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'Battlestar' and Barack: Together again?

May 1, 2008 |  7:47 pm

Be resigned to the fact that you may not find out who the last Cylon is anytime soon, though speculation, however thoughtful, continues to run rampant. Motives are becoming a bit clearer, and with the creators alllowing us to know who the Cylons are and even what they're planning (as a group), they're giving us enough rope to hang ourselves with our "well-defined" thoughts and theorems.

And the fractured storyline is not making it any easier. Cylon civil war, Starbuck's quest, the hidden Cylons -- it's lucky that they are mostly strong enough to stand on their own or we'd have a "Heroes"-sized rebellion. The Cally thing, I'll call it a thing for those who haven't seen, was good enough to throw fuel on the fire. And here's hoping that the Earth mission crew can create some dramatic sparks to go with the ones Anders and Starbuck are making. An important mission, but almost forget them.

Cylons to the left of me, Cylons to the right of me ... that's probably the mantra of many aboard the Galactica and around the fleet. But with Baltar's Cylon detector abandoned, how will they be able to tell?

Obama_2 And how could we here on Earth? Who would've thought Chief Tyrol would be a Cylon? Or Boomer? There are no true characteristics that define a Cylon before they're activated and shoot you in the gut.

So in our current political race, how could we be sure (except for the fact that they're fictional)? Our presidential race is one of the closest and engaging political stories we've come across in most of our lifetimes. But have Hillary, Barack or John exhibited Cylon tendencies?

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Associated Press