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‘American Idol’: Fallen Idol Jason Castro says goodbye

Over the past few months, there has been no shortage of rumors about Jason Castro. Did he mouth the words “don’t vote” after his performance last week?  Did he forget the words to “Mr. Tambourine Man” on purpose?  Of course not.  And during a conference call with the media this morning, the fallen Idol was quick to clear up any misconceptions about his behavior on "American Idol." The lyric from “Mr. Tambourine Man” is “something that’s like written on your soul,” marveled Jason, “and somehow it slipped my mind.”

When the contestants began to perform two songs each week instead of one, things got rough for Jason.  “My mind was just split, and I couldn’t deliver either-or,” he admitted, citing his lack of experience as one reason why learning two songs a week was so difficult. “I just started playing guitar my freshman year of college and started singing shortly thereafter. I’d never even learn a song all the way through.”  Needless to say, if learning one song "all the way through" was too much for Jason, learning two songs every week was near impossible. “I couldn’t fall in love with [two songs in one week]," he added. "You need time for that.”

And although in the end Jason’s inexperience may have been his undoing, it was also the thing that made him so endearing.  “I am kinda as raw as it gets, and I haven’t done much of anything singing-wise, and maybe that’s good on TV,” mused Jason. “I dunno.”

So was Jason as relieved as he looked when he finally got eliminated Wednesday night?  “I was as happy last night as I was when I found out I’d made the top 24,” Jason confessed, adding, “How am I gonna do three songs when I cant even do two right?”

When the conversation inevitably turned to Paula Abdul accidentally judging a song that Jason had not yet sang, Jason was amused. Whereas many in the blogosphere were convinced that the judges had it in for Jason and that Paula’s mistake affected Jason's second performance, Jason shot down that theory. “That was kinda funny,” he chuckled, recalling the incident. “I was just kinda confused. … I don’t know. It was an honest mistake. And I don’t think it really affected my next performance.” 

And just so you know, if Jason had stayed next week, he would have sung “Blue Eyes” by the Cary Brothers. “That one would have been good,” he proclaimed with a laugh, adding, “I don’t know about the other two.”

But even though he won't get to perform “Blue Eyes,” Jason doesn’t seem too upset. “I just miss home,” he confessed.  “I kinda miss working in the summers with my dad. … We design and build custom swimming pools. … I’d survey lots and clean pools and stuff.”

And when this overnight celebrity tells you that he misses cleaning “pools and stuff,” you can’t help but love him. Jason has managed to stay incomprehensibly grounded throughout the competition, largely thanks to his disinterest in what reporters like yours truly have to say about him. “I really don’t read anything, like everything y’all are probably 'bout to write,” he confessed with a chuckle.   

-- Stephanie Lysaght

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Well it's now onward and upward for the 3 remaining Idols now that the dead wood has been cleared away. Jason Castro is charming to the ladies, but it takes much more than charm to become a star!

I'm seeing Syesha as a real contender for the title of the next American Idol, David Cook in my opinion did well; but Syesha and David Archuleta's performances were better.

It's becoming clear to me that the next American Idol will either be Syesha or David Archuleta.

Cactus Jack

When can he sing "Blue Eyes"? On the tour?

You just gotta love him!!! JASON CASTRO....you rock!!! You're the real winner. I can't wait to buy your albums!!

Great article! Thank you! I've been a big fan of Jason's since the beginning. He's a delightful young man.

Well, I for one will miss him. He really added an interesting blend to a sometimes bland mix. Not only that, but he can sing beautifully and with real emotion. He handled the rough time and short-change he got from folks on and off the show with dignity and class. Jason is just Jason and I for one liked it a lot. He'll be sorely missed and I hope we hear from him in a big way soon.

After this, no offense to the other contestants, I just don't really care about tuning in to AI any longer. Good luck to the remaining three anyway.

Just for the record, the song "Blue Eyes" is not by "the Cary Brothers". It's Cary Brothers, one guy. Brothers is his last name.

This was my first season watching AI and after Jason's first performance, I was hooked. I absolutely love his voice. I'm not a teenager, I'm 49. I wish Jason much success in the future and want to thank him for always being himself and knowing how to have a good time even under extremely stressful conditions. God bless Jason Castro and yes, "God made you for a reason". I can't wait for your first CD.

Simon and Randy need to have their ears checked for tone deafness! And Simon should be ashamed of himself for spewing out such useless criticism!!

I will not watch another season of AI. This was my first and last thanks to the judges!

yayaya...that a good choice for voters,i'm agree for elimination
of JASON CASTRO..i feel really2 pleasure now..eventhough i know that jason castro is a
good singer,but i still agree that his voice knot is like a cat when singing....
anyway,i still respect to you jason because you'd been a top 4 at least!!!
WOOOOOOO.......for the top three david arculeta,david cook and syesha mercado
i hope you all be success..nobody lose..all the winner because..you all voice is really.....REALLY...REALLY..high..WOOO...........................lastly,goodbye jason..and
good luck syesha,david.a and david.c....love u all

I liked Jason too. He handled himself very well and was nice natured too. He is also talented. The song choices he made for the last show probably did not fit in with the tastes of the majority.

American Idol won't be the same without Jason. Not all of us like glass shattering belting singers. Those who are criticizing Jason have never listened to the Studio Versions of his songs...they are breath-takingly beautiful. His critics will be silenced when his hundreds of thousands of fans send his CDs to the top of the charts. Two years from now no one will remember the names of the remaining 3. Although Jason is too kind to feel this way, I can't wait for the sweet revenge of proving all the naysayers wrong.

thank you for your great article on jason!
to all the naysayers, i am not surprised -negative people like you can never understand a positive person like jason!
jason you are the true winner of american idol
you are to be admired for so many things!
see you on the tour and on the charts!

I love Jason and I think he was the most talented singer that Idol had this year. Maybe not the loudest, beltiest voice but a beautiful, clear voice where each word is enunciated and sung with such emotion. The show is so boring now without him that I wont' be watching again.

I also love how he just spouts out whatever is on his mind. Not searching for just the right thing to say. Jasonisms. I love them. He is also so sweet. He never has an unkind word and he is such a breath of fresh air into today's sleazy world. He didn't belong on that sleazy American Idol show. I will never watch it again.

The show last night was so boring without Jason. He was all about the music and sang from his heart. Too bad that the producers of the show decide in advance who will be in the final 2. It's been blatantly obvious from the very beginning that it would be the David/David show.

The show last night was so boring without Jason. He was all about the music and sang from his heart. Too bad that the producers of the show decide in advance who will be in the final 2. It's been blatantly obvious from the very beginning that it would be the David/David show.

Hey..JASON CASTRO rock my world!!!
i love
i am a fan...
you are the winner for me
continue singing....


Jason just makes be happy. I'm not a starry eyed tween but a 40 something wife and mother. I enjoy his singing and his attitude is so refreshing.

What can I say? I enjoy a large variety of music. I also recognize the talents that each of the contestants as brought to us through AI this year. So what else can I say? Oh, it has been a long long time since I have invested in any music bc most of what you hear today bores me to tears. It has gotten to where everybody just sounds like everybody else. That is, untill Jason. This guy is just so fun to listen to and to watch. Yeh, he's sdorably cute, but that's not it. He's funny and bold, he's brave and clever with his songs. He has a verry natural instinct for song selection and style. Many don't, although they might can sing the pants off most anything. What I like most about Jason is that his song choices on AI realy did reflect him. He felt each and everyone. And I gotta tell you, I Shot the Sheriff may not have been (was not) the best vocally I Honest to God would pay (real money) to see him perform it again all the way through. This guy truly makes me happy when I hear him sing and I own every single last one of his songs and will be waithing in line for his cd. GOOD LUCK JASON - YOU ARE LOVED

I have thought Jason Castro is a complete artist. He has all cualities to be a successful guy. He can play some musical instruments, sing beautifully, and he also has a big angel !!!


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