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American Idol Tracker: Neil Diamond is Forever


Tuesday night one of the season's most eagerly awaited drop-ins, Neil Diamond, will visit the Idol stage, taking the remaining five back to a groovy land that disappeared long before they were born. 

While the Idols rehearse, I am puzzling over the Diamond songbook  and trying guess which songs each might perform.  My early read is that this is a potentially a great night for Brooke White -- who has lots of low-key singer-songwriter-type pieces to choose from -- and David Cook -- who has a lot of remake-ready melodic choices.  And potentially a harder night for David Archuleta, who has to sort through a fairly adult-themed catalogue, and Syesha Mercado, who has fewer theatrical/r and b'ish numbers from which to choose.

Here are my thoughts about which songs they might pick. Please share yours in the comment sections.  Let's put our heroes on the right track for Tuesday night!

David Archuleta:
"I'm a Believer"

David Cook:
"September Morn" or "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" (Urge Overkill version)

Jason Castro:
"Song Sung Blue" or "Sweet Caroline"

Syesha Mercado
"Heartlight" or "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"

Brooke White
"Love on the Rocks" or "Play Me"

Let's hear what you think!

-- Richard Rushfield
(Photo from Fox)

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David Cook = Kentucky Woman

The IDOL's have to sing not one, but TWO songs this week, so the choices are doubly hazerdous for them - it's easy to pick one song from the Diamond songbook for these singers, but to be really effective this week, they need to choose two songs, preferably of different moods and styles, to show off their ranges - two chances to screw up!

Mine are close to yours:

Jason - Cracklin Rose, Sweet Caroline or Song Song Blue (I like Mr. Bojangles too)

David C. - Girl You'll be a Woman Soon, Cherry Cherry, I am...I said

Brooke - Play Me, Love on the Rocks

David A. - Holly Holy, Hello Again

Syesha - You don't bring me flowers, Desiree', Yesterday's songs

It'll should be a great week for Jason, David C & Brooke. The songs are right up their alley....hopefully, they will choose appropriately.

My American Idol Magic Eight Ball™ says: David C can sing any Neil Diamond song he wants.

David C: Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon / I'm a Believer / Solitary Man / Sweet Caroline / Holly Holy / I Am I Said / Kentucky Woman
Jason: Play Me / Song Sung Blue / Stones
Syesha: You Don't Bring Me Flowers / Soolaimon
Brooke: Song Sung Blue / Be
David A: Heartlight / He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

My song suggestions for David Archuleta

America, I am a Believer, Song Sung Blue, I am I said. But I am sure I would love anything that this young man will sing. Love that VOICE and that smile at the end of each song and I am not a teen. Go David A. we love you. :)

Hopefully Jason will not make the same mistake of singing another big fuddy-duddy staple like Song Sung Blue. Memory was a lesson learnt. He's the only one I worry about at this point. I think Syesha is history and Brooke has got to go. The two Davids are a given for the finals, so I want my Jason to be third place.

Come on...Jason Castro has to sing Red, Red Wine. He can give it that "reggae" feeling and besides, it has no range...perfect for him.

Brooke has no range, too, and I am not sure how she'll do this week.

As for David Cook, I would love to see him put his personal stamp on I'm A Believer (the way he did with Happy Together), or with Forever in Blue Jeans. But hey, there are SO MANY songs he could do well in this songbook. I hope he shows us his flat out rock side on one song, and a softer, seductive side on the second song.

Please...I hope David A. doesn't sing I'm a Believer. He needs to give a really dynamic performance this week, and that song won't do it for him. He Ain't Heavy or Heartlight, or Love on the Rocks might work. Actually, I'll probably take a lot of flack for saying this, but I almost barfed when I heard Neil Diamond was going to be a mentor. With a few exceptions, I think his music is hokey. I keep seeing him with those hideous mutton chops and the unbuttoned silk shirts, too. Here comes dinner...retch! Come on, couldn't they get some hipper performers to come on the show. Andrew Lloyd Webber? I mean, what was all that about? Oh well, I just hope the two David's keep shining through!

"Play Me" is perfect for Jason-especially if he breaks out his guitar and plays that beautiful solo part. Personally, I think Neil Diamond week gives him lots of great song choices. "Solitary Man", "Shilo" and "Song Sung Blue" are also great choices for him. I really don't want any one sing "Sweet Caroline". That song has been ruined by some of the baseball stadiums of America. It's too overdone.

I'm no fan of "theme" weeks. Aside from the advice the mentors dispense, they serve no valuable function and are too restrictive. As to song selection, I suspect that many if not all of the Idols will select an uptempo song as well as a slower ballad. I will not guess at particular song selection since I prefer to be surprised each week.

Val, I too am impressed by the soulful, velvet voice of David Archuleta. I'm not a 'tween or teen either. In fact, judging by message boards, etc., David's fan base spans generations, races, ethnic groups, and even continents!

I already picked the following at my AI blog after Carly's elimination...

Jason: "Song Sung Blue" and "Red Red Wine"

Brooke: "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" (originally meant for Carly) and "Play Me"

David C: Make sure to credit Urge Overkill--and Quentin Tarantino, since he's an AI nut like me--when you take on "Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon" for the starter. Second song should be "I Am...I Said" since "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" would be too opportunistic.

Syesha: "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" and "Love On the Rocks"

David A: "Heartlight" and "Hello Again"

Results Night Medley: "Cherry, Cherry" on top and "Sweet Caroline" with "America" to end it since the last immigrant left tonight. Too jingoistic? I hear you.

David Cook - Solitary Man (H.I.M. Version) Bet on it!!!
Who care about everyone else. Also his new CD is really Good..

Here is my go:

* David Archuleta: I'm A Believer
* Syesha Mercado: You Don't Bring Me Flowers or Heartlight
* Brooke White: Play Me
* Jason Castro: Sweet Caroline
* David Cook: Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

Here is a full list of Neil Diamond songs



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