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'The Hills': With friends like these ...

Audrina may not be the sharpest tool, but does she really need a “friend” like Lauren?

Lauren Lauren may get to narrate “The Hills,” but I think I speak for everyone when I say the series has turned on our fair narrator, who has reverted to a sniffling, green-eyed high schooler this season. (In fact, we’re going back to calling her by her high school nickname, LC, from now on.)

So without further ado, an open letter to LC …

LC, It’s time to move on. Heidi has. (And what kind of world are we living in when Heidi is the grown-up one?) We’re over LC vs. Heidi.

How is it fair for you, LC, to befriend Stephanie, sister of your sworn enemy Spencer, who once confronted you in a nightclub in defense of her brother, but Audrina can’t reunite with Heidi? I smell a hypocrite in these hills.

What’s worse, it seems as though everyone else around you is evolving. Heidi is Ms. Female Empowerment. Stephanie, our favorite “Hills” informant, sailed her olive branch over to you while letting Spencer crash in her apartment. Whitney matriculated from Teen Vogue (albeit to more grunt work). Brody got himself a new steady. Spencer’s giving Heidi her space (for the most part). Even Justin -- “It’s time to get my priorities straight” -- Bobby has given up the belching, started showering and has gotten a new ’do.

They all make you rather dull in your 24-hour Heidi hate. Not just dull, but downright bratty. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only viewer who threw her pillow (or, ya know, something) at her TV set when you started moaning -- “Will you kidnap me please?” “Oh my god, I need to leave this table immediately,” -- after Heidi squeezed into your table at Goa.

After Audrina caught up with Justin Bobby on a friend-date, your first question to her was “Did he burp in your face?” Not very friend-like. You followed that up with, of course, “Seems like you and Heidi are friendly again.” Yikes.

And now that Heidi has soiled your pad by hanging with Audrina in it for a few moments last week, you want to move out? Into a house? Oh sure, you say you’re bored by your West Hollywood apartment. And yes, you did get that spanking new job as model-herder for People’s Revolution. (But seriously, Mama and Papa Conrad, you're too kind.)

Why is poor Audrina in your cross hairs? Sure, you asked her to move in with you and Lo, but not before you harped all over her “dirty” boyfriends behind her back and told Lo how much fun it would be to continue doing so when you both are her roommates.

Looks like someone other than Justin Bobby needs to get their priorities straight.

--Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy AP)

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I've loved Lauren since laguna beach, but i have to agree that she needs to grow up
I cringed at her behavior in the last episode and i hope she gets a better script for the new one

Well i understand that sooner or later you must get over things that have happened in the past. However even if Lauren forgave hedi i still wouldnt want to hang out with her and act all fake to her face. heidi is a tool. Her and spencer constantly want attention and i have to see their stupid faces on ever gossip sight. You two dont do anything worth reading about get over it. Also i think audrina is stupid. Lauren should let her do what she wants and not get in her bussiness. But audrina should think about why lauren and heidi are not friends. She is the type of chick who drops friends for a boyfriend and only comes back to her friends when things arent going so great with that boyfriend i.e. that false sense of "women empowerement" she has. Also she spread rumors about her best friend, not to another friend but to the tabloids and all that saying she had a sex tape. Why would you want to be friends with someone like that??? Also she only likes to talk about herself and would have no value as a friend. I would be a little upset with audrina too. I think stephanie is like her brother and wants attention on tv. But i dont think its that bad lauren is friends with her. Havent you ever turned out being friends with someone that you had a rough start with. I like lauren. She just has some crappy people around her. Thats why she needs to hang out with Lo and whitney more

Boo hoo, If you dont like the HILLS don't watch it!! Heidi wants to be he victim and talk bad about Lauren every chance she gets, she said bad things about her clothing line!.. LC has worked for everything she has and if Mom and Dad helped her get the house?, good for her! I know my parents would have help me too if I needed help!

We are all a little spoiled in some kind of way so get over it!!!!!!!!!

Justin Bobby seems like a different person, the one that is never going to change is Spencer, I hated when he sat there and made his sister Stephanie cry and told her "you are making yourself cry", he is sick and pathetic and him and Heidi def belong together.

And if it means that Lauren will continue to have the Hills, than good for her Its helping her pay her bills so "DON'T HATE! CONGRATULATE!!!"

Thank you for this article, very true. lets hope she is bright enough to get it.

Is everyone overlooking the main difference between Lauren's likeness for Stephanie vs. Heidi for their involvement with Spencer? Lauren has a problem with Heidi because he has the power to manipulate Heidi's thoughts and actions. And Heidi sees no problem with his control, which ultimately affects her friendship with Lauren. Stephanie on the other hand agrees with Lauren that her brother Spencer is not as innocent as he lets on to be. Stephanie first tried to defend him as we have seen in the previous season, which was a sisterly thing to do for Spencer, not a friendly thing to do towards Lauren. This season she was responsible enough to acknowledge her actions and apologize to Lauren, which deservingly wields a friendship. THAT my compadres is the main difference between Lauren being okay with a friendship with Stephanie over Heidi. It's not their fondness with Spencer that Lauren is opposed to, it's their understanding of who Spencer is. It's just like taxes, you don't hire an accountant because they love crunching numbers, you hire them because they should have ethics and understand how to get the best value back for you.

i seriously don't get why people who think it's SAD to comment on a 'reality' show would bother commenting... don't YOU have anything better to do than read a forum about a show you hate?
audrina and heidi are both airheads - we all know that. lauren is as stubborn as a mule and surprisingly stephanie seems to have it all worked out. what the hell?!?!?!
heidi and audrina can definitely be friends, aud. should just not lie about anything and force lauren to get over it.

For real? You people would really want someone who has spread vicious rumors about you back into your lives? I think it is only healthy to cut off people like that, it's self-preservation! And having your good friend became friends with someone who did that to you is not something anyone would be happy about. Who cares is Heidi's moved on? She wasn't the one who got her name and sex video mentioned in the same sentence!
Are you kidding me?!?!

There is no such show 'The Hills' without Lauren Conrad- remember?? She is the reason there is a Heidi, an Audrina, a Justin Bobby, and a Spencer Pratt!! They should all be thankful to Lauren, because she practically gave them their careers!! Noone even knew who they were til we, the viewers, started following Lauren on her journey from Laguna Beach to The Hills.

Ok people it is all fake all made up to make people watch it. You are getting probably 1/2 truths of everything going on if that at all. Grant you it is humurous and funny to watch but you have to take it as it is and not get so balled up in it. They are people that obviously enjoy the world being all in their business. Get a life please just watch it and enjoy. It's entertainment not real.

As a 42 year old woman and a HUGE fan of The Hills... I will say this..."Lauren, I appreciate the example and poise you show as a young woman. You should be commended for showing maturity in the way you have handled break-ups, kicking bad friends to the curb and not taking them back and going to FIDM even when you are making a hefty income in other ways. I think you were raised in a very good home with parents who have obviously taught you a thing or 2. I loved when your parents wouldn't allow Jason back in the house after he treated you disrespectfully.... That's where you get your morals from....GOOD JOB MOM & DAD CONRAD! You aren't a spoiled brat... you've got your crap together which is more than most girls or older woman for that matter. Thank you for sticking to your morals....I think you a FABULOUS and can only pray my children have more role models to look up to like youself."


First off Heidi dwells on everything that happened between her and Lauren more than LC does. Its always seems that Heidi continues to bring up Lauren at every opportunity. And furthermore, in the previews for next week Heidi is mad at Stephanie for being friends with Lauren and basicaly tells her that shes a bad person for doing so. This makes her no different from Lauren who doesnt like that fact that Heidi and Audrina are still friends. And not only that, heidi didn't seem to care about being friends with Audrina before her and Spencer broke up. Now because she has no friends she is reaching out to Audrina. I could understand Laurens concern. Heidi wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for her friendship with Lauren in this show. She should be thanking Lauren for giving her a name. Personally I'm over Heidi and anytime she is on I'm tempted to change the channel. She is the one who is in magazines and on the internet trashing Lauren, her clothing line, and her character. Which proves the point that the only person who seems to be held up withwhat happened is Heidi.

This is a scripted reality tv show, therefore you do not know if the scene they are showing is the actual whole scene or if they just edited bits and pieces of it together. For instance whenever they do lunch or dinner there are so many awkward moments, I am sure it is really not like that. Get over it, its entertainment.

Hello, folks!! This show is scripted. Good Lord...do you get this wound up over Gene Simmons or Celebrity Apprentice? Well, take a Xanax and chill out. While you are freaking out, these folks are raking in millions.

DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THIS SHOW, or any other reality series, for that matter.

But moreover, get a damn life.

Heidi is Ms. Female Empowerment? Are you kidding me! That HAS to be a joke! Ditching ALL your friends for a man/boy who hits on your friends and any other pretty girl around (remember the "naked picnic" / Playboy bunny incident?) only to lie about it right to your face is female empowerment? Almost beating up a guy she worked with because he made a harmless comment to her about the dress code is female empowerment? You have got to be kidding me! If so, we will NEVER have a woman president!

Lauren (not LC) is not the only one who has said all this... Doesn't Heidi watch "The Hills"? Didn't she see the episode when Spencer kept calling Audrina and then lied to Heidi and said he didn't call her? How many people have to tell her he is no good for her to let it sink in? They are both just media whores and should be treated accordingly. They just want the exposure (aka money) all this drama gives them.... They are laughing all the way to the bank and that is female empowerment?

And, I think there are bigger issues to report on... How about the unemployment rate in California or all the foreclosures...? The election?

This is so high school I will now call you "D.M."!

I think everyone needs to just get over The Hills. Haven't they already had there 15 minutes of fame. Not one of them has a clue as to what life is about. They sit there and have the same conversation day after day. Lauren is the worst of all. She sit's up on her high horse and plays the victim constantly, she has everyone fooled. I tend to think that maybe the problem isn't everybody else, maybe it's her. If my "FRIEND" that I lived with for a year was going to move out of our apartment and in to another one with a different friend and then have the nerve to ask what I was going to do, I would find another friend. They are all back stabbing selfish children with too much money and free time on there hands. Heidi might be the villian but at least we all know that and she isn't playing the role of the innocent one. Spencer should do us all a favor and probably just take his own life. Audrina might be dumb but she is the most innocent of them all. LO is just rude and doesn't hide it. Whitney is ok but she needs to stay away from them all. Lauren really just needs to not be on TV anymore and find something to do with her empty shallow life. None of this is even real and they all think that they are so perfect and curing cancer or something. Don't be fooled by them and stop encourgaing them. And another thing, if this rumor of Lauren and Jason is real then where is the proof. Lauren probably made up the whole thing just to keep her ratings up. When is everyone going to see Laren for what she is, shallow and manipulative.

Does LC even read the L.A. paper? I hope so!
I HATE, HATE, HATE how LC always wants to manipulate her friends!
LC needs to grow up, whinning is for babies, not for grown women!

As for Heide and Spencer, come on people, how many of you think they are really giving each other space? Haven't we seen them together all over the tabloids!

I love Lauren. She seems like a classy girl and she looks out for her friend. Heidi and Spencer are the ones not over it. They went on Tyra and said they were 100% sure there was a sex tape (even though they have never seen it). All those two do is talk about Lauren. She never says anything about them these days. Why would she want to sit at a table with Heidi? I know I wouldn't.

A bit to harsh don't you think? Keep in mind that this may be a so called "reality" show, but as a TV show, drama and such does need to be in corporated in order to have it running. Now, don't be telling me that you havn't talked behind your "friends" backs. It's a natural thing and all women, (even men) engage in this backstabbiing, bedhind you back talking, we're all guiilty!!!

The problem with this article and alllll of the comments is that you're assuming that these characters are acting out of their own free will. MTV doesn't want a happy reunion - it's bad for ratings!!!

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