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'Wheel of Fortune': Pat Sajak bald, Vanna White shakes out rug

Pat Sajak and Vanna White took celebrating April Fool's Day to heart today when the game show host "revealed" to viewers that he's been wearing a hairpiece for over two decades. He asked Vanna to pull the rug right off his head on today's show.

Pat has often said that "Wheel of Fortune" fans continually ask him if his hair is real.

Today Pat gave WoF watchers the answer they were looking for -- and they didn't even have to buy a vowel.

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While I think this was just a major April Fools prank, there's probably some truth to it. Like the rest of society in general, I'm sure that there are a lot of at least partially bald middle-age and older men in Hollywood who do a real good job one way or other of covering it up. I really doubt that Pat Sajak is as "bald" as he was in the episode (even Howie Mandel shaves some piece of his head off and few men at any age are naturally completely devoid of hair), but I also doubt that his "real life" hair is completely real either. For this he probably put on some sort of "skin cap" or shaved his head and added a large wig.

With the vast sum of money he has made over the decades on "Wheel" (as they call it) he can well afford to look like anything he wishes. The new "look" as of late Summer 2010 is a little much tho. He has the hair of a 16 year old boy on the face of a 64 year old man....a little disconcerting. But there is that money thing again. He can afford to look like anything he wishes. So much for Pat Sajak's hair.


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