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'Dexter': Women on top

November 5, 2007 |  8:15 am

Victim_files_240 Women! Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Well, most of them. 

The women on "Dexter" got our hero all shook up last night. Dexter (Michael C. Hall), going through rehab and discovering that his foster father, Harry (James Remar), apparently had an affair with his later-murdered biological mother, pondered whether Harry could help his murderous tendencies, which begs the question of whether he would rather be normal. Sure, his life would be easier without the sneaking around and the lies, but what would he be without his secret identity? Moreover, do his fans want him to be normal? (Of course not.)

As his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor Lila (Jaime Murray) continued to kick up these questions and his girlfriend's mother (JoBeth Williams) voiced her suspicions about Dexter, the apparent solution was to get all three ladies together in one room. While Dexter may look at home in a plastic-covered room, about to execute another criminal, he did not look comfortable in the company of three women, especially considering that most of the females on the episode let their ugly sides show.

Lila's ridiculous blabbermouth caused Dexter's girlfriend, Rita (Julie Benz), to dump him, her mother's jealousy further drove a wedge between them, and his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) basically continued to show her immature side with her envy of Dexter, as he apparently became the favorite of Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine). Dexter, usually so cool and collected, finally lost it, for the first time letting the torment of Sgt. Doakes (Erik King) get to him and roughhousing a bit with Lila before finally succumbing to the attraction between them, in full-on paperback-romance mode, shirt open and soaking wet. 

After his little outburst, Dexter got his head back in the game, erasing the security camera footage of him cleaning his boat, fessing up to Rita about his sleeping with Lila and proudly telling his latest murder suspect: "I have to kill you -- but I don't need to. It's very empowering."

It will be interesting to see how Dexter's relationship with Lila affects the rest of his life: With Rita, he had comfort and stability; with Lila, understanding but the potential for danger and upset. Is Lila really ready to understand Dexter? And what happens when he goes from dependable boyfriend to revved-up lover?  It could be that Lila is the one Narcotics Anonymous sponsor who actually causes harm to society by keeping her charge clean.

-- Claire Zulkey

(Photo courtesy Showtime)