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'Lost': Counting down...

Charlietp Charlie needs to die already.

I'm not the biggest fan of his character, yes. But after alluding to this outcome since, oh, Season 1, I'd say it's time. All he wants to do is love and protect Claire right? Well, now he can by getting them rescued right?

Sigh. If Charlie doesn't die -- and I'm guessing he won't, again -- then this recent trip down memory lane is sort of moot, dontcha think? Also, his death would come with an added bonus. It would free Desmond of this singular mopey mission to save Charlie. Desmond used to be the guy gone stir crazy in the hatch and now he's about as useful to the show as Hurley.

But -- and this is a BIG but -- as far as penultimate set-up-to-the-big-finale episodes go, "Greatest Hits" was above par in more than one way.

So let's concentrate on the good:

Can we please keep Jack? Maybe it's those background drums of the first scene. Maybe it's the way he wants to get all violent on The Others. Maybe he's taking lessons in from Rousseau. Whatever it is, Jack finally returned from Mt. Boring. Sure, he's not entirely out of his stupid pills -- "No Charlie, don't try and get us rescued when I'm about to decorate the beach with Others confetti!" -- but he recovers nicely at the end.

Speaking of... Drums! That's the ticket! Lost should use drums more often. They pack such a punch. Or at least I think so.

So much to do, so little time! We now have the possibility of restoring that radio signal thing that will rescue everyone. It won't happen -- the show's been renewed for forty-some new episodes, so they're not leaving the island any time soon -- but I'm jonesing to learn how exactly they're going to keep everyone at bay. We also have Battle Royale with the Others. As Carl squealed: "They're coming. They're coming right now!" Then there is the return of Locke. Yessir, the two-hour finale is shaping up to be one deliciously jam-packed affair.

Naomi, the Spy? Two weeks ago, she delivered one of the show's most intriguing ideas: That the survivors are actually all dead. This is probably not true, so what is her deal? Where did she come from? Is she actually one of The Others? Is she not freaked out that she sees dead people?

I'm hoping Rose and Bernard stick around. If they brought these two back -- yay! -- just to kill them, it will be anti-climactic. It will rank right up there with the introduction of Nikki and Paulo. Hey, producer people: We like Rose and Bernard. You can do more with them. Do not kill them. There are several characters in line in front of them whose time should be about up.

What did everyone else think?

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the most important exchange of the whole episode can be summed up in six simple words, between Rose and Bernard: "Let's get you into something dark."

I agree that Charlie should be dead already. I like him, but stringing the concept along for how many episodes now is getting old.

Ditto Jack. I mean, yeah he got back on his horse a little bit. But still. Ditch the blonde and get over your hurt feeling lingering from Kate's breaking your heart. You're a grown man. Get over it. I mean, I had the same "Get over it already, sheesh!" feeling for Locke and his daddy issue and attachment to the Others for a while too. But he got over that and come back to totally rule again. Well, before Ben shot him that is.

Finally. Let me just say that Sayid and Locke should just take over the island. And I like Rose. She also rules. :)

Why do the writers insist on focusing on the least interesting and most one-note characters--Jack, Kate, Charlie, Hurley, and increasingly, Sawyer?

It's as though they've forgotten Sayid, Sun, and Claire exist, let alone Rose and Bernard.


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