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'Dancing With the Stars': Heather Mills, we salute you

April 25, 2007 |  4:05 pm

Heather1 "Dancing with the Stars” suffered its first upset of the season, which is a minor one, to be sure, but at least merits a recap that’s somewhat water-cooler-chat worthy.  Thus far, every single elimination has elicited a roaring “Yeah, that makes sense” from the audiences, except for tonight.

Heather “McCartney” Mills got booted off the show, prior to Billy Ray Cyrus and even more prior to John Ratzenberger.  She was a better, more youthful dancer than Cliff and had way more raw talent than Achy Breaky.

We have to confess, we were ready to ride Heather, joke-wise, until her time had come.  We did not have high expectations for her, as a person or as a dancer, and looked forward to making fun of her.  After all, we had not been fed a very good portrait of her in the media, and, in our world, it’s way more fun to pick on someone than to cherish them.

However, Heather did not deserve teasing.  She was a pretty decent dancer who actually seemed to work hard.  We tried really hard to find things wrong in her personality as displayed on the show to pick on, but she proved un-pick-on-able.  She seemed pleasant enough.  Maybe even bland. But more importantly: not annoying.

All this almost gives us a reason to really hate her. But that would be perverse.

We tip our cap to you, Heather Mills.  We still won’t call you a charity campaigner, but we will say you’re a pretty good dancer.