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'American Idol': Axed contestant Amy Davis speaks out

“God help you if you are an ugly girl, course too pretty is also your doom, 'cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room.” -– Ani DiFranco

Davis After managing to secure a spot in the Top 24, Amy Davis fell from grace last Thursday.  No, she wasn’t the worst singer in the group; she was just too darn perfect.  Her flawless physique made her unapproachable, and America needs an Idol it can hug. 

After her ouster, Amy took to her reinstated MySpace page, where she thanked her faithful fans and even apologized “to everyone for not performing better on the show.”

Maybe she should have left it at that.  Instead, Amy added, "I actually can carry a tune, I promise!" Then she went on to explain why she failed on the show … something about in-ear monitors?

"I have used in-ear monitors for the past two years for every show (even acoustic shows)," wrote Amy, "and my brain has been trained to hear my voice blasting in my one ear through an earbud and the instruments in my other ear (no earbud, I only use the one for my vocals). To switch from that to using floor monitors (nothing in my ear) requires retraining my brain to pick out the sound from the air and deliver my vocals to my ear and I just could not do it."

With or without an earbud, I couldn't follow, but I'm no singer either, so feel free to click here for Amy’s side of the story.

-- Stephanie Lysaght

(Photo courtesy Fox)

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Amy is beautiful and seems like a really nice gal. Her performance was awful though. Good luck in the future Amy!

she is hot, no question. she can sing a lot better than chekeeze or chikenhead....whatever.
what the hell was that video Paula did? she can't move anymore and her vocals are so processed i doubt she could sing happy birthday.

Justin Guarani was talking about this issue on the TV Guide Idol show, he said the lack of in-ear monitors being a huge issue on these early rounds. People that are used to using them are at a tremendous disadvantage.


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