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'Battlestar Galactica': Say it ain't frakkin so!


Sad but true: "Battlestar Galactica" will end its run next year after its fourth and final season.

After weeks of speculation, the end is in fact near. According to a high level source at Sci Fi Channel parent company NBC Universal, the show will dock after its next 22-episode season, slated to kick off in early 2008.

Sources say the decision came down from executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, who are said to feel creatively like this upcoming arc will be its last.

Rumors began circulating this month when two "Battlestar Galactica" stars, Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff, referred to the next season as the show's swan song while attending the annual Saturn Awards.

“It’s the final season, so it’s definitely going to be the most vicious,” Olmos told reporters.  “As far as we know, in respects of the way we have this show constructed, this is the final season.”

Sci Fi Channel is expected to announce the news as soon as this afternoon.

UPDATE: Minutes after this was posted, Sci Fi Channel sent us the press release confirming the show is ending. See what Eick and Moore have to say after the jump...

"This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and finally, an end. Over the course of the last year, the story and the characters have been moving strongly toward that end and we've decided to listen to those internal voices and conclude the show on our own terms," Eick and Moore said in the statement. "And while we know our fans will be saddened to know the end is coming, they should brace themselves for a wild ride getting there –- we're going out with a bang ."

-- Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy NBC Universal)

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I'm sort of glad the creators are smart enough to end their show on their own terms. Nobody enjoys it when Scifi drops the axe on their favorite series.

I personally hate the Sci Fi network. They cancel great shows like Farscape or Stargate Sg-1 so they can bring on new shows that suck. (Like Painkiller Jane)

If BSG kept going the cost of the show would probably jump due to increased costs of paying the stars.

Also, i'd imagine the creators realize that they'll reach the 70 something episode mark that usually brings in great syndication revenue.

Also, they probably want to put all their creativity into their new BSG prequel series Caprica.

Much as I love Galactica I think its probably for the best that they are doing this. There is only so much mileage you can get from the story of a group of humans searching for earth while being chased by a superior force of robots before it becomes laboured.

The series still leaves room for spinoffs such as the caprica series so the series can live on in other ways

This sucks. Especially since it has some of the best (if not the best) ratings of all cable shows. Seems like all the good shows are getting cancelled these days.

To the quality producers and writers - thanks for doing it right. They created a great show with depth and quality, and they are ending it properly - I completely respect that. I love the show - I think its one of the best ever.

Amen to Do it the RIGHT!!

I say let BSG jump the shark a million times - better than anything else on TV sharky-wise.

I'm glad I don't live in the USA. SciFi Channel seems to suck. First they cancel SG-1, and Now BSG. Why don't they just get rid of Science Fiction TV altogether, and run 24/7 wrestling marathons.

For crying out loud, get it right Scifi

what's going on - this is one of only a small handful of good shows on TV today. My mind will officially turn to mush when BG goes off the air. ARGH!

To be honest, I'm glad it's coming to an end. I've followed Battlestar Galactica since it first aired on television and I was hooked after the mini-series. I'm a proud owner of the soundtracks & dvd season boxsets.

I've always hoped that Ronald D. Moore and David Eick wouldn't allow the show to drag on and on and slowly die a painful and dishonorable death. I've always secretly hoped that they would end the series on their terms and in less than five seasons.

Battlestar Galactica unlike so many television shows today has told an awesome story. It's had the beginning, the middile, and now is coming to an end. It is by far the best television show ever created (and yes, it's a lot better than Stargate SG-1).

I am looking forward to this last and final season. =)

this is a good thing, as was said before the x-files lost it, lost has lost it and it seems that sci-fi series seem to go on too long because somebody wants to keep eyes glued to their particular station. what is wrong with ending on a good final note instead of letting a series trail off into uninteresting arenas that cause watchers to turn off? well what about making a new series of something different that wil potentially bring more fans aboard and collect the old series' fans too!
a great example of a short run yet cult and extremely interesting scifi is Quatermass, any of the individual series story arcs are self contained and bear no relation to the previous story arcs. kind of like a graphic novel it ends and a new one begins.
this seems to have been the original intention in Heroes but is being superceded by the need to have a familiar set of characters for the second series. so Battlestar Galactica is a four series graphic novel as was originally conceived. it has a beginning, middle and end. things like this canot go on indefinately, it is the nature of story to finish, look at any long running soap opera and you see the story repeat quite frequently. this makes the daily life of the characters appealing to us but they are living daily life, something like a sci-fi series is generally a set of unlikely story elements for daily life and as such the spectacle of the thing will very quickly become stale and increasingly ridiculous as the ante is upped and and the climax of the story is logically mangled until the endgame is beyond even escapist fictions believability and thus the audience is left with a bad taste in ther mouths as to the whole of the story not just the end, this could easily damage dvd sales. if anyone is listening maybe that will grab attention.

For everyone commenting on Lost, it has already been decided that the series will end after a specific number of episodes.

There are three more season of sixteen episodes each. The defined length will allow the writers to know when/how to reveal the remaining story and mysteries. The shorter seasons will mean that a season arc won't be padded with a handful of fluff episodes.

I have to agree with some posters here that 20 episodes were grueling to do. All you have to do is listen to Moore's podcasts the man was drained. I say go with 26, and extra 4 and split it 13 this coming fall and the 13 the following. It would allow some breathing space to make season 4.0 and 5.0 the best! All is not lost either, there are back stories on the first Cylon war and Earth itself.

A truly sad development, may the gods be with you...

QUOTE jango fett:
Hopefully reruns of this will someday be broadcast in HD.

Actually, the Universal HD channel (UHD) is airing season 3 shows Saturdays at 9 and 12pm.


I know what some of you mean when u say it's good that the producers of BSG are not inclined to drag this show out after they have run out of ideas like the producers of the X-Files did, but I would hardly call going beyond a 4th yr, "dragging it out." I for one to spite the fact that I watched the show faithfully can't honestly say I will be sad to see it go. The storyline was confusing not smart like B5 and there were some things that was done on that show that didn't make sense. Stopping at New Caprica knowing full well that eventually the Cylons would show up and the biggest frak-up of all, trusting Baltar, the most untrustworthy person ever to run their Cylon screening program! Smart! I guess Ronald D. Moore used up all his ideas with Star Trek and had nothing left in the tank for BSG. Hopefully next time Glen A. Larson will get lucky and someone fresh ideas will take the helm when Buck Rogers and The Fall Guy are taken off the self. This show to spite the best efforts of the producers wasn't as smart as B5 and wasn't as fun as Star Trek or Stargate and when I watch that last episode I have no doubt that I will have that same feeling I had when I watched the last episode of Seinfeld! It should have been better! Now maybe someone can do a Lord of the Rings type trilogy which is what I was looking for in the first and not just some low buget TV show and a cable one at that!

A lot of people are upset and saying "Get it right...They cancel good shows to bring on ones that suck..." I have one question for them: "Do you not remember Galactica 1980, or was it so bad that you had to forget?" I am a huge fan of the original BSG and was not thrilled at the reimagining at first. However, as I made myself sit and watch it for the first couple of episodes, I decided it wasn't so bad. As I watched further, I became hooked like the rest of you, and am now hoping history doesn't repeat itself. End on a popularity highnote, and not when we are begging them to kill it off. So many shows I have enjoyed for the first couple of seasons, but now I won't revisit because it was stretched out so long (or the spinoff was so disappointing) that it left a bad taste in my mouth (ie: Stargate, X-files, Enterprise, etc). All good things must come to and end. Wise choice in wrapping it up.

It's about time the AXE came down on this show. Season 1 started pretty strong, but then the writers lost their minds with the Pegasus episodes and the stupid female Admiral. Then we had to deal with the whining characters and the ridiculous Presidential election, followed by the insane settlement on New Caprica. That's when the show jumped the shark and every major character started to suck. And then we find out that 3 major characters were Cylons and they totally lost me (I know it's 4 characters, but I don't count the President's assistant). The writing was taking a nose-first dive into Crapville and now we have Starbuck and Apollo screwing around. The season 3 finale pretty much sucked in my opinion and the show lost what little edge it had.

This show deserves to be canned.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. With the crappy Season 3 ending, this show was doomed anyway. The show was suffering from horrific writing and piss-poor character development since Season 2. The characters were inconsistent and right-down boring at times. How many episodes can you stretch out with Starbuck being on the rag and hating the world? And how many episodes did we have with Lee "The Wuss" Adama doing unbelievable things? A defense lawyer? Give me a freakin' break, Ron Moore.

And you fanboys need to face reality: The proposed spinoff of "Caprica" will never happen. As a prequel, it won't sell to a Sci-Fi Channel audience, because there's nothing remotely interesting about the pre-BSG era. Besides, the boneheads who run Sci-Fi would rather spend their money on more shows like "Painkiller Jane" and "Mansquito." A spinoff series would have half the budget and half the acting talent. So, don't get your hopes up, unless you want to see Stephen Baldwin as the lead.

Battlestar Galactica is now a lackluster drama set in the framework of an old Science Fiction series. Ron Moore has written himself into a corner and the show has nowhere to go. Everyone is a freakin' Cylon now and fans are starting to walk away from the show anyway. From the craptacular acting, the claustrophobic sets, poor costuming, and horrendous "shaky cam" special effects, this show had a limited time to stay in audience's minds. Years from now, people will look back at this show and laugh at how dated it looks. Season 4 will only be beating a dead horse.

I'm sure Ron Moore may try to beef up the action and have a spectacular ending, but it's too late. Someone earlier mentioned Babylon 5 being good and I have to agree. Seasons 2-4 kick the living crap out of anything I've seen on BSG and that show is much older. Ron Moore is a hack writer and I think it's funny that he's acting like this ending was intentional. Someone above Ron Moore's head called the shots on this ending, because if it were up to him, it would keep going like the pathetic Stargate series. I suspect the issue was money and the Sci-Fi execs want a cheaper show in the BSG timeslot. End of story.

Everything about this show is brilliant... If the creators think it's time to end then it's probably a good call. I think the pace of the story arcs are such that it'd be hard to wring out another season and while I love the show and would like to see that kind of quality for many more seasons I also think the shorter run creates a more intense feeling as it all comes to a close...

I am SAD to see it go but want to see the show go out right.

Babalon 5 was allowed to go out right. It's spinoff's were not.

STNG was allowed to go out right and STDS9 maybe? But Enterprise was not.

They just cancled Studio 60 and that wasn't right.

Let them finish the story and use it as a model for other TV show remakes.

I wouldn't mind seeing a better spin on "V" or Buck Rodgers. How about a new million dollar man. the late 60's and 70's had a lot a good ideas for shows but didn't have the means to do them right. Remember when people were mad that starbuck was going to be a woman. Now look...

So I hope a few BG movies get made and Scifi tries to make a few more shows that are worth watching. I'm pretty much done with TV. There's a few more years in for me before I just tune out completely.

To the naive people that think the show is "getting canceled" or a bad idea to end it let me say this:

What you want, a fan-service show where things are done because the fan think it so and the series loses its creative spirit? All of these shows sooner or later run out of their questions and have a conclusion- or else they become as braindead as endless movie sequels.

I for one I am *GLAD* that both the writters/creators for their decision and for the Sci Fi network for supporting them. BIG HUGE kudos to them.

To continue a series for the sake of making money or for masturbatory fan fantasies is a HUGE mistake that takes away the creative flair of anything and we end up with soulless trash TV.

AGAIN Kudos to the creators for doing the right thing.

This is not about a show getting canceled. It's about finishing a book or trilogy of books. Imagine if this was The Lord of The Rings.. wha tyou want later on? "The King's Men and the Hobbit Friends: Adventure in Middle Earth Post Sauron Age?"

- Raist

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