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'Kid Nation': Day 8 and cursing -- gasp!

October 4, 2007 |  9:13 am

Mallory_2 One of the youngest "Kid Nation" participants, 9-year-old Mallory, right, celebrated her birthday by winning the gold star and $20,000 (to the delight of big sis Olivia).

A few other kids stepped into the spotlight.  Mallory and Olivia, Indianapolis native Morgan and tough guy Colton from Reno had cameras pointed their way this week. Morgan was considered for a gold star, and once again old man Greg was shut out.  He let a few expletives fly before the voting, which probably didn't help his chances.

Pouring salt in the wound was the council's announcement of a curfew!  How are a group of kids hopped up on chocolate and soda going to be able to stick to their 9:30 bedtime?  Only time will tell, and be sure that sleep-deprived kids will be even more testy when they're put in their place by their peers. Maybe Skeet Ulrich doesn't want to send Britney Spears' kids here.

And speaking of being put in her place ... beauty queen Taylor was pushed to tears when the kids (led by chef Sophia) called for her to step down and be nicer.  For a 10-year-old, she stirs up a lot of emotion (check out the rate-a-kid feature).

A random dust storm that knocked down a few outhouses led to Jared's latest rant.  To escape the twister, they have to build a time machine and ... wait.  What?

Add a couple more pellets to the controversy bucket.  The animal rights group Last Chance for Animals condemns the show for "staging" the chicken beheading.  I won't defend it, but I'm not gonna condemn it either.  It WAS pretty graphic.

It seems way too early to be talking about this, but there are reports that producers are having trouble finding a place to film "Kid Nation 2" (if it happens, which it should!).  They are actually looking at overseas locations, where the child labor laws may not be as strict.  Hmm ... there's lots of desert in Africa.  Or maybe a Siberian winter?  Here's a few choices:

This week's show quote comes from another Reno kid, Alex:  "Violence makes me feel very uneasy." Me, too, Alex.


-- Jevon Phillips