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Upfronts: James Woods says goodbye to TV

They say it helps to have friends in high places, but sometimes, not so much.

When CBS announces its lineup Wednesday, "Shark" will not be on it. It doesn't matter, apparently, that actor James Woods and CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves have been friends for many years. Woods' first TV series is gone. (An earlier version of this post said Moonves was CBS' chairman. He is the network's chief executive.)

But the highly energetic actor isn't taking it too hard, though he admits he'd like a better understanding of why CBS broke up with him.

"We're a little baffled by the decision but we’re very supportive," Woods said Tuesday. "None of us can figure out quite why.  But we have no bad feelings. This show did an enormous amount for me personally. We all won doing the show."

Woods said he and the cast and crew were "very saddened" that the show didn't continue but they were trying to be positive.

"I think probably the strike was as devastating to our future as it was to many other shows," he said.  "It seems, in retrospect, not to be a very fruitful endeavor for a lot of people to be on strike. But particularly on us because our time slot had been moved against football for the first half of the season. And then we should have emerged and shown our strength in the second half of the season when the strike happened, some never got a chance to prove our mettle."

As in all breakups, the key is acceptance and moving on. Woods is ready.

"I've been offered a couple of movies and I'm very excited about that," he said.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

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Wake up CBS. Your ratings are going steadily down the "tube". My husband and I both looked forward to watching SHARK, no matter what time you shuffled it off to. James Woods is an excellent actor, and this roll suited him very well. The series was every bit as good as all of the CSI's. Exactly WHAT were you thinking? BRING IT BACK, PLEEEASE!

I have been waiting all summer for my favorites to start and now finding out Shark is off the air??? Why?? I know that the mindless folks out there rule the tube... how does big brother last?? Nanny 911?? and all the other brainless reality shows.

How do we campaign to get the show back???? Can't we start some kind of chain email to the station??
Where do i sign?

THIS SERIOUSLY BLOWS CHUNKS THAT SHARK IS GONE!!!!! It seems like all the "quality" shows worth keeping are just chopped!!!!

I liked James Woods in the movie Salvador. How can all of you get worked up over a TV show?

Arrested Development though...oh man, don't get me started.

this sucks that the show has been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been watching Shark since season 1 and my wife and I are very disappointed that Season 3 isn't gonna happen. Just like other fans, we hope another network picks it up and does S3. James Woods is amazing... and uhm Sarah Carter is hot! ;P

I am quite confused as to why Shark would be canceled? Anyone? What can we do about it to get it aired...anywhere...anytime...It definitely should be on tv..it was one of the best shows ever! I miss it terribly.

Cannot believe that Shark was canceled. Best show on TV....Jim Woods is the greatest actor ever.....so let's watch a useless reality show for morons instead.


James Woods is one of the finest actors of our times. Shark was a great show....extremely entertaining, with a great relationship between father and daughter. The "Old Christine Show" is the worst show on TV with horrible writing and terrible stereotypes about Blacks and minorities....just disgraceful and NEVER funny. Whatever.

Since I was a kid CBS has always been the number three network as far as substance and popularity. Canceling Shark explains why this network is the least watched. Thank God for FOX.....Fire the idiots who make these moronic decisions and hire someone with an IQ over 20....
CBS SUCKS................................................................

I know why they cancelled Shark....because it was a show with class. From the writers to the actors...pure class. It was a show that didnt have everyone falling into bed with everyone else. It focused on crime and the solving of that crime. The reason it didnt appeal to the younger audience (since they are the only ones watching? right?!) because of the lack of sex. I mean shows like Nip/Tuck, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, and Greys are all shows that have the women jumping from bed to bed in each and every episode because Hollywood thinks we in America have no other interest in anything else but that! Wake up you hollywood morons...just because all you think about is sex doesnt mean the whole country reflects your thoughts and actions. And the one show that I just adored you went and cancelled because you thought we would rather watch someone say for the gazillionth time "I just went out there and did my best hoping the fans loved it!" You need help! I will buy the first and second seasons of Shark and let James Woods and the rest of the cast know that us "old folks" just adored the show and it's cast.

I am so missing James Woods and his HIT TV series SHARK ....will 'somebody' please talk to the 'powers that be' and beg, plead, bribe or do whatever it takes to bring this great TV drama series back on the air ......any network, any time ....I WILL watch each and every minute of this show.

Who in their right mind would make such a decision to cancel the show Shark? My husband and I watched it religiously. James Woods was perfect for the role and so was his supporting cast.

With all of the "crap" on TV, how could you even consider canceling a GREAT show like Shark? It was entertaining, funny, serious and interesting. Is it any wonder that I've basically lost interest in watching TV anymore? The last thing we need is another reality show.

I, amongst others, are BEGGING you to PLEASE bring back Shark and the entire original cast! James Woods.......you're the best!!

Thank you!

I Was very saddend that Shark was cancelled. I really liked the show and never missed it. Tell James that he and all the people that worked on with him on the show they will surely be missed ! And I loved every one of them ! (oops!) Sorry ! God Bless All of you . With Love Linda.

I only just started watching him. He (SHARK) was VERY poorley publicized so I never knew when he was on but I LOVE James Woods.

Recently, after seeing only one show (how I found it, I don't know) we got 4 of his earliest DVDs - he was great so funny but so truthful.

Now, I looked for it and it's just no where to be found.

I will truly miss it. All the good shows, it seems, today get cancelled before we can really get to know them.

They don't realize what they have lost cancelling Shark, James Wood is brilliant, they will never find anyone like him again. What were they thinking!!!!!!

Have to say I had questions myself when Jeri Ryan was eliminated from the show. She was quite effective and sexy. Was it Jimmy's suggestion? Moonves' yearning for a young girl to fill the asst. da's role? There are so many reasons why a show's canceled. Or could it have been jimmy's arrogance and demands?
Or finally, did the writers screw themselves [and us] with their protracted strike? Of course, the ultimate losers are the stubborn, withholding producers with the loss of millions in syndication rights. It seems these days creative ones are stupid and short-sighted, but the big greedy guys cut off their--well, you know. [BTW no resid's from their cheap reality crap.] ...The industry needs a Silverman to know 'when to hold them, when to fold 'em.' Miss ya, Freddie.

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