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'Hell's Kitchen': Please, please, don't let it be Corey!

Let me get this detail out of the way first: Note to Gordon Ramsay -- more individual challenges! That for me was the highlight of last night's show. Am I wrong? Yes, I love all the bickering, backstabbing and fumbling of dishes. But it's sometimes hard to tell whether these folks are really goofballs in a chef's jacket or are really being tripped up by teammates. It was great seeing what the individuals are capable of doing. More individual challenges! More individual challenges!

OK, with that out of the way ...

It looks like our comic relief is gone with Matt's elimination.

I'm going to miss pausing the show to marvel at his eyebrows -- two straight black lines pointing upward in anger like they were drawn on by a cartoonist. Here's what I'd really like to know, though: Was Matt whisked away in a padded truck? Or a limo? Petrozza certainly called that one. "Matt is like 'Full Metal Jacket' -- he's losing it!"

It was a night of such spot-on -- to borrow a Chef Ramsay-ism -- camera asides. Others included:

Matt's surprise at Jen's decision to take Corey along on the trip for two to Las Vegas that Jen won in an individual cooking challenge: "That's like the cobra and the mongoose hanging out."

Corey on Jen's decision to take her to Vegas: "It just shows how fake Jen is. Why pick someone you talked so much crap about?" (Seconds later, Corey is shown being fake herself, squealing and grabbing onto Jen in excitement at the trip. OK. I admit it. Corey just bugs me.)   

By the by, I feel l'm justified to comment on Matt's eyebrows since he said this about Christina: "She's a nasty little bitch with a lot of cellulite on her [bleep]."

Bobby on his competitors, when they can't seem to keep the orders from the dining room straight as Ramsay calls them out: "I don't know what's going on with those other chefs. I heard every word." (Of course, seconds later, Bobby is shown mucking up Ramsay's order himself.)

And then, this little ditty from chef, after the elimination: There once was a boy named Matt, who's cooking performance fell flat. He was far from neat, miserble on meat. So I kicked him out and that's that."

The competition is indeed about to get fierce. Christina seems like she's been put on alert -- Ramsay pointed out what little professional experience she has. She needs to up her game. Petrozza seems at risk too. Otherwise, looks like it's coming down to Jen, Bobby and, so help me, Corey.

What do you think? Do any of these folks really have what it takes to run a kitchen?

--Rene Lynch

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Rene, your last question is just what I've been asking. I've watched all four seasons of the American version of Hell's Kitchen and this group is by far the weakest yet. All of the previous winners had strengths that I believe could allow them to lead a kitchen. But this crew? Not at all. And you would know better than me, but Ramsay's new restaurant in LA seems to be a bit of a larger assignment than any of the previous winners received. I can't imagine that the winner would actually be in charge of a kitchen staff of 50, let alone for that staff to give the respect needed to run that restaurant.

Yes Rick I agree...

I don't think any of these contestants have the chops of some of the previous winners. I'd take Last season's contestant, Julia's waffle house experience and gumption over any of these contestants.

I call it a Jen Vs. Bobby Showdown - I think Petrozza will be in the mix after Corey.

It was Bobby, not Petrozza, who made the Full Metal Jacket quip.

Here's my personal opinion of the remaining contestants...

Bobby - Not a team player. The Blue team suffered this season, mostly from non-existant communication. The communication problems on Blue could easily be pinned on Bobby, as he has the most experience in this sort of environment and could have stepped up and got everyone together. I really think Bobby is a good chef, but with such poor leadership skills, I doubt he will win.

Patroza - He's shown remarkable integrity, even though he almost walked away at the start. I doubt he will win, as I believe his skills are a little lacking (and he's too dirty). I'd put him in the final two though.

Jen - She is rude, presumptuous, arrogant, annoying, and inconsistant (she can cook sliced steak but can't cook rice?). Ramsay doesn't seem to like Jen either. I believe she's goon soon.

Christine - I think she's got the right attitude, but lacks skill. She needs to go back to culinary school. She will probably be gone soon too.

Corey - I hate to say it... but I'm about ready to put my money on Corey. I don't particularly like her, but she seems to be fairly skilled, despite having a bad night last week. I hope I'm wrong.

My personal favorite... Petroza. His honesty has been refreshing.


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