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TV just got a lot 'whiter,' says a canceled George Lopez

George Lopez, the first Latino to lead a television series successfully, isn't laughing. "TV just became really, really white again," he said.

Georgelopeztp ABC, he said, has "unceremoniously" canceled his self-titled comedy, which over the years chronicled his personal life from his sad childhood growing up with an abusive grandmother, to his alcoholism and kidney transplant.

"The George Lopez Show" will live on in syndication, but that's not making Lopez feel better about not getting the chance to tell one final season of stories. Lopez said Steve McPherson, ABC president of prime-time entertainment, called him over the weekend to explain that "financially" it wasn't working out, that the network would lose money if it picked up the show again.

That explanation was painful to hear, Lopez said, considering the way the network has shuffled his show over the years -- four different time slots in five years -- and putting it up against "American Idol" time and time again.

It all contributed to the show's low ratings, a point not lost on Lopez who noted that this season his show out-performed two freshman comedies that were renewed: "Notes from the Underbelly" and "Knights of Prosperity."

"I’ll take the good and the bad," Lopez said. "I took the five years of good and I did a lot with the good. My popularity, I was involved in charities, I overcame my illness, all on TV. I shared all of that with America—every secret I had. Every personal feeling. Every emotion. Everything was open to the show. And what happens?"

Lopez said he attributed the cancellation in part to the fact that the show is produced by Warner Bros. Television, and not ABC Television Studios. Using some colorful language that cannot be printed in a family newspaper, Lopez scoffed in particular at another ABC pickup: "Cavemen," about two brothers and one best friend, described as sophisticated cave dudes living in modern-day Atlanta, who will continually find themselves at odds with contemporary society.

"I get kicked out for a...caveman and shows that I out-performed because I’m not owned by [ABC Television Studios]...So a...Chicano can't be on TV but a...caveman can?" Lopez said. "And a Chicano with an audience already? You know when you get in this that shows do not last forever, but this was an important show and to go unceremoniously like this hurts. One hundred seventy people lost their jobs."

For his part, Lopez will be fine. He has an HBO special and a movie coming in the summer, and a deal with Warner Bros. to produce television movies.

"They dealt with us from the bottom of the deck," Lopez said. "Which is hard to take after what was a good run."

** Editor's update: Whoa! Hold your fire, "ATJ" fans!

No sooner did we report the cancellation of the Jim Belushi comedy "According to Jim" that we heard from seemingly everyone who watches the show that we were wrong, wrong, wrong. Well, they may be right, the show might very well be renewed after all. But ABC won't confirm that. We'll keep checking back.

--Maria Elena Fernandez

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George Lopez is as unfunny as unfunny can be...YOU SUCK GEORGE!

put lopez back on and cappelle

Mr. Lopez is a racist. His rants against Caucasian born individuals does not make for a good entertainer. May he never grace the airwaves again. Good riddance, so long, don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.

Agreed. ABC should have pulled the plug on this show years ago, it just wasn't funny. Griping about the network doesn't change anything. You got overpaid for 5 years, cash your checks and move on.

This guys the latino version of Margaret Cho, unfunny and its everyone elses fault.

well he cant complain he did have four years.
It wasnt really necessary to play the race card, He helped brake through and represent, im proud of his success. He gots his own tv talk show, and with his audience already he should do fine...
But i was sad to see the lopez show go, with his inch "well take that mile soon after..."

Why are you people saying this show is unfunny. If you guys understood a little bit of Latino culture you would find it extremely funny.

All you Americans are exactly the same, especially saying that all Latino's are from Mexico. Hell you'd confuse an Asian and a Mexican.

I myself am Latino and I get asked Where in Mexico are you from? You Americans are total idiots. Next time pay some damn attention in World-History so you know we aren't all Mexican.

TV did get a whole lot whiter. The show that replaced this didn't even last more than 10 episodes.

God damn it! why is it that the top 3 races in the world can never get along, whites against blacks against hispanics no wonder this world sucks.

his show was not that funny but they should of gave him a chance to make a final.

I'm guessing most of people that said it wasn't funny were either Caucasian or just not open minded about comedy.
This show was pretty good, better than most of the crap you see on tv, It's not full of fake whiny bullshit. It was a very open hearted show, very few shows are based on the real REAL life.

No, I'm not racist, but alot of white people who commented here seem like it.
Most of Americans wouldn't comprehend with the comedy of this show, mostly immigrants can understand and have a good laugh on it.

Good riddance!

TV is better when its white.

No one wants to listen to that unfunny wetback spew curses from it's rotten maw anyway.

Guess, it is hard for them to comprehend that we whites can & do get along just peachy without them, in fact their presence when "allowed" is nothing but a bane anyway. You need us, but we whites don't need you, not a single one of you despite what you trick yourselves into believing.

your services will no longer be required darkies.

Sincerely, the white man.

Was a fan of Lopez until I watched his HBO special "Tall, Dark, and Chicano". After 30 minutes of hearing him bash all races except Latinos, I turned it off. There were some funny moments, but to anyone with a semblance of intellect his message was clear: Latinos are superior and other races -esp Caucasian- are inferior.

I'm Caucasian but I'm not racist, my best friend is from Mexico. I speak Spanish, I love the music especially Salsa, and grew up with Mexican food and friends. But people like Lopez contribute to a negative attitude towards Latinos in the U.S.

Don't play the race card when your show gets cancelled. The show was not critically or commercially successful enough to continue. Be a man and improve your character rather than cry RACE.

I dont think its race, he just needs to move on and do other stuff, maybe his Lopez Tonight show will get cancelled too, im a hispanic and i find nothing of his jokes as funny anymore, he got too involved in politics and he knows jack about it. He makes racist comments and no one seems to care about it. Yet he blames RACE the reason why hes cut off, lol. George is pathetic, he claimed hes moving to mexico if Sarah Palin wins in 2012. Well if she runs, i will vote and hope he leaves .

Gorge L. needs to put his cry baby race card back in the deck. he did 1 decent stand up special his whole life. his sitcom and late night shows where some of the most unwatchible pieces of garbage on tv. what do you expect when ur show pulls in less people then a 15+ year old sienfield rerun

The issue has been talked in many articles around the web and on television.But i guess,every hardship and wound heals in time.So this year,it's going to be a great year for George Lopez for the series of shows starting September 16 at Pechanga Resort & Casino,Showroom in Temecula, California.

The first Latino to lead a show??? you mean the first Mexican because if memory serves me rigth Desi Arnaz was the first latin man to lead and produce a tv show and was in his time one of the most important TV producers around - Star Trek was shot in the DesiLu studios.

George Lopez was the funniest show ever people saying it wasnt funny their just dumb

Blaming his lousy show on race is like me blaming Con Edison for my burnt toast. Nice to see yet another foreigner blame the "evil white man" when it was the evil white mans land that allowed him to prosper. Wake up white America. How much more do you have to see?? What will it take for you to open your eyes??

My bro is name george lopez

I hate everyone who says this show sucks....

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