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'Gilmore Girls' and 'Veronica Mars' to air Saturday night


Due to KTLA's live coverage of the wrath-of-God fire in Griffith Park, "Gilmore Girls" and "Veronica Mars" were pre-empted Tuesday night. The new episodes have been rescheduled, however, with "Gilmore" airing on Saturday, May 12 at 8 p.m. and "Veronica" following at 9 p.m.

Who said Show Tracker doesn't look out for ya?

-- Ann Donahue

(Photo courtesy The CW)

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This is great news! Mi wife and I were mad last night when they
live coverage" took more than 5 minutes. I understand the "latest news urgency" of the events, but after 10 minutes of listening to the reporter sya the same thing over and over and over AND OVER again, I think they should have stopped the coverage. And maybe come back in later, if things would get worse.

Anyway, thank God they are showing the shows on Saturday!!!!

Thank god they are showing our Gilmore Girls! My mom, sisiter and I were all in to it when the breaking news came on about the fire that everyone already knew about! It didn't stay on for a few minutes it stayed on all night!!! Well that made us all a little bummed, considering this is our Tuesday night ritual! I put me two girls to bed and we all 3 sit down with our Starbucks and watch our show! Thank you for at least showing it on Saturday, it makes us feel a little better!

Thank you so much for posting the rescheduling of Gilmore Girls!!! Considering this is the last season ever, and we're down to the last couple of shows, I turned the air blue when Tuesday's episode was interrupted. Let's face it, we'll probably be looking at brushfire reports all summer long.

Thank Heaven we'll be able to catch the second to last episode of the show that has warmed our hearts and lightened our spirits for the past seven years! Tuesday nights just won't be the same without that weekly visit to Stars Hollow. Thanks to KTLA for not letting it's viewers down.

It was already hott as ever that night then they go and interrupt the one thing i was looking forward too!!! Yes I too was pissed when they kept showing us a blazing fire the viewers could do NOTHING about over my Gilmore Girls...which i just saw the last show is next week =( anyway thanks gosh it'll be on again!!!!

I was so disappointed on the Tuesday night. KTLA should have continued
with regular programming after an hour, instead of showing the same Fire pictures over and over again. Most of us changed the TV channel.
Other stations put info at the bottom of TV screen, which still gave you
information about the fire, and tv show at the same time.

I will be out of town on Saturday when you finally air Gilmore girls.
yet another KTLA disappointment for programing.

Thank god for your EXCELLENT news show at 5am in the morning

KTLA was the only station to interrupt it's programming for the fire and then they went on and on about nothing and at 11PM when Hal Fishman had to go to bed the coverage suddenly stopped and regular programming began. Hey, it's just Gilmore Girls - as fans we've only devoted years of our life watching the "girls" grow up - why do we need to see the second to the last episode???

KTLA this morning apologized for the breaking in and then made light of the situation - hey there was a fire - ironically just about the time Tony Blair was resigning as Prime Minister - something they didn't break in on since Eric Spillman was with sick seals!!! What a news department! Thank God for the LA Times - at least I can read about the REAL news.

Good thing I checked the tracker. I thought I would have to wait until next Tuesday, and I would have missed the show on Saturday!

Well, I too am a Gilmore Girls fan and am happy that they are re-airing the episode. However, I am very grateful that KTLA preempted the show to give live coverage of the fire. I am a Los Feliz resident, and I watched as the fire came dangerously close to our home. None of the other networks had any real information about the fire, and I could not get any information on the web or on the radio (plus helicopters were causing a great deal of interference). This after I heard the police bullhorns announcing that they were evacuating residents down the street, and the smoke was burning my eyes and making it hard to breathe. I was just trying to find any information about how close the fire was and who was being evacuated, and no other station had this information. So thank you KTLA for interrupting my favorite show! I'm sure if the fire had been close to the homes of the people who have been complaining, they would be thanking you as well. Just makes you think, where would you turn if you needed information in an emergency?

Thank god for Veronica Mars!

I am so sad that Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven are no longer going to be on tv. They are the only 2 programs that I watched except for movies. I guess i won't be watching much tv anymore.

After such a long hiatus for Veronica Mars, I was very disappointed not to see it. Thank goodness it will be on Saturday! It's no wonder ratings go down for such a wonderful show when it gets jerked arond so much. Natural disasters ere horrible. But it just means we all need some escape. What better escape than Veronica Mars???!!

It was bad enough to hear the fire news over and over, but the fact that it was the second to last episode EVER, I was heartboroken! Thank goodness it will be reshown!


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