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'American Idol' SPOILER ALERT: An axed contestant speaks out

February 13, 2008 |  7:19 am

While the hunt for the top 24 remains largely speculative at this point, one thing is certain: Shaun Barrowes did not make the cut.

Here is Shaun’s inflammatory statement, courtesy of

"Well, I made it to the top 48 and got cut. They're not looking for a whole lot of variety this year, as all the contestants who made it through are either rockers or 16 and the type they can mold into whatever they want. But I caught a glimpse at the contract the top 24 has to sign, and i'm glad i didn't have to sign it. If I made it to the top 24, they would own me for 3 years no matter how far i made it, and if I had won, they would make big changes to my music. I got a pretty good feel for what they're looking for, and they don't want artists who already have an established sound--all my favorite contestants who I thought were great songwriters with a unique artistic sound were also cut today. I'm once again in full control of my music career, and I'm very relieved I'm out..."

-- Stephanie Lysaght