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'Damages': Where the bodies are buried

September 19, 2007 |  9:09 am

Teddansoncp Call it "The Sopranos" rule: When a sketchy guy starts looking at real estate, it's probably not the place where he wants to build his dream house.

Frobisher takes center stage this week, as some of his machinations start unraveling -- and others build up steam.  Larry, his contact with disgruntled employees, transfers to Patty's side.  But Bad Hat Guy?  Turns out to be a crony of Frobisher's from the SEC, and it's implied that he's smoothed over the government's case.

And Gregory Malina?  Still missing.  Maybe dead. (And could he be taking a dirt nap on the property Frobisher is suddenly interested in?)

Lil' ol' Ellen shows off some of the not-so-savory traits she's picked up from Patty, instructing her father on how to spin the truth to avoid a heavy payout in a car accident, and firing her assistant for being a dim bulb.

It's an interesting evolution for Ellen, who, frankly, seemed like a bit of a dim bulb herself early on in the show.  Hardcore "Damages" fans should check out the show's website, especially the podcast where Rose Byrne talks about her character's chances of giving Pattytude right back at her boss. (Oh, and Byrne is an Aussie. Who knew?)

-- Ann Donahue

(Photo courtesy FX)