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TV just got a lot 'whiter,' says a canceled George Lopez

George Lopez, the first Latino to lead a television series successfully, isn't laughing. "TV just became really, really white again," he said.

Georgelopeztp ABC, he said, has "unceremoniously" canceled his self-titled comedy, which over the years chronicled his personal life from his sad childhood growing up with an abusive grandmother, to his alcoholism and kidney transplant.

"The George Lopez Show" will live on in syndication, but that's not making Lopez feel better about not getting the chance to tell one final season of stories. Lopez said Steve McPherson, ABC president of prime-time entertainment, called him over the weekend to explain that "financially" it wasn't working out, that the network would lose money if it picked up the show again.

That explanation was painful to hear, Lopez said, considering the way the network has shuffled his show over the years -- four different time slots in five years -- and putting it up against "American Idol" time and time again.

It all contributed to the show's low ratings, a point not lost on Lopez who noted that this season his show out-performed two freshman comedies that were renewed: "Notes from the Underbelly" and "Knights of Prosperity."

"I’ll take the good and the bad," Lopez said. "I took the five years of good and I did a lot with the good. My popularity, I was involved in charities, I overcame my illness, all on TV. I shared all of that with America—every secret I had. Every personal feeling. Every emotion. Everything was open to the show. And what happens?"

Lopez said he attributed the cancellation in part to the fact that the show is produced by Warner Bros. Television, and not ABC Television Studios. Using some colorful language that cannot be printed in a family newspaper, Lopez scoffed in particular at another ABC pickup: "Cavemen," about two brothers and one best friend, described as sophisticated cave dudes living in modern-day Atlanta, who will continually find themselves at odds with contemporary society.

"I get kicked out for a...caveman and shows that I out-performed because I’m not owned by [ABC Television Studios]...So a...Chicano can't be on TV but a...caveman can?" Lopez said. "And a Chicano with an audience already? You know when you get in this that shows do not last forever, but this was an important show and to go unceremoniously like this hurts. One hundred seventy people lost their jobs."

For his part, Lopez will be fine. He has an HBO special and a movie coming in the summer, and a deal with Warner Bros. to produce television movies.

"They dealt with us from the bottom of the deck," Lopez said. "Which is hard to take after what was a good run."

** Editor's update: Whoa! Hold your fire, "ATJ" fans!

No sooner did we report the cancellation of the Jim Belushi comedy "According to Jim" that we heard from seemingly everyone who watches the show that we were wrong, wrong, wrong. Well, they may be right, the show might very well be renewed after all. But ABC won't confirm that. We'll keep checking back.

--Maria Elena Fernandez

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I think one of the reasons shows like Knights of Prosperity are being renewed and not Lopez's show besides lower ratings, is that the executives see more promise in them. Lopez's show is just another unfunny sitcom thats justified by someones ethnicity like those that have come and gone, like Margaret Cho. Margaret Cho's show wasn't canceled because of her ethnicity either. Knights of Prosperity is at least something the executives may thing is a little more interesting and promising for them, whether its good enough or not. I think its a combination of the executives judgment and the ratings.. but I don't think their judgment is based on bigotry, like Lopez implies.

Oh stop crying and take your final paycheck to the bank. Consider yourself blessed to have made the money you made on a mediodre show that lasted as many years as it did. No doubt you will continue to make money off the reruns. More than can be said for the white viewers who kept you on the air as long as they have. Someone above said they found "community" through television. I do not try to validate my existence through television. Try finding it in real people in your community and family.
Its tme we found community in ALL our neighbors and stop segregating ourselves into racial groups. And by the way George you werent the first Latino to lead a successful series. I believe Desi Arnaz accomplished that some fifty odd years ago.

His show sucked, it got canceled, cry me a freakin' river. Trump got canceled to I believe but you don't see him running around accusing everyone of racism. Now not only do I think Lopez is not funny, but I don't like him at all and his race mongering crap.

GL has always used his race to get some where. Yes, I agree you can use what you can for your advantage BUT come on now!!!!! He got mostly everything he wanted as a latino. STOP CRYING NOW GEORGE! You sound like the people you complain about.

George Lopez had a TV show?!?!??!

It was an act of charity to give him 5 years and syndication. What kind of humorist goes off on a racist tangent when it's time for his show to move on? Not a funny one, for sure. Didn't Ellen DeGeneres pull the same stunt when her show was cancelled for not being funny?

Mencia is way funnier, funnier to all people not just people who identify with a certain ethnicity.

The show was dreadful. I'd rather watch a bunch of cavemen...or a burrito fester and rot under the LA sun.

You were never funny George. Now, just shut up and prepare for a D-List life. Maybe Match Game will come back on the air and you'll actually have somewhere to go each morning.

The few times I watched the show, I came away with the opinion that he was a "Stepin Fetchit" kind of character, you know bug eyed, shuffling, the Chicano equivalent of yassshuh...noshuh! If he had any creative control, I would have hoped that he did not want to have it as I just described.

Yea! Blame it on the Man! It's all Whitey's fault... don't think even for a minute that your show sucked!

Good riddance!

That had to be the worst show ever! And to now use the racist card is pathetic!


I really enjoyed your show. Very sorry to find out that you are a RACIST.

George, you said it buddy, you were dropped because you're not owned by ABC.....and I'm sure because you're show sucked, too.

When are we going to stop the finger-pointing?

Sitcom WRITERS lose their edge WAY before they realize it themselves, or the producers do. It's the chemistry between actors that winds up carrying a show through to a long, successful life. Cowboy up George, and ride off into the sunset.

Finally...that show was absolutely awful. The entire show was basically "hahaha I'm mexican hahaha". I find it hilarious that he blames it on race when he obviously can't come to grips with the fact that he is not funny in the least. Good riddance.

Another day, another race card being played...so what's new? This guy is given a shot by ABC, makes millions of dollars, is on the air longer than other, MUCH better shows, and he has the gall to whine when they FINALLY pull the plug? I am sick of this garbage...George, get a grip. YOUR SHOW SUCKED!!!!! It shouldn't have been on for as long as it was. It wasn't funny...it was the typical, formulaic dreck that had the novelty of a Latino in the lead role. But this silly show isn't the story...it's the fact that the race card continues to be played by those who have benefited and profited from being in this country and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by us horrible white Americans.

I guess George hasn't seen Heroes

That is a shame. His show was really funny. I hadn't seen it in a while because hey
my in recovery ex girlfriend brokie my tv and my gambling aint been workin out so i couldn't replace and all but someone else should pick that show up, the few times i saw it it was very funny.

Sounds like the majority on here agree that Lopez is a horrible "comedian." I saw a comedy special where he demonstrated his racist views mixed with bathroom humor to a nervous audience. His disdain for white people is becoming for a person who has taken every opportunity from TV despite as he says, things turning "white again." He is just not funny but patently offensive. He, like many minorities, gets a pass to promote bigotry under the guise of "culture" where he and his ilk will remain Chicano or Mexican or whatever rather than American. Sound familiar? Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out Georgie.

fisrt off its always the white mans fault. his show has ran for as long as it did and he should be happy with the time he had. but for real people we just need to get over the fact that "whites" are not out to get the minorites. we have gotten over that many, many years ago. is it about time everyone did? well with the final note, people just get over yourselves and understand that the whites are not always to blame. and lopez take it easy with the hair gell

this is the world today

Cognoscenti >>> Grow up Jorge. Your show was cancelled because you suck and your comedy was old two years ago. As someone pointed out above, you're certainly no Arnez or Prinze, and certainly no Montalban.

Greg >>> And by the way George you werent the first Latino to lead a successful series. I believe Desi Arnaz accomplished that some fifty odd years ago.

Skolnick says >>> My earlier post was a criticism of the TV reporter who does not know her TV. The claim that Lopez was the first Hispanic to lead a successful TV series is bogus. Yes, Arnez led, produced, and owned the studio, but a year earlier Duncan Renaldo debuted in the TV version of the Cisco Kid. Since Lucy and Cisco lasted longer than Lopez, I'd say they were also successful. Whatever failings Lopez has, there is no excuse for an alleged TV reporter named Maria Elena Fernandez to fail to recognize all the previous shows led by Hispanics. Even if you skip the entire 20th Century, how in blue blazes did she miss the West Wing (which has been off the air for only a year)?

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