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Welcome back, David Letterman

January 2, 2008 |  4:51 pm


After its weeks-long, strike-induced hiatus, "Late Show With David Letterman" returned, opening with tuxedo-shirted, high-kicking dancers in top hats and "WGA on Strike" signs.Williams_letterman

"You're watching the 'Late Show,' the only show on the air that has jokes written by union writers," said Letterman, who is boasting a full beard grown during his hiatus. There was also a taped bit from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the senator from New York and Democratic presidential candidate, who stood in front of a blue background and campaign signs. After noting that Letterman had been off for eight weeks because of the strike, Clinton added wryly: "Oh, well. All good things come to an end."

And it wouldn't be a Letterman show without a Top 10 list, specifically "The Top 10 Demands of Striking Writers," as presented by 10 writers from different shows.

Some highlights: From writer and director Nora Ephron: “Hazard pay for breaking up fights on ‘The View’”; from Gina Johnfrido of “Law & Order”: “I’m no accountant, but instead of us getting 4 cents for a $20 DVD, how about we get $20 for a 4-cent DVD?”; from Chris Albers of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”: “I don’t have a joke -– I just want to remind everyone that we’re on strike, so none of us are responsible for this lame list.”

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--Matea Gold

Photo: In a photo released by CBS, actor Robin Williams appears on the "Late Show with David Letterman," Jan. 2. The photo that Letterman is holding shows Williams on the picket line with the Stangel Brothers, who are "Late Show" writers. (AP Photo/CBS, J.P. Filo)