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'24' pushed to 2009

One fallout of the Hollywood writers strike is that fans of Fox's drama "24" have to wait until next January to see Jack Bauer again.

The network has committed to air a full season on consecutive weeks and had been planning to start last month. If it had started airing new episodes of the Kiefer Sutherland action show soon, the season finale would not have taken place until the summer, when TV networks rarely show their high-profile programs.

A January 2009 start seemed the best way to comply with viewers' wishes that a season's episodes run without interruption to conclusion, Fox said Thursday.

From the Associated Press

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And, next January everyone's going to ask..."What the Hell is 24?"

They lost me two season's ago. But, now I really won't be back.

NO!!! Come on Fox, 24 is your best show! You can't leave your fans in the lurch watching duds like Terminator or New Amsterdam this year. Please reconsider. We beg you.

Ratings will drop very low if they wait until 09 to show season 7 of the OLD hit "24" or is it 42? Confused. when was this show created?

Why no entry for the new season?

Why isn't there an active Show Tracker yet for the new season of "24"? There has already been a two-hour "preview" and then two, two-hour episodes. It would be nice to catch up on the new season of this show.


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