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John Edwards: No CBS News picket-crossing AND no 'View' appearance

November 21, 2007 | 11:57 am


John Edwards, who picketed with Writers Guild strikers Friday, one-upped Hillary Rodham Clinton by announcing that not only would he honor a CBS News strike -- were one to occur -- by not participating in the network's Dec. 10 Democratic debate, but he won't go on "The View" next week because that guild-represented show is continuing to tape without writers.

(Earlier, Clinton issued a statement saying that if CBS News staffers, who authorized a strike this week, actually walked out, she would not cross their picket line.)

Here's Edwards' statement about CBS News and "The View":

"Elizabeth and I will honor the members of the Writers Guild of America who are on strike at 'The View' by canceling our appearance on the show next week.  I call on all of my fellow candidates and their campaigns to do the same.

"In addition, we will also honor any picket lines at CBS News, up to and including the CBS presidential debate on December 10th. As I said when I walked the WGA picket line in California last Friday, these workers are making a simple request for their fair share of the huge profits being made by multinational media corporations.

"I am a strong believer in collective bargaining, and I hope that in each of these disputes, management and the union are able to agree on a just settlement. But until those settlements are reached, I will stand firmly with these workers in their fight for a better life."

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-- Kate Aurthur