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Fox News back on top in second quarter of 2008

NEW YORK — Fox News is poised to reclaim the title of the most-watched cable news network in the key advertising demographic in the second quarter of 2008.

The cable channel attracted the most 25- to 54-year-old viewers in prime-time this quarter, according to preliminary Nielsen Media Research data, drawing an average of 346,000 in that age group through Tuesday.

CNN, which was buoyed to first place last quarter by the presidential primaries, is back in second place with an average of 301,000 viewers in the demographic most sought after by advertisers. MSNBC is in third with 269,000. (Final numbers will be available next week.)

CNN’s win in the key demographic in the first quarter of 2008 marked the first such victory for the cable news network in more than six years, and its success with political coverage animated executives.

Bill Shine, Fox News’ senior vice president for programming, said his network regained the top spot in the second quarter because “we do better television than anybody else.”

“In the first quarter, CNN benefited from an intense Democratic race, but I think in the second quarter, after they spent millions and millions on sets and talent and graphics, it wasn’t enough for them,” he said.

Still, CNN’s viewership in the second quarter was up 24% in the key demographic, compared with the same period last year, while Fox News was down 1%. MSNBC’s audience was also up, spiking 46% year-to-year.

“The facts say it all: CNN is up 24% in prime-time, while Fox is down,” said CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson, who added that the network did not build new sets for its political coverage. “The trends are clearly in our favor.”

Fox News rejected the characterization that its audience was eroding, noting that its viewership was essentially flat.

“The only current trend is CNN losing their momentum and battling MSNBC for second place,” Shine said.

Overall, Fox News continues to pull in the largest cable news audience, drawing an average of 1.6 million prime-time viewers so far this quarter. CNN is in second with 977,000, while MSNBC pulled in 690,000.

-- Matea Gold

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Nope it shows Americans are naive and will take anti Americans "journalists" as real journalist and- news. They don't have to think for themselves they don't mind the flashy hatred and dumb male and females that are in front of the camera. Oh the fact they like to bring up "news" old as 5 to 10 years back and pretend to make it real since all the do is slant it.

This is no different than magazione sales: There are certain magazines that smart people buy but they never outsell complete crap like OK WEEKLY and PEOPLE.

Same applies to Fox News. Them getting Those millions of viewers doesn't mean they're better it just means there are more dumb-dumbs than smart folks in the country.

CNN and MSNBC are as biased as it gets. To suggest otherwise is to demonstrate your ignorance and pack mentality the left is known for.

I watch Fox for one reason only. Because it's a better News Network. Granted, I don't like all their stuff, but at least I'm getting closer to the truth of the news than the other news organizations. NBC ,CNN, MSNBC, all seem to carry the same message as the Comedy Central News reporters. They are good for a couple of grins.

Fox News? How disappointing. Must be Middle East civi's too. Geraldine Ferraro is part of Fox panel of pundits now, telling the world that she is not voting Obama.....boo hoo. Fox is such a vile, contemptuous bunch of idiot's.

After watching CNN's Bias reporting with Barack Obama... and how they bad mouthed Hillary Clinton the whole election season, and started saying she was out of the race back in December of last year before Obama was even in the lead. After seeing them insert the race card whenever they felt like doing it.. I have to say I do not trust CNN.

CNN is alright to watch during the day, but in the evening for regular news stories when you want to hear the real issues, and the facts in politics as opposed to just a bunch of liberal nonsense, and not be lied to by a bunch of annalist, and anti American socialist... it's best to just tune into Fox News.

The only reason CNN would not catch the top spot is because they lied to people, led the voters astray by false polls & reporting, are in love with Barack Obama, and they blab out bias reporting that no one can trust.

So CNN can keep spending their millions for all I care, I’m not buying into it I will just change the channel. Thank God I was able to upgrade my Satellite Cable package programs to 200 channels and I get more news stations then just CNN now, because I can see the light.

During his final closing comments on signing off his daily CNN "news" [ or propaganda ] show today about 7:57pm EDT 5/10/08, Lou Dobbs made some vague comment, while chuckling, about something I did not recognize, but paid close attention to: "Newsome Koolaid." What was that supposed to reference? In the subsequent past 20 minutes I have Googled this [ Google suggests "Newson Kool Aid" and clicking that link leads to bright orange Reebok athletic shoes, click that & you get about a dozen different Reebok shoes, but none of them are called "Newsome Koolaid." ] The 2nd. Google link is to this site, and I don't see anything about "Newsome Koolaid," so please enlighten this usually in-touch 60 y.o. WM physician, who has a keen curiosity that is not easily squelched ! Thanks, jeffkiser@triad.rr.com

I prefer FOX

CNN and MSNBC are BIASED stations...it is a real shame when Journalist sell their SOULS and forget what they are there for.

FOX NEWS could certainly continue to improve and add more "FACT" finding which they do much more than the competitors.

We have a Real Media Problem my friends...In my OPINION it is the other WAR we should be fighting...TRUTH is nowhere to be found in the LIBERAL-SOCIALISTIC networks....

Our country is turning into a ME...ME ME...when are we going to start saying


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