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'America's Next Top Model': Augh, clip show!

April 26, 2007 | 10:44 am

Renee Aw, c'mon Tyra, why do you have to treat me like that?

After the comedy gold of the models in Australia last week, Wednesday night we get a recap show, with only a few new interviews and behind-the-scenes bitchiness thrown in.

Jael and Renee bickered; Samantha and Renee bickered; Brittany and Renee bickered; Dionne and Renee bickered; Renee even managed to bicker with inanimate objects, including bathroom cleaner. The reward for revisiting the cattiness? Renee classically describing Jael as "the female Kramer" for her tendency to aggressively hula-hoop in people's faces. Next week, we get back to the real show. Hey, I guess it's the only padding you'll ever see on Top Model.

(Photo courtesy The CW)