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Tony comes back to '24,' despite being dead

Carlos1 Perhaps it’s the “Ugly Betty” influence on television. Or maybe the producers of “24” just couldn’t get enough of Laura Spencer’s brief return to “General Hospital” last year.

When “24” has its seventh season premiere on Jan. 13, Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) will somehow be miraculously resurrected. We use the term “miraculously” because, even though executive producer Howard Gordon declared in a Fox news release today that Tony’s fate was “uncertain,” we’re pretty certain we saw Tony taking his last breath in Jack Bauer’s arms in Season 5.

This belief was further reinforced when we interviewed Gordon, Bernard and star Kiefer Sutherland, and they all expressed how sad they were that Jack no longer had his running buddy. But they all agreed that it was in the service of telling a good story.

What could that good story be now? According to Fox, the season opens with Jack on trial in Washington, D.C., for his actions in the pursuit of justice. CTU no longer exists and there is a woman, played by Cherry Jones, running the White House. The only thing stated about Tony’s return is that it is “shocking.”

In lieu of facts, let's spin some fan-fiction:

So that he could go on special assignment in Timbuktu, CTU faked Tony’s death. In his new location, he met a Russian spy, they fell in love, and she was kidnapped and taken to South Africa.

Trying to rescue her, Tony almost died when an RPG blew up the boat he was driving. His lover assumed he was dead and went back to Russia. Months later, Tony washed up on the shores of Cape Verde and was taken in by a monastery when they discovered he had amnesia. With no memories of his past life, Tony became a priest and was sent to Russia, where one day, walking through a market, he ran into his spy lover. One look into her eyes and it all came back.

They joined the Peace Corps and started adopting African babies. But then her past caught up with her and she was killed. Tony had no choice but to pack up his family and head back to Los Angeles.

When he hears that Jack is on trial, he flies to D.C., marches into the courtroom and screams, “Jack Bauer
es inocente!”


The producers have spoken: The answers are all in the silent clock.

You will recall that when lovable Edgar Stiles (Louis Lombardi) died in the episode right after Tony Almeida took his last breath, there was a sad, sad silent clock that marked the passing of our favorite CTU analyst.

There was no such clock when Tony died in Jack's arms and this was deliberate, executive producer Howard Gordon wrote in an e-mail to The Times this afternoon.

"We didn't give him the silent clock because we always wanted to keep alive the possibility for some kind of (admittedly) miraculous resurrection ... which we will explain," Gordon wrote. "He's definitely NOT the Almeida we once knew."

The horror! Could it be his Evil Twin?

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

(Photo courtesy Robert Voets / Fox)

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Jack goes into the bathroom, only to see it fogged up by a hot and steamy shower taken by... TONY ALMEIDA, who is now played by Patrick Duffy.

Much as I like Tony, this really smells like a "jump the shark" moment.

Two words: Zombie Tony.

As bad as last season was, I think they should completely abandon the pretense of realism and just bring on the zombies. It'd at least be significantly more entertaining.

Forget Tony. He was great when he was alive all those times, but now it's time to bring back Curtis. And what happended last season. Did all the writers retire and they brought in temps from ABC? Or SHOULD the writers retire? Much to dwell on. Gotta take a nap now.

This "Tony isn't dead because we didn't hear the silent clock" thing the producers are saying is so stupid. There have been six instances of the silent clock in six season, and two of them did NOT involve characters dying! This includes the end of this past season, when Jack is standing near the cliff of the Heller home. So, the silent clock itself does not equal death. And main characters like Michelle and Curtis didn't the silent clock treatment upon their deaths, so does that mean they might come back, too? So, so stupid. I'm a huge fan of the show, but it sure has gone down the tube creatively the last few years.

Zombie Tony yay!!!

I'm pretty sure Edgar died in the episode before Tony got stabbed with the needle. Jack couldn't get to Tony until after the nerve gas was cleared from the building.

i'm really excited that tony's back. it doesn't even matter how or why. i'm also just going to pretend that last season of 24 didn't happen

Please don't do the evil twin bit. There are enough grade school kids out there with more imagine than that!

Did Anybody actually see Curtis die? I dont think so.

Being shot in the neck, doesnt allways kill people!

Please, please, PLEASE don't do this! Just admit that you've run out of ideas for "24" and have Jack jump off of the cliff right now. Better that he die now than the entire show take the crap-powered booster jump over the shark tank next year.

Besides, they'll only "Resurrect" Tony just to kill him off "Properly" with the Silent Clock next time around.

"Did Anybody actually see Curtis die? I dont think so.

Being shot in the neck, doesnt allways kill people!"

Good point DeepThroat, but I'm pretty sure he did actually die on camera. Nina, however, didn't, so I suspect she'll be coming back any day now.

I recently rewatched hour one from last season and when Michelle supposedly died, there was no silent clock either. Are they both still alive? I hope so, I'd hate to see one come back without the other.

They need to just let tony die and move on. as much as i love tony's character, it's really annoying for dead guys to just pop back to life over and over.

Tony back? Maybe it will make up for the mediocre season 6?!

Getting real tired of people making fun of the "Tony returns" thing! Clearly the writers will put some sense into all this. And even if they don't, who cares! It's fiction.--And it's Tony Almeida! Forget about logic.....

It's fiction not real life. Sci-fi brings dead people back all the time, why can't 24?

Although, I'm quite happy to pretend the mess that was season 6 never happened, and Tony's been alive all along.

Viva Almeida!

i love tony , he is my most favorite character of 24 , but plz do not ruin the character. if u want to make it bad or something like that u would betray your own development of 24 , if u want to do that , let him stay dead

The show just jumped the shark.

Tony is back...AS THE BAD GUY

Yes, Tony is trying to destroy America and Jack has to stop him.

I'm out.

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