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Laugh all you want -- just keep talking about Caruso and CBS

May 16, 2007 |  3:20 pm


Caruso2tp CSI: Miami star David Caruso is in on the joke, America. And Wednesday he proved it to the advertisers at Carnegie Hall attending the CBS presentation. Since YouTube has discovered Det. Horatio Caine -- someone posted a montage of the Miami cop's infamous one-liners -- CBS and Caruso decided to play along.

Caruso's trademark over-the-top delivery was put to use as President of Entertainment Nina Tassler introduced each night's lineup. In taped segments, Caruso, hands on his hips, delivered lines like: "Missing CBS Tuesday would be a crime" or "In Miami, we call Wednesday, 'el dia de la hump'" before putting on his sunglassses.

Then when it was all over, Caruso surprised everyone by appearing on stage and declaring "It's all here on CBS" and handed Tassler a pair of sunglasses.

Turns out neither of them needed shades: It's raining in Manhattan.

(Photo courtesy CBS)