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'America's Next Top Model': Thanks for the Halloween idea!

October 18, 2007 |  9:20 am

Oh Tyra, what would I do without you? Oct. 31 is fast approaching and I had no idea what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. But thanks to Wednesday night's episode, that dilemma has been solved: I'm going as a fashion gargoyle.

In one of the higher (literally) concept photo shoots so far, the models were dragged to the top of the Omni Hotel downtown. With a bit of staging fakery, they were set up as "fashion gargoyles" hanging off the side of the building, with big displays of patent leather, slicked-back hair and Toulouse-Lautrec makeup.

Antm Poor Ambreal -- who is afraid of heights -- had a panic attack as she walked up the stairs to the roof, but she managed to pull it together to look appropriately Goth-y. It was Janet -- who was more worried about flashing her undies than giving good grimace -- who was eliminated. Janet's demure turn was all rather quaint in this day and age when you can see almost any starlet sans underwear for the price of an Internet connection.

A side note to fans of all things Tyra: she's featured in the November issue of Shape magazine as one of their "Women Who Shape the World" feature. She gets props for her So What! campaign, which started after some snaps of Tyra at the beach weighing a -- God forbid -- solid three digits were published. She says in the article: "I was shocked at how mean the media were. I knew I had gained weight, because I wasn't getting enough sleep or working out. My body is also changing and looks different from my modeling days, and I'm okay with that. I kept saying 'So what if I look different? I'm the same person.'" Nicely done, Tyra.

And thanks to everyone who took last week's poll -- hurray for Ice Capades! Although now that I think about it, gargoyles on ice would be even more entertaining.

(Photo courtesy The CW)