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'Hell's Kitchen': Burn victim heads home, Chef Gordon Ramsay goes back to grilling

April 29, 2008 | 10:01 pm

Each week, Chef Ramsay lays the trap. And each week, someone walks right into it. Haven't they learned anything by now? Ben fell for it last week when Chef Ramsay told him that he was "surprised" by his dinner service performance. Ben profusely thanked the chef, puffed out his chest and started yammering about how he was giving it his all....until chef interrupted to say he was surprised at how bad the performance was.

This week, Louross fell for it. Chef told him he was the evening's standout. But not for the reason Louross thought. Ooo. That backhand had to smart.

This season continues to score big points for mixing up eliminations. Both teams were asked to sacrifice someone to the chopping block -- only to have chef decide that no one was going home. (Well, no one other than Vanessa, who earlier decided to bow out of the contest due to a severe burn on her hand.)

Then he turned up the heat on the red team's decision to put Christina on the chopping block. (How hilarious was it when Christina, who thought she was safe, learned otherwise by Rosann's blunt announcement: "I've changed my mind. I'm picking you.") Chef was clearly taken aback by the targeting of Christina. "I find that hard to believe," he said. "Are you threatened by Christina's intelligence?"

And with that another trap was laid....and another victim walked right into it.

"I believe I decide my fate in 'Hell's Kitchen,' " Jen said, insisting that Christina posed no threat. "Jen, that's my [expeletive] job, sweetheart," Ramsay lashed back.

(Don't you think chef was being brutal -- I mean, more brutal than he usually is? I thought Jen's reply was a solid, snappy answer to being put on the spot.)

Quote of the night goes to Petrozza, whose blue team failed the pizza challenge due to some gritty mushrooms. Or, as he put it: "You can't win with dirt in the food!"