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'Heroes': Sylar's kiss

November 27, 2007 |  9:56 am

There were a few things that happened in this "Truth or Consequences" episode that surprised me. Or at least surprised me more than GQ girl Hayden Panettiere's crush on Angelina Jolie. Who doesn't have one on her?

Sylar The surprises, though, all seem destined to backfire. Mohinder helps resurrect HRG, only to keep him bound as a prisoner? Not smart. Sylar kills Alejandro -- which we knew was coming -- and is not only manipulating Maya's mind, but her heart as well? That may not result in his death, but when she finds out, he'd better be ready with another brick before the black tears fall.  Monica becoming a superhero was not a surprise, but her getting captured and smacked down so easily was. Niki and Micah may come to the rescue, but I think Monica might be able to figure it out.

Peter's trusting ways are getting on EVERYONE's nerves, and he's obviously going to get bitten by Adam. I'm not one who thinks he can take out Hiro easily. He fires a bolt, Hiro teleports, and slice -- off goes Peter's head. Of course, he'd give Petey a chance ... and that would be his downfall.

And Elle. Monitoring Claire from a parked car only a few yards away? Not a smart move, but confronting an unstable girl that could fry her family and friend might also be asking for trouble.

So here we are at the end.

NathanOne more episode, and then as the promo says, two (or was it three?) heroes will fall.  First of all ... West?  Gone. Do we even need to discuss this?  He ended up being a good kid, but I think he's gotta go. At least one of the major characters will probably die in some sense. "Major" meaning an original. Maybe Nathan or Niki? Adrian Pasdar could then devote more time to his play.   

This unpredictability is one of the central elements that's been missing this season, until the last few episodes. The show never reached last season's highs, despite "fixes" offered from various sources, but it can definitely go out with a bang. UPDATE: This episode drew 11.9 million viewers, the most since Oct. 1.


Don't know much about it yet, but fans should also be able to keep track of what the "Heroes" actors are doing/thinking/pondering on the newly launched official Heroes magazine.

And remember the auction? Well, this portion with the actors drawing their characters thankfully ended. Glad to see they raised money for a good cause, but don't quit your day jobs, people.

Photos: NBC

-- Jevon Phillips