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SPOILER ALERT: 'American Idol': Syesha Mercado ousted as the field is down to two


Leading to what will probably be the most closely fought final in the its history, "American Idol" winnowed its field to two after ousting jazzy singer Syesha Mercado on the Wednesday results show.

Mercado had struggled through much of the season -- occupying a seemingly permanent berth in the bottom tier -- before finally surging in the final weeks and outlasting all her 12 fellow female contestants. In the last month, she seemed to find her voice, however, performing jazzy, Broadway-esque songs that accentuated her light touch. 

However, in this week's final-three performance show, she struggled to keep pace with alternative rocker David Cook and 17-year-old sensation David Archuleta. In particular, her rendition of the sultry standard "Fever" left the judges cold. Simon Cowell even termed it bad cabaret.

Mercado_on_idolMercado was ousted in a week in which more than 56 million votes were cast to choose the finalists. The show also featured tear-jerking video packages of the remaining contestants' journeys home, where they all were met by massive crowds.

With two finalists each drawing on massive popular support, next week's finals could be the closest race for the crown in the show's history. Archuleta has become a 'tween phenomenon this season, with his soulful renditions of ballads and giggling, youthful manner. Cook has surged in the last six weeks, rising from the lower ranks of most predictions and winning over fans with his dramatic alternative-rock takes on popular songs.

Check back later for a full report from the scene at the Idoldome.

-- Richard Rushfield

Photo: Fox

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Thanks for spoiling the news two hours before the results are known here in the West Coast, Rich.

Thanks for the SPOILER LATimes.

Thanks for spoiling the results show for me tonight. The Times has not announced the results in the past before they aired locally. Why did you change your policy?

It's 8:14 PM PDT on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 and Idol has not even aired on the West Coast and you're announcing the results of tonight's show on latimes.com. No warning, no "spoiler alert" headline, just, bham, right there on the homepage above "the fold". Shame on you.

Yeah, what's with putting this in the main field of the website? Thanks a lot.

I have seen your comments on Showtracker blog and have been disgusted by your fawning infatuation with everything about this show. Before I thought you were a loser, now I just realize you are a moron.

Well, no use watching it now.... Kind of takes the fun out of it, thanks

What the F? You broadcast the results before it ever hits the Pacific Time Zone!!? Without a freaking warning!!!!

Thank you once again, LA TImes for shortchanging your audience. Why do I even read this paper?

Even Yahoo gives a SPOILER ALERT!

Have the decency to take this post down until the IDOL results are telecast in real time on the West Coast. Not everybody has access to an east coast feed of the show. Freaking unbelievable!


This is the second year in a row that American Idol has had a songwriting contest. Since the contest ended last year I've researched the contestants from last year and this year....FYI there were over 25,000 entries last year at $10.00 for each song. 20 songs were then chosen out of the 25,000 for an online vote. The winner's song is then performed on the American Idol Finale. The problem I have is that one of THIS years Top 20 Songwriting Finalist is a Co-writer of LAST years Top 20 Songwriting Winner.

Somebody from American Idol has some explaining to do.


Nice one, LA Times. Having been denied an hour of exquisite Ameican Idol suspense I will now have to find something even more pointless to do with my time, like posting a comment here.

Who's the idiot who decided that it is okay to spoil the results for us? For Pete's sake, your paper serves the west coast audience. Why would you just ruin it for us like that? Time to review your policy and the responsible person's employment.

WAY TO GO, you completely ruined my night!

thanks for spoiling before it even aired on the west coast jack-a$$

If you don't want to know the results in advance....DON'T LOOK AT THE WEB SITE BEFORE YOU WATCH THE SHOW!

Several weeks ago I had a severe headache while Idol was on so I just closed my eyes and listened. Without sight, it was amazing how much better you could "hear" the song/singer.....So now I do that for at least half of each contestants number. It was at that point I knew I would never buy a CD by David Archuleta, he gulps for air too often. David Cook sounds good either way as did Syesha. The only reason David A. has come this far is the votes of the little girls....He is NOT American Idol material!

Thanks for the spoiler report. Now I can watched the Lakers game in peace. I love the LATIMES. They helped me out a lot.

You all are acting like rich came over, knocked down your front door and told you the results. You are the ones that cliicked on the link! Besides, either you know now or you know later, it will make no difference in the ultimate destination of your day or life.

If only Rich knew a thing or two about LA indie rock, because the bands he boosts (castledoor, Airborn Toxic Event) are duds.

I guess the LA Times forgot that they are on the West Coast and the West Coast people have yet to see the show LOL but come on we all knew it was going to be David vs David in the finals a long time ago

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