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The New Season: Will Whoopi and Sherri bring us a whole new 'View'?

Whoopi_350 After a tumultuous season that saw the abrupt exit of Rosie O’Donnell, ABC’s daytime chatfest “The View” is moving to bring on two new outspoken co-hosts: comic Whoopi Goldberg and performer Sherri Shepherd.

Final negotiations with the duo are underway, and an announcement of their hiring is expected next week, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

ABC declined to comment. “We have nothing to announce right now,” said spokesman Karl Nilsson.

Goldberg, the irreverent comedian and Oscar-winning actress, and Shepherd, a stand-up comic who has appeared in movies like “Beauty Shop,” would bring a strong dose of brash humor to the 10-year-old program, which was buoyed by O’Donnell’s presence last season.

But after O'Donnell boosted viewership with her blunt political remarks, her tenure came to an abrupt halt in May when she had a bitter on-air fight with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. O'Donnell exited the program nearly a month before the end of her contract.

That left “The View” with two empty seats -- former co-host Star Jones Reynolds was never permanently replaced after her own rancorous exit in 2006 -- and threatened to stall the show’s ratings gains.

With just Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters remaining on the all-female panel, executive producer Bill Geddie indicated that he was looking to add at least one African American voice.

"We have, really, two positions open, I think people forget," Geddie said in June. "We got a lot of hiring to do here. So the chances of us hiring two white women ... not very likely.”

Goldberg and Shepherd are both familiar to the “View” audience after having made numerous guest appearances on the program.

O’Donnell was rooting for Goldberg as her replacement, telling readers of her blog this spring that her fellow comic “would rock.”

Known for her acerbic sense of humor, the 51-year-old has had a long career in television, beginning with HBO’s “Comic Relief,” which helped launch a prolific career. Since then, she’s done stints on shows like “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” appeared in numerous TV movies and headlined the short-lived sitcom “Whoopi.”

After spending six years writing and producing Lifetime’s “Strong Medicine,” Goldberg has most recently been hosting a syndicated morning radio show called “Wake Up With Whoopi.”

"She is exactly what the show needs,” said Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman. “She is a beloved brand name; she is outspoken; she has done this before, she is a person of color; she is as far left as Rosie; she lives in New York; and she can kick Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s ass."

Shepherd, 40, has appeared in shows like “The Wedding Bells” and “Less Than Perfect.” Her latest movie, “Who’s Your Caddy,” opens Friday.

-- Matea Gold

Times staff writer Lynn Smith contributed to this report.

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I hate the term "african-American. She is black, not african. How stupid. And way to load the show with another radical leftist. Hassellbeck is too nice to argue with angry neolibs and has much more class. I love when neolibs try to tell us conservatives that we have no morals. Neolibs have zero ethics and zero morals. Just look at their favorite radical lib, slick willy. That guy's a rapist but that is ok with neolibs because he believes in abortion and stealing from the rich and giving to the lazy, no good poor people.

LMAO @ "beloved brand name."
But seriously, is the objective to have the ugliest women in the history of mankind on some kind of a rotating basis?

Posted by: Rob | July 26, 2007 at 09:25 PM

But seriously Rob, do you consider yourself a sexist pig or just a jerk! What do looks have to do with being a host? And how many men have you derided for their looks?!

Everytime Whoopi has co-hosted the show, it has been extremely enjoyable! And to Marsha above, the show is supposed to be a cross-section of ages, races, polictical viewpoints, etc. to represent all women in America. I agree, perhaps there should be a latina voice somewhere in the mix, but it was defintiely a "bland" offering for a while there. Sherri Shepherd is great too and I think this will be an awesome dynamic. Forget about poor Elizabeth... Sister Hasselbeck will be fine. She holds her own and I think she will continue to do that and be heard. Give it a chance before you completely condemn everything. BW has the Midas Touch - The View will be fine!

I must say that even though Elisabeth bugs the crap out of me when she runs to defend Bush like he's her biological father or something, I must say that "The View" has no credibility anymore.....PERIOD.

When Meredith and Star left, so did the dignity and intelligence of the show. Barbara Walters never should have hired Rosie...the woman was controversial and annoying...that's why she doesn't have her show or magazine or popularity she once had....Rosie's persona is TOO BIG to sit there with Elisabeth and Joy...maybe Barbara should retire

As much as Whoppi and Sheri are "ok with me", it's not going to bring back the feel of when Star and Meredith were there.....in my opinion, this will be the last season of the show.....

Walters has sold her soul to the Devil and he wants his due. So now we have 2 African Americans instead of a well-balanced dais with a Latin/Hispanic. This show is not in keeping with its original plan to have 5 different women from different backgrounds. They are from different backgrounds, but I would like to see more diversity and have some Caribbean/Latin/Indian blood.

Oh well . . .

I guess when I have my own talk show with 5 women, I 'll get a real diverse dais!!

So I'm reading these Posts and frankly saddened but not surprised to see the "Right Wingers" using foul language to describe Whoopi and Rosie. "Scum bag... disgusting human being... pig..." just to name a few. Nice! Classy! If that's what it means to be "Conservative" then thank you very much but I'll stay on the Left. They sound like children in the playground! And one more thing -- I guess Whoopi has admitted to having some abortions. Oh my!! What a horrible person!! Please. I just shake my head when I hear pro-lifers attack honest and open people who have had to make extremely difficult decisions about their own bodies. One out of every five pregnancies in our country ends in abortion. Guess there are a lot of horrible people out there! Do you know how many more kids would be on this planet - homeless - neglected - abused - if abortion wasn't an option? My question to every pro-lifer out there is very simple... how many parent-less children have you taken in and adopted?

Who cares about race?! Whoopie is smart, she's well spoken, and she's funny. The View may finally be worth watching.

All the right wingers can just tune into Fox News 24/7 to have their narrow, intolerant views puppeted back to them. I feel sorry for Elizabeth H, she's really no match for anyone (on the left or right) when it comes to a serious discussion. She's pretty, plain and far too stupid to ever question authority.
All of you Left Wing haters? Maybe China is the country you should start taking a long hard look at. They forbid anyone speaking up against their corrupt govement (which you all seem to support here with the moronic free pass you give Bush), they don't allow real unions (you know, ones that help achieve a livable wage) and they're very patriotic (you know, like you are when you put a flag on your SUV to show your support of Bush/Exxon/NASCAR).

China owns this country (finacing our debt). Instead of complaining about left/right? Think about paying your bills (not passing them onto our grandkids). Understand that Bush's perscription drug plan was the biggest goverment give away ever and without rasing taxes to cover it we'll just have to borrow more money from China.

The right has been in charge for six and half years.
Bush is a bonehead who has thrown away the debt free white house he inherited from Clinton and done everything he can to turn us into a debtor nation.

Maybe you'll finally wake up when China pulls the plug, stops buying treasury bonds, the economy falters and the bank finally takes away your house...and your boat...and your motorcycle...and your big screen tv.

Then you'll blame the left.

'Cause all those rich crooks you support would never screw you over, right?

Looking forward to Whoops!

I completely agree with G. Fraley. Let's see what happens. Whoopi brings a broad voice with her, one with varied life experiences, perspectives and humor (which this show lacks on most occassions).

For better and worse (at times) when Rosie was there, there were viewers watching and the voice was incisive. There were real topics being discussed with much more depth (for as much as there could be) than there is now.

As fo morals, the "Right" has clearly shown they can get down and dirty with the "Left". That has no credance in this decision.

Since when did this glorified talk show become a political statement? I have never regularly watched View, because I WORK for a living, and don't spend my mornings lounging around the TV, but the few times I have seen it, it seemed the women all talked at once--how boring is that?

Don Imus is an example of someone who expresses himself intelligently? What planet do you come from?

i agree with poster esb. "who cares what these women think or say?" the show is a great big mess anyway, which is probably the reason why barbara only makes limited appearances.
personally, i thought rosie and elisabeth should have gotten along way better than they did. after all, they're both "bush"-lovers. ;-)

Let's see, one conservative to four liberals...

Sounds like to me Elizabeth still has them outnumbered in both logic and brains.

I'm happy with the choices. I like them both.

another chimp joins the View? how about that!

@ trackback
ABC is one of the most racist stations ever, and its sad but we need quotas because America is still one of the most racist countries in the world. You sound like one of those angry racists.

If anyone should say anything about Elizabeth Hasselback,she and her tears are a pain in the ass

I'm thrilled that Whoopi and Sheri are going to join The View.

I'm continually amazed at how the right unceasingly resorts to name-calling. The first comment is a perfect example.

Just say what you think and be done with it, without all of the pointed shots, please.


First of all what a racist thing to say that you have to put on 2 african americans.This would be a insult to both women.You should have hired them for thier talents.You all ready got all liberals except Elizabeth who never gets to finish a sentence if its political.Not when big mouth Joys around who is worse then Rosie.This is America we have a law that we all have the same rights.

I am not into Whoopi hosting the view at all, she doesnt watch t.v. or do anything, she's boring and dresses like a bum. no thanks I wont be watching, I love Sheri tho

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