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'Dancing With the Stars': The Jonas Brothers go primetime

This afternoon following the Jonas Brothers performance on "Dancing with the Stars," a YouTube video of the performance has already clocked over 14,000+ views? What's up? For covering an old A-ha song?

With the Jonas Brothers' debut on ABC's hit prime time dance show, you might say that the wholesome Jersey boys have officially entered the pop culture mainstream. (Translation: More than Disney Radio listeners now know they exist.)

Los Angeles Times staff writer Deborah Netburn tracks their steady rise and the madness that ensued yesterday when JoBros concert tickets went on sale in their new fan club, Team Jonas. She breaks it all down in today's story Jonas Brothers in full bloom.

Deborah also asks if the Jonas Brothers are here today, gone tomorrow or here to stay?
What do you think?

Meantime, if you missed their DWTS turn, check it out below.

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jonas brothers are here to stay!
i and many other girls absolutely LOVE the jonas brothers! they can sing, act, have great style, have great personalities, and are incredibly GORGEOUS!(and much much much more...i dont have much typing space so...yeah!)
once a jonas brothers fan, always a jonas brothers fan.
face it haters....

i <3 jonas brothers.

The Jonas Brothers are most definitely Here To Stay. Helloooo. They are the biggest inspiration to everyone and they are the most amazing people in the world. Of course they will be here to stay forever. :)

The Jonas Brothers are often compared with Hanson because they are a band made up of three brothers and their sounds are similar, but like most stars who have tasted fame at a young age, Taylor Hanson sunk the band by becoming a dad at the age of nineteen. Day in and day out, I hear doubts from skeptics as to whether the Jonas Brothers will continue along their squeaky clean path or whether they too will drown in the waters of fame. However, the Jonas Brothers have come from such a strong Christian background that even now, at the hieght of their fame (so far), they remain entirely down to earth and grateful for every moment they spend in the spotlight. This, I believe will keep them afloat. Their fan base is incredibly dedicated to them and, as a huge fan myself, they will stop at nothing to get their boys to the top and keep them there. Unlike other bands that have dried up after a couple of hits, the Jonas Brothers' have a creative energy that is unrivaled. They roll with the times, evolving their music as the music industry evolves around them, and their fans crave their music like a thirsty man craves water. As long as they continue to pursue their dreams in the musical world, we will continue to hold them up and keep them on top.

I think the Jonas Brothers will live on forever. Even when they are no longer at the center of everything, I think they will always live on within everyone. There is no way that they will be out the door any time soon, however. They are a talented trio and deserve all the credit they have and will receive. They are my inspiration to keep going, even if something tragic occurs, or even just a complication in life. They provide the guidance some need to get through anything. They may just be from North Jersey, but they definately deserve everything that is happening to them right now. They are able to live the dream that so many of us have. I know I will always back them wherever they go, and I know others feel the same.

They are definately here to stay!! They will be in my heart for eternity..yeah you can tell i have OJD lol

The Jonas Brothers are amazing musicians. They will be here for a long time.


I would just like to say that the Jonas Brothers will DEFINITELY be around for a while for so many reasons (and that's definitely a really, really good thing!). They have a seriously dedicated fanbase, a supporting and loving family, incredibly gifted, and they are different from so many other stars because they are so grounded. They know that you don't need to party and do illegal things to have fun. They know that all of their fame could be gone one day, and enjoy every second of it. They don't take anything for granted, and "live like they are at the bottom, even when they are at the top". I personally think they are the best role models around these days, and for all ages too. I am 15, and these boys (and their family) are who I look up to. They mean so much to me, and they have changed my life for the better. It would be a shame for other less talented and morally corrupt stars to still be hanging around if JB wasn't. I really hope one day I can meet them and tell them how amazing I think they are. Until then I'll just keep telling others about these incredible boys!

Peace.Love.Jonas :)
Helen Fentress

the jonas brothers are like hanson...the band that was polpular like 6 years ago! but the jonas brothers are definitely not going anywhere! they have so much more fans than hanson ever did!
girls from the age range of 5-20 are fans of them and are so dedicated to getting them to 31 on trl, the kids choice awards and their local radio stations.
did the fans of hanson ever crash the mtv website to get them to number one? i dont think so. we are all so dedicated and would do anything to get them to where they deserve to be...NUMBER ONE!!
love julia xox

JB is here to STAY most definetly!
Jonas pones forever...

~Morgan and Kinsey

They are here as long as Kevin wants to. Weather they know it or not, kevin is the heart of the band. He is everything. SInce he's the oldest, he's gonna leave first. It woudln't be the jonas brothers if he left, it'd be 'nick and joe'. Although, little Frankie could start. So, i think they are here to stay for good. If they keep producing music and people keep buying it, they'll be as famous as the beatles. and they are my favorite band of all time. not a 'boybandish' group.

THEY ARE HERE TO STAY!!!!!!why wouldnt they?they are amazingly talented young men who are great role model and on top of that they are VERY good looking,so i dont think that they are going to go anywhere soon

They are definately here to stay! They are amazing, especially at this age!

They are here to stay. Forever. They have been said to be the new Beatles. And that means that they're here to stay. They are so talented and are willing to do what it takes to do what they love and they have incredible drive and they sure do know what they are doing for what age they are. As long as they have the support system they have right now (fans and family) they will be ontop of the world forever.

no question about it.

Unlike many other great young bands and singers, the Jonas Brothers have made a huge impact, not only on the music industry, but on people's lives. I'm positive they are here to stay. Most of all of the teens of the US, Canada, ect. have posters on their rooms, listen and sing along to their music, and even follow their steps. Even though i'm not from anywhere near the US or Canada, i am still a big fan, and they have impacted my life. Around a year and a half ago, i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I thought i'd never be able to live my life normally anymore. No sports, no hanging out with friends, no music. But after watching the video of Nick Jonas and his battle to his diabetes, it gave me hope and i started doing everything i loved doing again. Also, me and many other friends of mine are following their example of staying pure until marrige, something that we had not thought of.
These guys are amazing, and i wouldn't be suprised if they are thought of as the new Beatles or Elvis Presley. Many parents of teens or kids approve of the Jonas Brothers, meaning that they enjoy them as much as their kids, and it's not only about the music. The guys have talent, good looks, and are just in the beggining of the road to immense sucess.

I think that the boys are still just getting started being in the big times and there is so much more to come for them. They make amazing music and they are so loyal to us fans. I love them so much and I cant wait to see what happens next!

They're most definitely here to stay! They're not going anywhere anytime soon! <33


Frankly I rewatched it on YouTube just to see Cheryl and Louie dance again.

I had heard alot about them, and had high expectations. They did not deliver. There singing and there playing was mediocre at best. I wish them the best, but I don't think they will have o long music career.

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