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'Heroes': The death of a hero ... or not

November 20, 2007 |  9:32 am

Not sure if it was the crunch created by the writers strike or the creator(s) realizing that the story was moving way too slow or just the natural progression of the season, but the show has (to this viewer) begun to hit its season-one stride again.  Too bad that there are only two episodes left. Enjoy 'em while you can, and even take some of the show home through the NBC auction (only a measly $1,200 for a painting).  Oh yeah, and HRG is shot through the eye this episode.

Adam What happened?: Claire and HRG have it out, which leads her to get captured by the Company, and leads to a confrontation between West, HRG, Mohinder and Elle. Hiro is able to say goodbye to his father after he travels back to save him and finds out that Adam Monroe is the killer. Matt Parkman further explores his telepathy and forces Mrs. Petrelli to tell him about Monroe and the remaining pictured person: Victoria Pratt. Mohinder and Bob trade Claire for Elle, and HRG is shot (supposedly killed) in the exchange!

Heroesstandoff_2 In true comic book fashion, HRG survives.  Thanks to Claire's blood, he wakes up healed in a small room.  Put there by Mohinder as part of some undercover plan, perhaps?  We'll see.

The whole Hiro storyline, though touching, took a bit too long. With only two episodes left, extraneous dialogue is not what'll help move the story. It seems odd that with the ups and mostly downs of the season, that "Heroes" will actually be able to wrap up the multiple storylines.  But that is what's apparently going to happen.

eClaireelle It'd be nice if there was a surprise death -- a major one.  Claire and Elle will definitely have it out, though the actresses seem like giddy school chums off the set. And Kristen Bell now joins Jack Coleman and Zach Quinto as the most scene-stealing actor in the show.

UPDATE: Monday's episode only garners 10.7 million viewers.  Last week, the show got its best ratings in four weeks (11.1 million viewers overall), and the last few episodes should be really strong, with the kind of anticipation and excitement that fans have clamored for all season. So many scenarios and possibilities ... and who will be left standing?  Maya finds out how evil Sylar really is when he kills her brother -- then she kills him?  Elle takes out West after he takes out Bob?

According to our last poll, a big majority of you think that Alejandro will not survive. Well, since I've rarely seen Mr. Shalim Ortiz out promoting the show or on the posters, talk shows, interviews, etc. -- I'd say that's a safe bet. For the season, Monroe and Monica are the most-liked new heroes, but Alejandro and West are the ones who (we think) won't make it through.

NBC has become the first major network to pull out of the Television Critics Assn. winter press tour, which kicks off in January. Usually that's one of our first looks at upcoming stuff, so we may have to wait longer for news about the Origins spinoff.  This year, waiting has been a big plot-point.

Photos: NBC

-- Jevon Phillips