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'Gilmore Girls': Girl can sing!

May 2, 2007 |  6:01 am

Gilmore300 For now, let’s forget that Logan is about to propose to Rory and concentrate on what is important.

Lauren Graham can really sing!

Her character, Lorelai, may be tone deaf, but as she drunkenly warbled through the Dolly Parton classic (made famous by Whitney Houston) “I Will Always Love You,” she sold the song better than any of those fame-seeking would-be American Idols could.

Lorelai bared her soul in a karaoke-bar performance that won’t soon be forgotten. Directed first toward her daughter, Rory, who is about to graduate from Yale, until her eyes fell on Luke, the love she lost, her bittersweet rendition was at once painful to the ears, heart-wrenching and nestled within the season’s best episode yet.

w, The meaning wasn’t lost on Stars Hollow bar-goers either, who humorously went from cheering crowd to silent onlookers as Luke and Lorelai got lost in each other and the song.

The real music to the ears, however, crescendoed during the tender mother-daughter moments, which have kept viewers loyal during the series' less compelling creative detours. Luke and Lorelai may be close to reigniting, but the reunion to celebrate was that of Lorelai and Rory.

For the first time in a long while, there was little love angst to distract the women from each other while they indulged in some therapeutic down time after Rory received her first-ever job rejection.

“Gilmore Girls,” based on the premise that mother and daughter are so close in age they’re also best friends, has always been at its best when the pair’s honest exchanges, oscillating between quippy talks about nothing in particular to meaningful heart-to-hearts, have stood front and center.

They talked, ate mac 'n' cheese, learned to deal with disappointment, shopped, talked some more and got bombed during a night on the town.

The show's back in fighting form.

-- Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy The CW)