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'Battlestar Galactica': Say it ain't frakkin so!


Sad but true: "Battlestar Galactica" will end its run next year after its fourth and final season.

After weeks of speculation, the end is in fact near. According to a high level source at Sci Fi Channel parent company NBC Universal, the show will dock after its next 22-episode season, slated to kick off in early 2008.

Sources say the decision came down from executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, who are said to feel creatively like this upcoming arc will be its last.

Rumors began circulating this month when two "Battlestar Galactica" stars, Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff, referred to the next season as the show's swan song while attending the annual Saturn Awards.

“It’s the final season, so it’s definitely going to be the most vicious,” Olmos told reporters.  “As far as we know, in respects of the way we have this show constructed, this is the final season.”

Sci Fi Channel is expected to announce the news as soon as this afternoon.

UPDATE: Minutes after this was posted, Sci Fi Channel sent us the press release confirming the show is ending. See what Eick and Moore have to say after the jump...

"This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and finally, an end. Over the course of the last year, the story and the characters have been moving strongly toward that end and we've decided to listen to those internal voices and conclude the show on our own terms," Eick and Moore said in the statement. "And while we know our fans will be saddened to know the end is coming, they should brace themselves for a wild ride getting there –- we're going out with a bang ."

-- Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy NBC Universal)

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Season 4 of battlestar = big steaming pile of crap. I'm disappointed. It was a great series until they tried to turn it into lost.

Well it is about Frakkin time. This show started out with a bang. I loved it. I loved the Sharon characters, and the whole nine yards. Season two was OK. But Season 3, 4 was absolutely horrible, horrible. Incredibly unrealistsic. it made me puke each night I watched it. Infact the only reason I kept watching it, was because Sharon is so damn hott. I like the president too. She is hot. THE PRODUCERS SHOULD HAVE KEPT WITH THE ORIGINAL STORY FROM THE 70'S.
Starbuck Is Suppose To Be A Guy. Not a Tomboyish snotnose girl.
That was horrible, horibble. I AM SO GLAD THAT THIS SHOW IS COMING TO AN END.

SAD fan is truly sad. go back to church and stfu. BSG is amazing.

Man, i cant believe that it is ending in the fourth season. I thought there will be a fifth season since it still has quite a number of roots to chose from etc, sharon's kid and the vision shared by sharon, the president and the sixth, reaching earth with the rebel cylons and human(and wat will happen when the other cyclons find earth too?!) , the 13th colony.. what happen to them, the lastest episodes showed that there cities seem to be abadoned when they reached earth.

oh well, it is a great miniseries, an intellectual one! LOVE TO SEE IT GO OUT WITH A BANG!

FRAK, I'm depressed. I just got into this show last season and bam it's done. The episode where they find earth better NOT be the ending episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are the rest of the episode, it has been a couple months since I've seen anything. They changed their time, but I haven't seen any posted online?

No need to beat a dead horse. I skipped most of season three. Would start to watch and get so bored that I turned the tube. Seasons 1 and 2 were great. The miniseries was awesome. I am tired of everyone being a cylon. I believe that was pretty stupid. The new Caprica story arc ( a fat Lee Adama, a one eyed Tigh) that had to be a bad coffee idea. Then we get a weird Jim Hendrix, 60's song we are almost all cylons. Who the hell have I been wanting to survive? Oh never mind, they were cylons. Cylon=bad. The original series had that down pretty good. So where are the cut and dry bad guys? The quantum leap guy? Oooooh I am so afraid for the good guys. Just end it, do it quick and try to make it almost believable. And please, show us a frakkin toaster style cylon doing bad things so I can cheer the humans!

I JUST finished watching season 3 on DVD from my local library, and put season 4 on hold. I think that this series is better than the original, and I watched practically every one of those, including the ones where the landed on earth.
I am glad that they took a different route of story and character structure.
There are 29 holds on season 4 and I am counting the days.
I haven't been drawn into a tv show like this for ages. Thanks BSG!

Best show ever...

Am both sad and happy it ended.

They should make a continuation in future, :The Cylons Return

To tell the tale of what happened!

So say we all!

Here on my side of the world here in South Africa we just reached episode 20 of season 4 and Wow!!!
Battlestar Galactica is the greatest Sci-Fi series ever made and to know that there is only two episodes left is just wrong.
A series with a fantastically deep story line, interesting and complicated characters and believable futuristic sets and effects.
Such a breath of fresh air from the b-rate sci-fi we usually find.

Why is it that the greatest sci-fi creations are always the shortest while b-rate programs with no depth what so ever can run on and on for seven seasons or more.

Viewers and sci-fi producers need a serious kick in the behind.

Johannesburg, South Africa.

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