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American Idol Tracker: What's new, Andrew Lloyd Webber?

AndrewlloydwebberThis afternoon I will be speaking with next week's extraordinary superstar mentor, Andrew Lloyd Webber. We'll be talking just moments after he finishes working with the Idols. I wanted to ask the readers for help in coming up with some great questions for Sir Andrew. Please chime in in the comments section and tell me what questions you'd like me to put to him.

Also have been thinking about song choice for ALW week. This is the time to go big, be completely shameless in their picks.  In her farewell press call, Kristy Lee Cook revealed that she had been planning to sing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," so her departure puts that song on the block. Here are the songs I would advise each contestant to sing, remembering this is no time for subtle or obscure choices when you are in the Top Six.  Enjoy and please share with the group your ALW picks for each contestant.

Carly Smithson:  "Memory" (this could be her McPhee "Over the Rainbow")
or "As If We Never Said Goodbye"
SyeshaMercado: "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"
Brooke White: "Everything's Alright"
Jason Castro: "Night of a Thousand Stars"
David Archuleta: "Any Dream Will Do"
David Cook: "Could We Start Again, Please" or "Take This Cup Away"

Look forward to your questions and ideas.

-- Richard Rushfield
(photo courtesy of Fox)

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I would love to see someone sing "Gesthemane" from JC Superstar.
I don't think anybody in American Idol history has the chops to sing that song.
Or even "Music of the Night" from Phantom

Is "An Unexpected Song" from Song/Dance too obscure? Carly has the chops to pull it off, and maybe little David could do something with it as well.

These are some song choices:
David Archuleta: Music of the Night (Phantom)
David Cook: Oh What a Circus (Evita), Sunset Boulevard (Sunset Boulevard), High Flying Adored (Evita)
Jason: Love Changes Everything (Aspects of Love)
Syesha: All I Ask of You (PHantom)
Carly: Don't Cry For Me, Argentina (Evita)
Brooke: I Don't Know How to Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar), Another Suitcase, Another Hall (Evita)

Is "An Unexpected Song" from Song/Dance too obscure? I think Carly has the chops to pull it off, and maybe little David could do something with it as well.

Mr. Rushfield, I am shocked! You never get anything wrong, but if you think The Chosen One will sing anything but "Close Every Door," you are smoking ganga. You get props for choosing the right musical ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), but there's not enough range to the insipid "Any Dream Will Do." I therefore predict He brings down the Idoldome with "Close Every Door."

It won't matter what anyone else sings, though I respect your fair play in addressing the other 6. I forget their names.

My question for Sir Andrew is:

Your musicals always inspire me; what inspires you?

I'd like to see the group sing "Jesus Christ Superstar" theme or "Any Dream Will Do"

I agree, Carly should sing ''Memory'' - it could be her Katharine McPhee Moment, that would give the Davids a run for their money !

Night of 1,000 Stars might work for Jason - if he did it a little less Copa Cabana and a little more Jason - just him and his guitar - might be nice. But he needs something more than nice - he needs to make another Hallelujah/Over the Rainbow statement. And I cannot think of a single ALW song that would do that for him. He's too much of a troubador and not enuf of Il Divo. But he's pulled it out every week so far, bet he can do it again. Come on Jason I know you can do it cuz if you get eliminated who am I going to obsess over? Not DC with is darting, beady eyes, and certainly not DA who is like watching my little 12 yr old nephew. You with your clear voice, crystal blue eyes, dreads and flawless skin are the one that I come to listen to and watch every week.

Yes. David Cook should do anything from Superstar. He would be phenomenal on Gethsemene. He has the range, the passion. It would be one for the ages.

Ask Anderw Llyod Webber, what kind of advice did he give the contestant? And what did he think of them?

The male singer with the strongest vocals that does not sound like a " Disney" character will steal the show this coming Tuesday. He has quite a range and can sing anything. And America will wowed again.

This is the week I'm going to miss Danny Noriega. he could have slayed us with I Don't Know How to Love Him.

American Idol jumped the shark with Dolly Parton two weeks ago. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, PLEASE help the show by staying out of it. altogether.

I think David Cook should sing Love Changes Everything. This was a strong number for Michael Ball if anyone recalls and has range. DC could mix it up and make it sound incredible. Everything's Alright would be good, oh but I think that's a duet. Carly, yes, Memory is all hers, she definitely should hone in on that one. Brooke, I like the idea of Unexpected Song - good idea whoever wrote that! I'd like to hear her do Tell Me on a Sunday.
David A - Starlight Express! Perfect for him. Any Dream will Do is so campy, but yes, would do him well. Don't think he has the chops for Gethsamene. He could probably hit the notes, but the song is made more believable by an adult singing it
Sayesha - I don't Know How to Love Him or Only You from Starlight Express
Castro - Anything from Joseph. He seems so shallow though, I can't figure out what he could sing without looking humorous throughout??? the Money song from Evita???

I don't think having them do show tunes is such a bad thing - look how many Idols have gone on to do Broadway? Fantasia, Clay Aiken, Frenchie, and recently someone else I think. It has become a legitimate venue for Idols, so I think it's actually quite appropriate.
When are they going to do Standards??!!! I'm ready to hear some of Frank's songs made famous by Buble, Krall, etc.

Hailing from Australia, I am interested in this weeks genre.

The guy who came 2nd here in Australia last year (Matt Corby) who was offered a recording contract with Song BMG and REJECTED it did "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera - it was a dumb choice, but he did an OK job. It was the "Judges Choice" week.

Having said that I am interested in it, having such wide and diverse genres does not really show us what type of an artist they want to become.

Since the aussie left, I am supporting David Cook and Carly Smithson.


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