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'Dancing With the Stars': Buh-bye Leeza!

Leeza We’re on to you, “Dancing with the Stars!”

The last time you put on a totally unnecessary recap show was the Tuesday that Gwen Stefani was on “American Idol.”  Last week your results show was "only" an hour long, however, this week, once again, you chose to refresh the memories of your unwitting viewers. And lo and behold, Jennifer Lopez was the guest mentor on “AI”. We're not going to fall for it again, though. If you want to pull us away from exciting guest spots on that other talent competition, you’re going to have to give us a lot more.

That said, Tuesday’s results show (not the recap) managed to come out fairly entertaining despite some typical overblown DWTS promises and recycled material.

The big, special surprise guest? Past champion, Drew Lachey.  Snooze.

We were excited to hear who in the competition might be pregnant, until it turned out to be unnecessary  co-host Samantha Harris. And the many, many "ball" jokes maybe would have worked better on an audience of 12-year-old boys. However, we did like the spicy mamacita showing the youngsters how to do the samba. And the dance number to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” was, well, a little dirty. But we liked it, too!

What we most especially liked though was Leeza Gibbons getting voted off —- no offense, Leeza, but your personality rang false with us and your dance moves didn’t compensate (nor did your cutting-edge “hanging chads” wisecrack.)

With her voted off now, though, the future eliminations will become more difficult as the more sentimental favorites come under the red light.

(Photo courtesy ABC)

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Is it my imagination or is clyde the absolute worst dancer in the history of the universe. HOW is he still there. Leeza was no where near his "lack" of ability. Stars is loosing credibility.

How on earth is Leeza Gibbons 50 years old? What is going on? When did I get old also? Should there be a Congressional Investigation?

Having said that, and despite the fact that she looks great for 50, NO ONE should wear Body Glitter. No one.


from http://thecolumnists.com/fox/fox49.html

Girlie man? No. Girlie fan.

Ask most guys why they’re dazzled by “Dancing With the Stars,” and they won’t sidestep the truth. It’s the chicks.

Especially Laila Ali. She’s a knockout figuratively. Good for her daddy for producing something glitzier than a heavyweight title belt.

Then there’s that dancing titlist, Cheryl Burke. She rode Drew Lachey to the top two seasons ago. Then rushed Emmitt Smith to the trophy last fall. Now she’s trying to win with “90210” actor Ian Ziering. If the judges are staring at her backless outfits, she’ll wear a threepeat.

As for the sexiest of them all, Julianne Hough, I save her for the last of my musings:

Week 1: Some wag wrote that model Paulina Porizkova was safe from the voters’ ax. Wake up. The tall Czech was too short on name recognition. Even more than 2004 Miss USA Shandi Finnessey. Which meant no fan constituency to offset any rips from the judges.

Sure, the Clyde The Glide can't hide his dullness. But Drexler has sports fans voting for him. Billy Ray Cyrus has achy breaky moves. He also has the entire South clicking on his name. Who would vote for the Czech? Maybe other models who diss Americans, the way Porizkova did when asked about Cuba during one of the show’s features.

Miss USA will go. She doesn't have it. Leeza Gibbons is next. Journalist. Ask last season’s first victim, Tucker Carlson, about how much weight we have. Stay tuned for more picks.

Week 2: Two for two. I called the Czech and Miss USA bounces. The next gimme: Gibbons. No one knows her. Which is exactly why the first two no-names got tripped.

Which also explains why two walkers, the Achy and Glide guys, are still traipsing around Hollywood. They have serious fan bases.

I suppose McCartney's frau does too. But her backing will prove shaky. Kind of like her teeth. And will her agent straighten that hair? Brother. Here's a case where a wannabe star looks better in rehearsals. And who will win the gold? The non-Yoko: Ohno.

Week 3: Goodbye, Gibbons.

I said coming in that this was the strongest lock since I picked Florida to buck Ohio State in the college football title game.

OK, so I picked Ohio State to return the favor in the recent hoops final. But who’s counting?

On the floor that counts right now, I promised that Gibbons wouldn’t stand for long, that she would glide right past Clyde and fade stage left.

Not that it matters much. The “Cheers” oldie, John Ratzenberger, is facing a last call. Drexler is a slam-dunk goner the next week. McCartney will beat it soon thereafter. Billy Ray won’t be aching in practice much longer.

Start counting down to the Fat One vs. Ohno.

Joey Fatone is this season’s Mario Lopez, a ringer stepping all over the competition. The big guy truly hammered it out last week, doing footwork only a pro can nail. That’s because he is a pro, having danced for ‘N Sync.

As for Apollo, he has two big factors that will shoot him to the final: an Olympic gold-medal speed-skating ethic and a partner who is a drop-dead superstar waiting to happen.

That would be Julianne Hough, the hottest teen to hit Hollywood since, what, Shirley Jones?

©2007 by Bucky Fox. The "Dancing with the Stars" logo photo is courtesy of ABC. This column first posted April 16, 2007.

You can visit Bucky Fox's website at www.BuckyFox.com


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