replace miley cyrus.

This movie was pretty great. Demi Lovato is such a talented girl, and she's deserving of "Miley Cyrus' crown". It disappoints me, though, because although promotions and commercials all said, "Starring the Jonas Brothers!" Nick and Kevin were hardly in it at all. It was still a cute movie with a wholesome message and good music, and I enjoyed it more than the popular HSM. I wish that Shane and Mitchie kissed, but there's to be a sequel, so that's okay. My point anyways is that, it's a good movie, but it was a bit of a letdown after seeing all those promos. I'm still satisfied, though.

the director of camp rock really didn't know what he was doing there's a lot of mistakes including lip singing and dance moves

I loved it! i wish kevin and nick would have gotten bigger parts, but overall, it was really awsum!

Camp Rock was good, especially if you are a Joe Jonas fan or a Demi fan. However, I was disappointed they did not kiss. In my opinion, High School Musical was better. But, this movie was good. I enjoyed it, although the High School Musical movies remain my favorite. Anyone who loves Joe Jonas should enjoy this, however. Nick and Kevin Jonas rarely appear... unlike what the trailer suggested.

I loved Camp Rock, it was the best movie Disney Channel has ever released. Although Nick and Kevin were hardly in it...I'm a HUGE Nick fan...but I wasnt disappointed at all. At least he was in the movie. Kevin was hilarious and Nick was adorable and smart. I loved all the scenes that had Demi and Joe together. I loved it when they sang the duet, that was the scene I had been waiting for. I never thought the day would come, the day it premiered. It was completely worth it. I'm so glad that a Camp Rock 2 is already in the works! Hopefully Joe and Demi will kiss in that one! Demi has an AMAZING voice, she has true talent, along as the Jonas Brothers. This movie had a message that anyone can relate to..."Don't fit in, Stand Out!" I love that motto, its the motto of mylife from now on!! I hope that there's a Camp Rock tour like the High School Musical tour. Oh, and I loved the 'Burnin' Up' music video. It was hilarious...I loved the James Bond theme for Nick's he looked so cute with his hair all fixed up. And when he was performing I loved his bronze jacket, with the colar up...I screamed when I saw that...and when he sang the line 'For you baby.' I almost died with that line!! I can't wait for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato's Burnin' Up tour!! Too bad they're not coming my hometown, but I'll watch the Youtube videos!!! I love Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers!!!

camp rock is da best. da songs were gud n it is way betta dan high skool musical 1 or 2. that was a very gud movie


I thought the movie was good. I think its alot better than HSM and HSM2. I think that High School Musical is over rated. Demi Lovato has a great voice and the Jonas Brothers did great. I only do wish Nick could of been in it alittle bit more. I like how Tess changed at the end and apologized to Mitchie and her two best friends. I think the plot was great and but I wish it didn't jump from scene to scene. But other than that it was great. All the music was fantastic and alot better then that chessy stuff that was in HSM done by Sharpay and Ryan. Meaghan Martin songs were good and This is Me by Demi and Joe was amazing. I'm glad it out beat the HSM and HSM2.

well, the movie was not as good as it was hyped up to be. I mean, it was fair, perhaps entertaining in all honesty, but not as great as expected. The singing was actually better than i had expected though. the acoustic versions of the songs were way better than produced versions, and there were many elements of the movie that made it seem incredibly fake. i mean, the scene where joe jonas was sing to dmie on the pier was totally fake because all of a suddden you could hear back up singers harmonizing, but there were no singers in sight! little moments like that really made me wonder what i was doing watching this show, but i realized that it did have a good overall message to the young, impressionable kids out there: be yourself!!! it's definitely not as great as High School Musical, but it was a valiant attempt! rock on camp rock!

wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk wat the hec this blonde girl was doing when she was "singing" too cool for you when she obviously could barely move her lips and couldnt dance. her acting sucks and crying scene was even worse. its beyond me how she even got cast in this movie. even though joe jonas is cute he cant act to save his life and looked liked he was rushing his lines. i was soooooooooooo mad that nick and kevin had like 2 lines in the movie! and wtf was with that birdhouse. they tried to hard to make it funny. this movie made no sense and that "it" girl is still getiing on my nerves. ok now to demi her bangs looked retarded! and idk why she kept moving like a maniac during the "this is me" song. and j-man i thought he wud have more lines but wtf he didnt say anything except HASTA LA VISTA! haha demi only had one friend! omg those UGLY boots demi kept wearing throughout the movie looking like an indian. that stupid peggy girl was dumb and that wasnt even her voice when she sang that gay song. the lip synching was horrible. and wow joe looked like a douche when he was teaching the class. so yea and the movie was so cheap they couldnt even play the entire songs at least HSM did that. and yea i was expecting a kiss from joe and demi they ended it so stupidly. wow i bet the second one will be even more dumber waste of my time watching this shit. stupid demi's mom had a bigger role than nick and kevin. i waited like a year for this to come out and was totally disappointed!

Camp Rock was amazing I loved how it was all published and how we had to sort of guess what would happen next well I absolutly loved it Nick Joe and Kevin you were great.

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