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'The Hills': With friends like these ...

Audrina may not be the sharpest tool, but does she really need a “friend” like Lauren?

Lauren Lauren may get to narrate “The Hills,” but I think I speak for everyone when I say the series has turned on our fair narrator, who has reverted to a sniffling, green-eyed high schooler this season. (In fact, we’re going back to calling her by her high school nickname, LC, from now on.)

So without further ado, an open letter to LC …

LC, It’s time to move on. Heidi has. (And what kind of world are we living in when Heidi is the grown-up one?) We’re over LC vs. Heidi.

How is it fair for you, LC, to befriend Stephanie, sister of your sworn enemy Spencer, who once confronted you in a nightclub in defense of her brother, but Audrina can’t reunite with Heidi? I smell a hypocrite in these hills.

What’s worse, it seems as though everyone else around you is evolving. Heidi is Ms. Female Empowerment. Stephanie, our favorite “Hills” informant, sailed her olive branch over to you while letting Spencer crash in her apartment. Whitney matriculated from Teen Vogue (albeit to more grunt work). Brody got himself a new steady. Spencer’s giving Heidi her space (for the most part). Even Justin -- “It’s time to get my priorities straight” -- Bobby has given up the belching, started showering and has gotten a new ’do.

They all make you rather dull in your 24-hour Heidi hate. Not just dull, but downright bratty. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only viewer who threw her pillow (or, ya know, something) at her TV set when you started moaning -- “Will you kidnap me please?” “Oh my god, I need to leave this table immediately,” -- after Heidi squeezed into your table at Goa.

After Audrina caught up with Justin Bobby on a friend-date, your first question to her was “Did he burp in your face?” Not very friend-like. You followed that up with, of course, “Seems like you and Heidi are friendly again.” Yikes.

And now that Heidi has soiled your pad by hanging with Audrina in it for a few moments last week, you want to move out? Into a house? Oh sure, you say you’re bored by your West Hollywood apartment. And yes, you did get that spanking new job as model-herder for People’s Revolution. (But seriously, Mama and Papa Conrad, you're too kind.)

Why is poor Audrina in your cross hairs? Sure, you asked her to move in with you and Lo, but not before you harped all over her “dirty” boyfriends behind her back and told Lo how much fun it would be to continue doing so when you both are her roommates.

Looks like someone other than Justin Bobby needs to get their priorities straight.

--Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy AP)

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So, we should just smile and be friendly to the person who initiated and perpetuated a sex tape rumor about me? No, I"m sorry. I understand. Heidi is opportunistic, malicious, and seems horribly lost. I understand where Lauren stands and would probably do the same.

Avoid people that are a vexation to your soul....

ur completely right..she makes a big deal out of anything..friends support friends..and when we awared them its ok we're their friend and we just stand by n try to pick up the pieces..

For the record...these girls all get PAID by mtv to be on The Hills. I've been to numerous LA spots where they are 'capturing' all the 'reality' of The Hills. (There are usually 15-20 crew members in the background with cameras, clipboards, headsets, mics, and makeup).

OMG! I have finally found a site that bashes LC and her immature ways!
I am sooooooo glad everyone else is starting to see her the way i have been...an immature rich girl that thinks she can do what she wants but is in control of everyone else! MOVE ON! In the last episode I felt SO SO SORRY for Audrina, she is the cutest thing and LO and LC were such BITCHES! "if you dont have plans you can move in with us" WOW ! WOW!
If i were audrina i would run far far away from those 2

she has every right to make fun of audrina's dirty boyfriends because they are. Justin bobby looks like he hasnt taken a shower in months and he has admitted to it in the past. Besides Audrina sided with Lauren in the beginning, i think its messed up now she is going towards heidi.
did everyone forget that Heidi supported her boyfriend when both of them spreaded rumors about Lauren??? because everyone is acting like it.

I don't blame lauren for still hating her, Heidi said she did a sex tape to the whole world thats embarassing. What did Lauren do to Heidi?? just tell her that spencer is a douchebag and she wasnt wrong.

Stephanie did what any normal sister would do, defend her brother but she didnt spread the rumors so they can be friends. That doesnt make lauren a hypocritical person, just makes her nice. And Heidi has been asking for the past 4 episodes the stupid question why they are friends but lauren still hates her, BECAUSE SHE SPREAD RUMORS ABOUT HER.
so heidi isn't the mature one here, she just realize shes alone and she doesn't want to be alone.
she still not admitting to what she did so lauren can act like a 5 year old all she wants because heidi is a brain-dead loser. Besides Spencer is the one who still hates on Lauren for no reason. So what if Lauren told Heidi that spence is a assface BECAUSE HE WAS FLIRTING WITH AUDRINA LIKE A YEAR AGO!!

you people are bliiiiinnnnddddd.

Fools, the crap is fiction, badly written performed badly by prats

I agree and disagree.

It is very immature for Lauren (or LC) to hold such an absurd grudge against her once best friend Heidi. Though, the supposed rumor Heidi and Spencer started was ludicrous...chances are it was Spencer, and Heidi was just along for the ride. But to label Heidi as "Ms. Female Empowerment" is INSANE!!!!! How in the hell is she empowering?? Someone please explain to me how the poster child for insecurities is in the least bit empowering...what a crock! Do you not notice that Spencer and Heidi put on a show for MTV to get more people to become fans of Heidi; fake tits, lips, soon to be butt and all. Heidi is not a feminist and anyone who looks up to her is blind or just plain stupid.

Im not one for holding ridiculously long grudges but thats laurens perogative. Everyone acts differently to different situations. I have a friend, who for no reasons hates one of my other friends and literally has a coniption if she comes anywhere near where she is. She whines and says "why did you tell her we were here", "she better not come over"...Again...everyone acts differently. Remember...Lauren is what...22 or 23...shes not 30...so who cares!

girls talk about each other all the time. They make fun of their friends. Is this really that surprising?

I think you missed the mark on this one...though some of what you say is true...alot of it is just as judgemental as you say Lauren is.

Hmm..I dont like Lauren she is very immature I agree. She does need to grow up & stop talking about the same stuff over & over. LC needs to know that life really isnt nice & if you had problems with a friend that's just life & there is no reason for you to continue being upset. More things are going to start to happen in life that are way more dramatic than this. GET OVER IT!

Let me get this straight. So if your ex best friend and her boyfriend started a national rumor about you having a sex tape, publicly trashed you to any media outlet who would listen including making fun of your most private body parts, and then played innocent victim and plopped herself down at YOUR table of friends and proceeded to talk about you right in front of YOU, you would just "get over it" and "move on" and be completely comfortable with your best friend inviting this person back into your home. Please. That is crazy-making logic at its finest.

And how does Heidi's refusal to take any accountability for her deplorable actions over the last two years make her a "grown up?" Just curious.

i'm so sick of the lauren thing ..she is nothing but a hateful person.. its ok for her to do what she wants but heaven forbid if you do this same.making friends with spencer's sister is soooooooooo not right if she does not let her roomate befriend heidi......i'm glad someone saying it like it is .......sooooooooooooooo sick of Lauren the more the show goes on .....it time for lauren to grow up

Oh Please people. Have you ever heard of the process of editing.

I think LO is jealous of Lauren's and Audrina's friendship. I used to like Lauren but now she thinks she is Queen B.... About LO why does everyone like her? She is a snobby, horse faced bitch who tries to subtly pick on Audrina any chance she gets.... I feel she does that because she is jealous of LC and her relationship, furthermore I guarantee that she feels that Audrina shouldn't be a cast mate and instead it should be her. Watch hoe LO acts, and see that she is an instigator... She hates Audrina on the inside and you can tell...... Oh yeah and Audrian is WAYYYYYYYYYYY prettier then she'll ever be.

I think the writer needs to grow up as well. I do agree that the Heidi vs. Lauren feud has run it's course, but then, I have never had a "friend" spread a sex tape rumor about me. I also don't think The Hills is actually reality television, so when I do give in and watch I do so as though I'm watching partially scripted tv. I do know that Lauren gets paid for being on the show and she has her own clothing line, so I think the writer is wrong to assume mommy and daddy are footing the bills. Also, how could you possibly give Spencer any kudos what so ever. He's a moron and completely offensive.

Lauren is a spoiled little brat, and I have come to dislike her and would never trust her as a friend. she is fake and a backstabber. it's pathetic that she won't get over her fight with Heidi, but instead feels she needs to prove a point by befriending Heidi's only friend, stephanie. Lauren is so rude to also give Audrina shit about hanging out with Heidi and catching up with her ex. I think that LAuren is just selfish and is constantly jealous of everyone around her. she doesn't like to see her friends happy unless everything is going good for her. I understand this show isn't 100% of the truth, but Lauren seriuosly needs to grow up and get over shit. As does Heidi. Heidi has tried to be nice and tried to befriend Lauren again, but it still is unnecessary of her to talk about LAuren not being her friend to other people, while they are sitting together. BUt honestly, she was just trying to make a point of how Lauren thinks its ok to dis her old friend by befriending the once enemy Stephanie and by controlling Audrina and everyone else around her. All in all, lauren is a controlling, jealous, spoiled brat, who is probably the worst friend ever.

The Hills is getting boring now. It seems that MTV wants to keep the Lauren Hiedi fued going. Anyways Hiedi and Spencer went out of there way to trash n Bash Lauren. Numerous times they were on the Ryan Seacrest morning talk show, where they talk very badly about Lauren. Even last week Hiedi was on the Regis n Kelly show, there again she trashed Lauren. So yea I dont believe Hiedi means anything she says about trying to makeup. For her and Spencer, it's all about trying to stay on the show. Actually I feel they are a waste of tv space, and they should get rid of both of them.

I can't even begin to describe how much I hate this show, the people on it, and how they have completely whored themselves in the media. The show is fake.. what is the point of writing a letter to a "celebrity" about her choices in "real life"?

Um.. The show is fake. It's not real reality.. Soo.. Don't bitch out Lauren when they're all damn immature bitches? And Heidi is not a feminist heroine. Dumbest thing I've heard .. ever.. Haha. You'd rather have Heidi, the fake titted, rumor spreading, can't give up a damn friendship college dropout be a role model for teenagers, over Lauren. Who's going to school, hasn't had her boobs plasticed up, and moved on from their failed friendship, and hasn't said anything bad about them since it went down.

I'd definately choose Heidi over Lauren o_o
Soo stupid haha.

Come on now! Did anyone forget that Heidi and her boyfriend spread a sex tape rumor about Lauren for all the world, including Lauren's parents and family to read. I don't really see how there is any growing up from that. Oh well actually I take that back. Lauren has grown up because if she hadn't, she would have most likely thrown a drink in Heidi's back-stabbing ho-bag face.

Just writing this letter is immature. DID YOU NOT SEE WHY SHE LEFT THE TABLE. IT WAS BECAUSE HEIDI started talking about Laruen like if she wasn't there. WHO CARES THAT THEY WERE FRIENDS FIRST i mean come on how pathetic... YOU GOT MAD AT AUDRINA BCS SHE WENT OUT ON A DATE WITH SPENCER, but it's okay to even marry spencer HOW SHADY HEIDI IS and I mean she didn't look for Audrina until she heard about Stephanie and Lauren and felt lonley once SPIDEI get back together she'll forget about Audrina.

You are the LAMEST person in the world! Lauren has more than you probably ever will, so I cannot even imagine why you feel like you can say these things.. WHO ARE YOU? because I'm pretty sure no one knows... Keep your opinions to yourself, no one cares about you enough to listen!

Why write someone a letter who is way too above you to even nod in your direction.

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