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'Heroes' finale: They all fall down

Sylar_2 Powerless.  That was the title of the final episode of "Heroes" this season (unless the counterproposal is signed?).  That was how the fans felt when faced with early disappointment.  That's what Tim Kring may have felt after all of the criticism.

But the episode didn't feel powerless.  Whether because of forced deadlines or just righting the ship, this show was oozing with conflict -- with resolution -- and even left viewers WANTING to see what happens next.  Huh, a novel concept.

The battles that were set up in the previous couple of chapters drove the episode, and many heroes fell.

  • Niki seems to have been blown up as she selflessly saved Monica from New Orleans thugs.  I like Ali Larter, but I hope it sticks.  Still, it's pretty messed up for young Micah.
  • The inevitable Maya vs. Sylar scrum ended quickly when she was shot after learning that Sylar killed her brother. But, dang it, she was revived.  As long as they do something good with her next season, we'll be fine with that.  Great powers, if you can control them.
  • Peterp_3 Peter took out Hiro, but I liked the mini-battle.  Hiro's teleportation gave him an advantage, but his hesitation let Peter zap him.  Believable and simple.  Now it's Parkman's turn to take on Peter. No contest once Pete picked up on Matt's "suggestive" thoughts.  As powerful as he is, it took brotherly love from Nathan to stop him.  Hiro, on the other hand, easily took out Adam.  Burying him alive is an apt punishment for someone who can possibly live forever, but leaves the door wide open for his return.
  • Claire_4On the Claire/HRG front, Noah has decided to return to the Company in order to save his family.  Claire's resolve to take everyone's powers public might not have been a good idea, but it was bold.  This was probably the most unsatisfying resolution for their storyline, but Nathan's made up for it.
  • Nathan took up where Claire left off, deciding to go public with his powers.  But before he could come out with it, he gets gunned down.  We should assume that with Adam underground in Japan and Claire out in California, there won't be a resurrection.  Of course Peter could teleport him, but he doesn't know where to go. Or maybe he now has healing blood too.  Hmm ...
  • Sylar regains his powers, Elle gets a taste of being a hero (though only because she was looking for daddy Bob's approval), and Nathan's mom speaks to someone on the phone, referring to the situation as "opening Pandora's box."  Those three events alone bode well for the dramatic future of the show.

Hiro_4For a strike-shortened season, it sure seemed long.  Most of us are probably not satisfied with it as a whole, but at least it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth -- so to speak.  We never got to see the full extent of the older generation's powers -- Nichelle Nichols was underutilized -- but for those "fans" who left the show (many of you commenting on this blog), you missed out on some good stuff the last few episodes.  But never fear, you can watch it online.  And hey, isn't that what started this strike mess in the first place?

Here are a few other opinions and Buddy TV's live blogging of the show:

"... the end of volume two felt much more in keeping with the first season." -- Zap2It

"If there's one good thing that came out of this season, it's the addition of Elle, Adam, and Monica." -- Blend Television

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos courtesy of NBC.com

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The worse part of this season was in actuality the fans and the critics. In 11 episodes they did what they took one season to do. Could the payoff of the last four or five episodes worked out unless you had the slow build up...of connecting the dots?

I hope the next season won't be as bad as the second one. The first 6 episodes were just waste of time. They should've focused on the main characters like Peter, Hiro, Parkman and Sylar instead of bringing in so many stupid new heroes that serve no purpose to the show.

So disappointing. I was hoping more for the finale but instead they stick with the same death shock tactics. It's a waste to kill Nathan, who still has a lot of story potential. I can't believe that the writers even contemplate it. That just shows how they make so many mistakes in season 2. They don't know what's good for them when it's in front of their face.

How come everybody is saying Nathan is dead. I saw him shot and "dying" but not dead. they brought back cheerleader girl dad's from the dead they can do the same for Nate.

The finale was just as bad as ever. They are relying on soap opera tactics

I wouldn't be surprised if the "annoying" little girl comes back in season 3 and she is 25 years old and no explanation as WTF happens.

I'm very unhappy with the writers wasting my time for 11 episodes. Adam living over 400 was utterly stupid. Now that he is in underground, I wonder if he will make it another 400. My guess is yes. The writers for Heroes are nuts and they won't hesitate to make him live in this casket without air and food and still make it for at least another season.

And by the way they were way too many cliches. That part where they were trying to burn that New Orleans girl and the guy pouring the gas was making a speech about "what happens to hero" oh boy, I was mesmerized. Not! And that girl couldn't even do a Kung fu to fight her attackers. What was all that learning of Kung Fu thing for.

And what happens to Caitland? Is she still stuck in the future? Is the future still messed up? If the future is still messed up than what happened? If Caitland is still stuck in the future, is Peter going to get her? If she is not stuck in the future than where is she and will she remember Peter? So many questions.

The creator promises that things will be different in volume 3. They'd better be.

You know, the script seemed to make a pretty clear point NOT to say that Nathan's dead. The reporter said that he was shot, not that he was shot and killed.


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