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'The Hills': With friends like these ...

Audrina may not be the sharpest tool, but does she really need a “friend” like Lauren?

Lauren Lauren may get to narrate “The Hills,” but I think I speak for everyone when I say the series has turned on our fair narrator, who has reverted to a sniffling, green-eyed high schooler this season. (In fact, we’re going back to calling her by her high school nickname, LC, from now on.)

So without further ado, an open letter to LC …

LC, It’s time to move on. Heidi has. (And what kind of world are we living in when Heidi is the grown-up one?) We’re over LC vs. Heidi.

How is it fair for you, LC, to befriend Stephanie, sister of your sworn enemy Spencer, who once confronted you in a nightclub in defense of her brother, but Audrina can’t reunite with Heidi? I smell a hypocrite in these hills.

What’s worse, it seems as though everyone else around you is evolving. Heidi is Ms. Female Empowerment. Stephanie, our favorite “Hills” informant, sailed her olive branch over to you while letting Spencer crash in her apartment. Whitney matriculated from Teen Vogue (albeit to more grunt work). Brody got himself a new steady. Spencer’s giving Heidi her space (for the most part). Even Justin -- “It’s time to get my priorities straight” -- Bobby has given up the belching, started showering and has gotten a new ’do.

They all make you rather dull in your 24-hour Heidi hate. Not just dull, but downright bratty. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only viewer who threw her pillow (or, ya know, something) at her TV set when you started moaning -- “Will you kidnap me please?” “Oh my god, I need to leave this table immediately,” -- after Heidi squeezed into your table at Goa.

After Audrina caught up with Justin Bobby on a friend-date, your first question to her was “Did he burp in your face?” Not very friend-like. You followed that up with, of course, “Seems like you and Heidi are friendly again.” Yikes.

And now that Heidi has soiled your pad by hanging with Audrina in it for a few moments last week, you want to move out? Into a house? Oh sure, you say you’re bored by your West Hollywood apartment. And yes, you did get that spanking new job as model-herder for People’s Revolution. (But seriously, Mama and Papa Conrad, you're too kind.)

Why is poor Audrina in your cross hairs? Sure, you asked her to move in with you and Lo, but not before you harped all over her “dirty” boyfriends behind her back and told Lo how much fun it would be to continue doing so when you both are her roommates.

Looks like someone other than Justin Bobby needs to get their priorities straight.

--Denise Martin

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You do know this show isn't real, right? That this is done for ratings?

uhhh im sure theres more to the story. considering they EDIT the show. and g, you're ridiculous.

Yes the show is fake but I still watch it for entertainment. I can't stand L.C. because I think she is such a snob. I don't just watch the show because of her, I watch it for the other "characters." L.C. is spoiled and is quite the mean girl at times. She never gave Heidi a chance to either confess or deny it, other than her yelling outside the club - YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!! and Heidi repeatedly asking - WHAT DID I DO? Heidi obviously wants L.C. back as a friend and wants to move forward... but L.C. is holding her grudge without knowing the whole story or the truth for that matter. Heidi isn't an angel either... she pushed Jen and Brody's fling knowing it would hurt L.C. That was not cool. I think Heidi was always a bit jealous of L.C. or something. Audrina has been nothing but sweet but that girl cannot get a break about Justin-Bobby. L.C. needs to quit talking smack about him since it obviously hurts Audrina. L.C. needs to be a bit more sensitive about Audrina's feelings and be there for her, even if she is willing to make more mistakes. But I like Justin-Bobbie so there!

First, let's agree to disregard all of the comments that contain spelling and grammar errors. That leaves just a handful -- most of which I agree with. Here's my thoughts:

1) Different reporters have different beats. The Times can't have all of its hundreds of reporters covering the war. Even those reporters who are covering the war still are interested in television. They are not mutually exclusive concepts. It is possible to be deep and still love to be entertained.

2) It doesn't matter how "real" this reality TV is. Even the people most adamant that this show is unscripted need to realize that at minimum, there are reshoots of scenes, convenient "meet-ups" by different participants, and editing done to create a story arc in each episode. But really -- it doesn't matter. It is still entertainment. Arguing that its lack of reality makes it less entertaining is silly.

3) Calling the reporter "a horrible person" and some of the other things said about her are low blows and extremely immature. She completed an assignment to blog about The Hills using her personal opinions about the show. Judging her based on that makes absolutely no sense.

How old are you? Are you new to this job? I am eighteen years old and I thought this was a joke. I don't know what kind of audience you are aiming for...but in any case, this article is still terrible. It has no point and relies only on quotes from the scripted show. You could have been creative and made it satirical...you could have done a bunch of creative things while working with this kind of material... It's regurgitated crap. It sounds like something you hand out to 8th graders to keep them quiet. Maybe it's time for you to grow up.

Seriously? Did Heidi and Audrina pay you to write this CRAP? And judging from the comments, you can not speak for everyone. Lauren is the one who was screwed over by Heidi so it would be very easy for Heidi to get over it. However Heidi has not gotten over it because continues to trash Lauren or her clothing line in the press. Heidi was not invited to sit at Lauren's table and knew she was not welcome, but she did to to get more air time on the show. Which is the same reason she is trying to become friends with Audrina. She's just a famewhore.

Lauren acted with class by just getting up, saying good night and leaving Goa. She didn't make a scene or ask Heidi to leave the table.

Audrina is a crappy friend. She knows all the bad things Heidi has done and said to hurt Lauren and yet she becomes friends with Heidi. That's gotta hurt Lauren. Audrina is spinless. She can't stand up for her friend and she can't leave her loser boyfriend who hurts her over and over.

I would choose Lauren for my friend any day. She looks out for her friends.
Audrina doesn't deserve her for a friend!!!!!


I agree 100% with this letter! I used to love Lauren. But now I have come to absolutely HATE her frickin holier than thou attitude. She's living proof that misery loves company. It's SO obvious that she hates it when any of her friends have a boyfriend, get a better job, don't agree with her on something, get more attention than her, etc. She acts like a mean-spirited, JEALOUS child. As for Lo, she's a conceited, snobby, bitch. Not to mention, I vaguely remember that a while back she wasn't even speaking to Lauren because she was dating Jason (or something to that effect). Some friend! So if Lauren could forgive Lo for being a shitty friend during that time, why can't she forgive Heidi for what she did? She of all people should realize that everyone is human and makes mistakes. No one's saying she has to trust Heidi or become best friends with her again. But she should at least be on friendly terms since they have the same circle of friends. And Audrina should NOT be living with Lauren and Lo. It's quite clear that they think they are WAY above her. Before this is all over, more people are going to hate Lauren for her selfish actions. They will see her for who/what she really is. All of her comments and facial expressions aren't solely the work of MTV's editing. She is becoming her own worst enemy.

does no one realize this show is 100% fake!?!?

I actually disagree totally. Lauren has forgiven Heidi but after a close friend does something terrible to you you can forgive them but you dont have to be friends with them again. Or have anything to do with them. Heidi and Spencer are pathetic. I love all their fake fights, everyone knows they never broke up but they know how boring they are since Lauren wont have anything to do with them so they decide to "break up". I know for a fact that Spencer contacted all those gossip bloggers about Lauren's "sex tape" and then he wont a really crude and offensive (like seriously gross) blog all about his hatred towards Lauren. Heidi sat by and watched him do all of that. She only became friends with Lauren for the fame anyway. I would never befriend someone who did something like that to one of my close friends and Audrina is being really shady in doing so. I wish the show was just about Lauren, Lo, and Whitney, that would be great!

Seriously thank you for pointing out what Ive been saying all along. I cant stand LC.

This IS a tv show why dont they kill her off (how about that for ratings)!

Whitney, Audrina and even Heidi lead much more interesting lives than she does. Not to mention they all are probally much better off without her "friendship".

And before anyone freaks out, I understand you cant "kill off" anyone because its a reality show, just a small joke. No need to fret.

Lauren handles herself quite well and it is Heidi that cannot be trusted. Anyone who would post such defamation over the internet for a cool few thousand dollars "BEWARE OF".

Audrina should know better also as Heidi is the one that grew angry with her when Audrina decided to hang out with Spencer in the beginning. Heidi treated Audrina like crap and in the process then began to post slander about Lauren along with Spencer too all over the internet.

Lauren has a new clothes line, a lot of money, and she nipped it in the bud----that is, now that she will have her own house, and it's paid for, HEIDI will no longer have any reign into her new home. I commend Lauren for making an adult decision and if Audrina doesn't like not having Heidi in Lauren's new $3 Million home, she can just move out. She's weak minded and allows herself to be dragged around by loser types....people that cannot be trusted and like to dump all over her.

Lauren is rich and has a great career, a fashion line, she doesn't need the likes of Heidi or Audrina and I were her I would not allow Audrina to move in. She's trouble and she likes living on the edge as it were, hanging around creepy and untrustworthy people. Lauren is a good person yet not a fool and she's always learning. Audrina stays dumb and in the dark.

Hoorah for Lauren Conrad. Keep up the good work! Intelligent and fun, and successful minds LOVE YOU!

I could not agree with you more. I really hope that "LC" reads this and gets a clue.

Dear Ms. Martin,

I'm writing in response to your blog.

Let me begin by stating that it is absurd that you find Heidi to be the grown-up of the show. She simply wants to re-kindle her "girl friendships" because at this juncture in the show Spencer and Heidi are broken up. Heidi realized she HAS NO FRIENDS BECAUSE OF SPENCER. Unfortunately, as we all know, since the filming of the most recent episode, Speidi are once again "one" and are about as mature as needy 15 year old hormonal girls.

With regards to LC befriending Spencers sister, what would have been more mature:

1) Flash Stephanie dirty looks during their shared computer class
2) Throw a drink in Stephanie's face in the hallways of FIDM
3) Accept Stephanie's apology for her behavior that faithful night at the club last season and develop a friendship

If you chose 1 or 2, well then you dear blogger, have a warped view of maturity.

As far as Audrina is concerned, LC is starting to see their differences as evidenced by the looks exchanged between LC and Lo during the house purchase discussion. I find Audrina to be nothing more than a sheep and fame wh@re that dates dirty, dirty men because her lack of self esteem causes her to do anything for the slightest bit of attention. Audrina will be found on the bathroom of floor of GAO one night, dead from a laced hit of coke.

Best regards,

True LC fan

Lauren is a controlling friend. Audrina should date who ever she wants whenever she wants. Lo is just trying to be the new it girl. I would not trust lauren controlling person. She wants everybody to be on her nuts.

WORD!!! Lauren is such a freaking drama-queen. It's so annoying. She gets so pissy when life doesn't revolve around her and her minions (aka "friends") don't do exactly what she wants.

And to those people saying "Why do you care"... why do YOU care enough to comment, if you don't care about this stuff? Go away.

WELL PUT ! ! ! ! Don't forget how she was a little whiney baby when she saw Whitney @ her new job.. and look now she works there too. OH PUH-LEASE LC ! ! ! !

What a stupid article! First of all, everyone knows The Hills is fake. Secondly, L.C. and Lo are the only two people on that show with a brain. Lauren isn't being bratty; she simply doesn't want to socialize with someone who betrayed her. Would you want to be buddy-buddy with someone who spread a sex tape rumor about you? Moreover, unlike Heidi, she doesn't offer up insults in interviews but rather responds to Heidi questions in a non-confrontational way. Team Lauren!

haha oh my god
that article is ridiculous!!
I think that heidi should get over it and stop trying to be friends with Lauren !!! Clearly she doesnt want to be your friend.....so just make new friends and leave her alone..
As for Audrina... she seems more of like a follower/Pushover kind of doesnt know how to say no when it comes to guys and girls.... so becomming friends with heidi really does faze me...
Lauren has all the right to be mad at heidi.....she was her best friend and she betrayed her ... she cheered on other girls to hook up with brody....and spread awful rumours about her..... Clearly heidi was insecure about herself... and still is considering all of her FAKNESS A.K.A Plastic Surgery.....!!!!!

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