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Hell's Kitchen: Oh no he didn't!

April 23, 2008 |  8:03 am

It was inevitable. The clock has been ticking on Craig from the moment he walked into Hell's Kitchen wearing that sky-high chef's hat. But he didn't do himself any favors, either. A sous chef in his civilian life, Craig struggled to keep up again and again -- and that's saying something on a show where the majority of the remaining chefs seem to have trouble knowing when the chicken and salmon are no longer raw. But he crossed the line when he delivered uncooked pasta to be served in Hell's Kitchen, and then sassed back -- "I said in a [expletive] minute!" -- when Chef Ramsay demanded to know when the re-do would be done. The kitchen nearly came to a standstill at Craig's audacity.

It was a moment perhaps best summed up by Roseann, delivered in that Staten Island accent so thick you could cut it with a knife: "You've got some attitude, son."

Aside from that -- and Vanessa's severe hand burn, which could jeopardize her ability to stick around -- it seems like we were just biding time to get to the next elimination. Jen and Bobby (the self-professed black Gordon Ramsay) raised their profiles by rallying their respective teams. But where are the promised fireworks between the women? Will the men continue to implode? And was that really Corey canoodling with Louross, as the coming previews suggested?