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'Top Chef': So long, Andrew

Lisa, I will never forgive you for throwing Andrew under the bus. Never.

OK, so Andrew may not have come up with the best hearty, health-conscious box lunch for a cop? Picking sushi was wrong, wrong, wrong. And the guy forgot to use the mandatory whole grain. He probably did deserve to go home.

But where does Lisa, who unfortunately reminds us of the pouty-faced Scott Savol from the fourth season of "American Idol," get off pointing fingers at rule-breakers?

It wasn't too long ago that she and Antonia were up for elimination after they failed to highlight the required polish sausage during the improv challenge.

And she's had far more off-nights than Andrew, more often than not for poor seasoning. Her quinoa-crusted chicken from the Healthy Family challenge was dubbed blandy mcbland by the judges, and the same thing happened last night -- only her bland "stir fry" veggie shrimp dish came with the bonus of half-cooked shrimp and underdone rice!

At least Andrew tried to make something different, something requiring chef skills. Lisa, I've seen better looking veggie shrimp stir-fry at Trader Joe's. The challenge itself was not difficult. Make a filling box lunch for cops. Make it healthy, low-cholesterol, and use fruits, veggies, and whole grain.

We're at a point in the season that unless the challenges blow my mind, I'm just waiting until my least favorites are picked off, and right now that's only Lisa. (Yeah, I'm no Antonia fan either. What's up with saying Dale only cooks Asian? The dude cooked nearly all the food during the Wedding Wars challenge, none of which was Asian. But I'd eat the salad she made last night, even though it was a classic -- spinach with bacon and a poached egg is a pretty standard dish -- and not the "sexed up" salad she was asked for. Girl's got some rule issues herself.)

All right, so we all know my sentimental vote was for Andrew. But can someone explain to me what the judges are seeing in Lisa that excuses her lousy attitude week after week?


-- Denise Martin

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Totally agree about Lisa. She has been pretty bad, with the exception of her wedding cake, which apparently tasted good, but it looked terrible. She does anything creative, and she is always negative. Plus, she was claiming sabotage for her rice? Things like that happen all the time, whether it was her or one of her competitors, it was most likely an accident. Andrew made for good tv, and he made interesting food. I think the judges had no choice but to cut him after Lisa "threw him under the bus" for not following the rules. But this is Top Chef, not survivor. Overall cooking skills and performance throughout the show should play a factor when deciding who stay and who goes. Hopefully Lisa goes next week.

I was SO disappointed when Lisa wasn't thrown under the bus by the judges last night...she's just gotta go! Andrew had such passion but he messed up and really, he had to pack his knives based on the criteria of the challenge. (But wouldn't Gordon Ramsey love to get any of Top Chef's contestants to be the Executive Chef at his new restaurant! What he's got to chose from on his own show, Hell's Kitchen, I wouldn't be wanting to eat there whomever the winner is!) Please Padma and Tom, help Lisa pack her knives next week, please!! I just don't want her attitude served up to me anymore.

Greg, good call on Lisa's whole "I'm being sabotaged" nonsense. I don't know how I forgot to mention that but I'm glad you did. I know Dale can be a pain, but he's so right about her. She may pull off a few good dishes, but who would want her in their kitchen? Not I.

I do pretty much like everyone else. I'd say after Lisa though it would have to be Spike's turn. Spike talks a big game (which is always amusing) and is not super creative, but I'd still eat most of what he's plated this season. And he seems genuinely excited about cooking, which I like.

But I'm still all about Dale, Richard and Stephanie...final three!!! Although I read a disturbing SPOILER-Y report on eaterla.com that says we may be headed for an all-female final three. I'm hoping it's WRONG.

Andrew was an arrogant, insufferable legend in his on mind, did you just completely miss all his dismissive comments of others and bragging about himself.

Then MR. unsung "hero" i.e. zero talks about honor .... yet honor to him means NOT FOLLOWING THE RESTRICTIONS others have to follow and getting away with it ... Yeah, gee, he needs to be speaking to Harvard Business School. Let's do a petition. Huh.

Because of course the message we need to send to America is that it's okay to not follow the rules and you should expect .... even in a competition .... to not have it pointed out by a competitor. Who's the real baby here.

I could care less whether they are "legend in their mind" cooks or ceo's - this country is going to the dogs because of the lack of integrity among its adults.

Yeah, Antonia, what's wrong with cooking Asian cuisine? Not that that's all Dale has done, as he's cooked other things. But even within the "Asian cuisine" category, he's used flavors and ingredients from many different cultures and countries -- Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, etc., etc. It's a big continent, after all. I could see why some would criticize if he only cooked Indian food every week, but that isn't the case. No one criticizes any of the contestants for only doing European food.

You're right Sara ... no one accuses the other contests of cooking only European food, so even if Dale was cooking only Asian, why should he be criticized for it?


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