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'Friday Night Lights' in timeout until fall?

“Friday Night Lights” show runner Jason Katims and his assistant, Jamie Duneier, are happy to be back in the office. But it will probably be a while before their writing staff joins them.

NBC has not decided if it will produce more episodes of “Friday Night Lights” for the spring. Katims will be attending several meetings this week with the network and Universal Media Studios, which produces it, and is hoping fans won’t have to wait until the fall to learn how the Smash Williams football story ends or if Jason Street is going to be a father.

“The most difficult part of this is that, when the strike ends, I think that everybody here will be celebrating that the strike ended and then the next question is, when are we going to get back to work?” Katims said. “Are we going to get back to work? It’s going to unfold differently for every show.”

Fifteen episodes of the football-centered drama have already aired, and Katims says he can complete five or six more — if given the chance. Always a ratings-challenged, critical darling, “Friday Night Lights” has been performing better since it moved to Fridays. But that doesn’t guarantee it a spot on the fall lineup.

“I’ve heard that serialized shows are less likely to come back this spring," he said. "And, of course, we’re on the eternal bubble, so we have to wait and see what they want to do.”

--Maria Elena Fernandez

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I hope Friday Night Lights comes back. I have really gotten into this show and so has several family members. It would be a shame for them not to come back in the Spring.

Oh man are my fingers crossed that this show can at least get a season 3, if not the rest of season 2. Sigh.

FNL has become our favorite show. PLEASE don't cancel it! We look forward to Friday nights just to watch the show.


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