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'America's Best Dance Crew 2': Shane 'splains 'whack,' Lil Mama mulls Sass x7, JC Chasez bummed Super Cr3w in bottom (videos)

ABDC2 judges discuss crews

Lil Mama talks about the much-maligned Sass x7's staying power. The lip gloss queen knows about "going hard" and talks about groups wanting to grab the title.

Shane has some tough words for a crew that brought a 'wack' routine to the stage while JC expresses his disappointment at an Xtreme performance.

JC is surprised by the Vegas b-boys in Super Cr3w.

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Photo: Mark Davis/MTV
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that was wack! haha Shane tells it like it is..."let's go get our hair and nails did and dance with the hottest crews in america....no, not in front of me." haha i love that.

I personally don't think fannypack should have been down in the eliminations They rock and so did the other group i dont think either of them should have been in the eliminations that was just wrong voting


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