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Letterman, Kimmel perform well in repeats


In the final count, the first week of the writers strike helped ABC’s “Nightline” gain viewers, but not enough to pull past its late-night competition.
The live newsmagazine averaged 3.8 million viewers last week, a large boost over the average 3.5 million the program drew this season before the strike began, according to Nielsen Media Research. But even in repeats, NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” had more eyeballs –- 3.87 million viewers and 3.96 million viewers, respectively.

The big news: the perennially second-place Letterman beat Leno, who fell from a season average of nearly 5 million viewers. The CBS comedian even surpassed his own season average of 3.8 million viewers. (Note: Letterman’s ratings last Tuesday were excluded from his weekly average, because the show was preempted in part of the country for regional election coverage.)

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” also performed well in repeats, drawing an average of 1.93 million viewers last week, the show’s third-largest audience of the season.

Maybe these guys are just funnier the second time around?

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-- Matea Gold

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Before you get to excited about Letterman’s and Kimmel's ratings increases; did you consider the fact that Leno viewers are the ones watching Letterman and Kimmel because they don’t want to watch a rerun?

I would also point to other shows that aren't being watched - like Colbert Report and Daily Show. How have those faired? The viewers are coming from somewhere.

Well of course. all of Jay's fans have aleady seen the shows. For us, Letterman is not a rerun - just something we haven't already seen.

I usually watch Leno but since reruns are on I'm learning Kimmel is pretty damn funny!


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