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'The Hills': With friends like these ...

Audrina may not be the sharpest tool, but does she really need a “friend” like Lauren?

Lauren Lauren may get to narrate “The Hills,” but I think I speak for everyone when I say the series has turned on our fair narrator, who has reverted to a sniffling, green-eyed high schooler this season. (In fact, we’re going back to calling her by her high school nickname, LC, from now on.)

So without further ado, an open letter to LC …

LC, It’s time to move on. Heidi has. (And what kind of world are we living in when Heidi is the grown-up one?) We’re over LC vs. Heidi.

How is it fair for you, LC, to befriend Stephanie, sister of your sworn enemy Spencer, who once confronted you in a nightclub in defense of her brother, but Audrina can’t reunite with Heidi? I smell a hypocrite in these hills.

What’s worse, it seems as though everyone else around you is evolving. Heidi is Ms. Female Empowerment. Stephanie, our favorite “Hills” informant, sailed her olive branch over to you while letting Spencer crash in her apartment. Whitney matriculated from Teen Vogue (albeit to more grunt work). Brody got himself a new steady. Spencer’s giving Heidi her space (for the most part). Even Justin -- “It’s time to get my priorities straight” -- Bobby has given up the belching, started showering and has gotten a new ’do.

They all make you rather dull in your 24-hour Heidi hate. Not just dull, but downright bratty. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only viewer who threw her pillow (or, ya know, something) at her TV set when you started moaning -- “Will you kidnap me please?” “Oh my god, I need to leave this table immediately,” -- after Heidi squeezed into your table at Goa.

After Audrina caught up with Justin Bobby on a friend-date, your first question to her was “Did he burp in your face?” Not very friend-like. You followed that up with, of course, “Seems like you and Heidi are friendly again.” Yikes.

And now that Heidi has soiled your pad by hanging with Audrina in it for a few moments last week, you want to move out? Into a house? Oh sure, you say you’re bored by your West Hollywood apartment. And yes, you did get that spanking new job as model-herder for People’s Revolution. (But seriously, Mama and Papa Conrad, you're too kind.)

Why is poor Audrina in your cross hairs? Sure, you asked her to move in with you and Lo, but not before you harped all over her “dirty” boyfriends behind her back and told Lo how much fun it would be to continue doing so when you both are her roommates.

Looks like someone other than Justin Bobby needs to get their priorities straight.

--Denise Martin

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I AGREE A 100%. Lauren I have been a follower of yours and I think that you are so much better than that. I understand how you feel about what might had happen in the past. But you have not forgive Heidi and you won't ever forget her with your attitude. Wish you the best of luck..!


Heidi sucks Lauren rocks!!!

Let's not forget that Lauren just turned 22 on a previous episode. She is still in college! Go to any college campus in America and the same drama is happening. Not to mention it is scripted. Perez Hilton has posted numerous takes on his website...i.e. Audrina's hair being one way one minute and totally different the very next second. How about Lauren having black nail polish one minute and then none at all the next. As much as I love the show take it for what it is...scripted. Heidi and Spencer were just in Central Park with photogs staging pictures. Literally changing outfits to make it look like they were there for multiple days. I agree Heidi is very full of herself and it will be a hard fall from her high horse. I am totally on Team Lauren! She has a good head on her shoulders. Personally I think she doesnt take crap from anyone and she shouldn't. FYI...I cant wait to see Stephen on the next epsiode. I hope they hook up.

although i do agree with alot of the things written in this article such as the fact that Lauren is acting immature at times about her and Heidi's relationship, and that she is treating Audrina horribly-she even made a comment about how its like LC and Stephen & Jason, and LC straight up said "No its not because i stopped going back to them..."...WTF because the previews for the next episode show her going back to stephen (HYPOCRIT). But...Heidi didnt just sit down and keep her mouth shut at the table at Goa. She started talking shit immediatly and loudly so that LC could hear her. How friekin immature is she? I mean come on, if she really wanted to be friends with LC again then she would learn to be a better person so that people would want to be around her and NOT feel obligated to leave the table or the bar. And LC IS moving forward with her life and career and not just doing nothing like you insinuated...shes started the Lauren Conrad Collection and a new job so id say thats a big step in someones life dumbass. Get your facts straight before posting articles for the world to see...it makes you look ignorant!!!

Some of you people have been really enlightening in your comments!

"OHHH The Hills is fake!"

Obviously. I'm a fan of the show (for whatever reason, I'm still unsure of) but anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that it's as fake as Heidi's chest, lips, and nose. I'm not on team Heidi nor am I on team Lauren but I do think that Lauren needs to get over the control-freak issues she has going on; she's pushing Audrina away with her constant "Whose side are you on?" approach to things when it comes to Heidi. They were friends before the falling out and the issue was never between them so if Audrina and Heidi re-kindle their friendship, then that's their own decision that shouldn't affect Lauren as much as it seems to. Also, I get that she doesn't want Audrina stuck into the same habits as far as Justin Bobby goes but she needs to let her live her own life and show a little support, even if Lauren doesn't necessarily agree with the decisions she's making.

In Lauren's defense, however, I'm pretty sure if I had been at that table at Goa and was listening to Heidi talk the way she was talking, I would have done the same thing: stood up and walked away.

No matter what, this is all scripted and re-shot for entertainment value. Getting angry over comments and being so "Oh my gosh! Lauren is totally right! WTF are you thinking? " is ridiculous.

Denise: Okay imagine your bestfriend and her boyfriend started ugly rumors about you. Not just for you to hear about but the WHOLE world. Would that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I doubt it. The Hills as reality as it might be, MTV edits it and only wants to show the DRAMA so people will keep watching. It has you watching right? So it's working. To expect Lauren to be okay with Audrina being friends with Heidi is ridiculous. Especially after was the fake, plastic, will probably melt in heat, Heidi did her to. If you watched the previews for next week you would have seen that Heidi is having a tantrum because Stephanie is friends with Lauren. So before you go writing an open letter Lauren, maybe watch the full season. Good idea, right?! Let me guess, Spencer put you up to this?! So LAME!

It scares me that young girls are watching this show and hoping to emulate Heidi, Lauren, or Audrina. Lo and Whitney are the best things about the show - each of them seem to have more common sense than the other three put together. Whitney's professionalism when it comes to her work and her sense of style are refreshing, especially in comparison to Lauren's lack of both.

i couldn't agree more with this article i have been saying all along that i think lauren has been acting like a hypocrite this season....she has rules for her life and rules for her friends life....she can date losers but her friends can't she can become friends with her enemies sister but her friends can't well i hope her acting like this isn't who she truely is...i have really respected her in the past and now think she acts like she is better than everyone...

Obviously, you do not understand all the circumstances regarding the Heidi-Lauren fight. When Lauren was in college in San Francisco, she made friends with Heidi, who actually came and lived with Lauren and Her family for awhile. Then, Speidi leaks a very nasty false rumor about Lauren. Would you want to sit next to someone who put out nasty things about Lauren's so-called "beef curtains"? Lauren rarely speaks about Heidi and does everything she can to avoid her, where as Heidi is constantly bad mouthing Lauren. And, of course Lauren would be hurt that Audrina is now friends with someone who hurt Lauren so badly. Denise, get your facts straight! Heidi is the evil conniving green eyed monster here, not Lauren. Heidi follows Lauren around and tries to force confrontations so she can get air time. You must not be very intelligent if you could not pick that up.

Whoa, you are soooo right. I'm getting a little tired of Lauren, Audrina and Heidi. The show is practically written for them. Everything they do is planned out by the producers, so what the hell, just make a script for them. Lauren also needs get over the fact that Heidi is not being a bitch, but she is. And Lauren is such a hypocrite, because she can be friends with Stephanie but not Heidi. And what is up with Lauren and her weird cold that she has 24/7. Like she is always talking weird or sniffling, what is up with that? She has to really get a life, I bet you she has no friends, and she also needs to grow up, she is not in middle school or high school! And LC, is such an idiot cuz in season 3 or season 2, she wanted Heidi to break up with Spencer, what kind of best friend would that be, not letting your best friend have the love of her life. AND LAST BUT NO LEAST, THEY ALL NEED TO GO DO SOMETHING NEW. LIKE HAS ANYBODY NOTICED ITS LIKE EVERYNIGHT, THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. NOTHING NEW EVER HAPPENS.

Im kinda in between. Lauren is acting a little childish. I dont understand why she cares who Audrina hangs out with. If she wants to be mistreated by her boyfriend that is Audrinas decision, I just dont see why she has to make all those rude comments. Hell my sister is dating a cheater but I choose to stay out of it. And if Audrina and Heidi hang what business is that of hers. Audrina and Heidi may have had there issues before but if they are willing to look past that, that is also none of LC business.
LC is a hypocrite, for being upset with Audrina because of Heidi, when she thought Spencer was being childish with Brody because Brody was hanging out with LC. She needs to get her own priorities straight.
Heidi and Spencer made up a rumor about a non-existing sex tape. Who cares, it was non-existant!!! Its not like she leaked an actual tape. Now then would I be really pissed.
Heidi was wrong for choosing Spencer over her friends, I knew that eventually she would be regretting that decision. And it did not take long. But almost everyone has gone through that and learned the hard way.
Lauren pretends to act as though she is perfect, but she is far from perfect. She has horrible radar for boys.
My sister also attends school at FIDM and claims she is a snob around school, and I am sure she is. I used to be on team LC, but now Im not too sure.

I don't think Lauren has to worry about money anymore, I'm sure she makes over a million for the Hills and she must have gotten paid a lot for her fashion line as well so I don't think she is dependent on Mommy and Daddy anymore.

Well honestly how I feel Lauren needs to grow up Audrina needs to learn how to speak up for herself and stop being so damn scary and Heidi needs to stop saying she was my friend first because that is so junior high. Last time I recalled Heidi turned on Audrina first because she though she was trying to talk to ugly spencer...duh did everyone forget that! So honestly they all need to grow up and MTV needs to make another reality show that is current or live because we already know that heidi and spencer or really together. Also lauren and whitny reall got fired from teen vouge...So the Hills is getting gpretty damn old........NEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!

alright, i see where this article's coming from
but first of all stephanie is family of spencer, she can't help that
you can help your friends though
and second of all this is based off of the tv show
i know its reality tv or w/e but its edited like crazy
of course people are going to be made to look terrible
if everyone was all nice and rational, no one would watch the show
we don't see half of what happens or how lauren reacts to things
all we see if what mtv wants us to see
and that would be the drama because thats what gets them viewers

maybe she really is the brat that's portrayed.
but i dont think it's fair that you guys judge that unless you've actually met her and gotten to know her. the tv show isn't going to be accurate of what really goes on.

oh and she doesnt want her friends to date losers because she had to learn it the hardway. she's just trying to take care of them. yah, she may overstep her boundaries, but we've all done it before. stop judging.

Well honestly how I feel Lauren needs to grow up Audrina needs to learn how to speak up for herself and stop being so damn scary and Heidi needs to stop saying she was my friend first because that is so junior high. Last time I recalled Heidi turned on Audrina first because she though she was trying to talk to ugly spencer...duh did everyone forget that! So honestly they all need to grow up and MTV needs to make another reality show that is current or live because we already know that heidi and spencer or really together. Also lauren and whitny reall got fired from teen vouge...So the Hills is getting gpretty damn old........NEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!

I cannot believe how people are so into this crap. Do you not understand it is not reality but fake MTV crap. You please need to realize it is edited for drama, and most of it is not even how it went down. You can tell by the way it was edited, one minute LC hair is long, the next it is short.

Get a life and realize it is just a TV show!

An open letter to those who comment...


You fail to mention, that Heidi spread a rumor about Lauren having a sex tape. Why would she want to be friends with some one who would spread a rumor like that, especially when young teens look up to her? Also, notice how Stephanie reacts a few episodes ago when Heidi asks why Lauren is still mad at her? She asks Heidi back, "well what did you and Spencer do?" It's almost as if she is saying that they spread those rumors, with out really saying it.

My question to you is, can or would you forgive a person for spreading a rumor about you that was spread globally?

this was a total waste of time I found the link through perez who I admit is not too stimulating but at least its sort of funny and entertaining. this was just fucking retarded and to waste your journalism degree, if you have one, on this is comical. your whole article is about how laruen needs to grow up but maybe you should take your own advice.

You think Heidi has moved on? Are you serious? She is in a tabloid every other week bashing on Lauren. Let's be real here. The author of this "open letter" seems to be in high school as well.

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