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American Idol: Sanjaya Sayonara Part 3

April 19, 2007 | 12:12 pm

Just off the post-results conference call.  Each week the newly eliminated contestant is put on the phone for half an hour with, it sounds like, about a billion reporters from every corner of the globe who are allowed, if chosen to ask one question and one follow up each.

It was a humbled Sanjaya who stepped out of the "Idol" bubble and faced the press corps today. Or more to the point, the call had the semi-pathetique tone of a very young kid squirming under questioning from a bunch of big serious adults. 

More signficantly, Sanjaya - in this call at least - unequivocally - distanced himself from an anti-hero status - claiming he was in the competition to win (although he realized he probably wouldn't) and was just trying his hardest to let his personality shine.  Sanjaya poo-poo'ed  his leading cheerleaders  saying, "I don't think votefortheworst or Howard Stern had enough people voting for me to make a dent in anything.  I think the reason why I'm here is the support of my fans."

Some other highlights from the call:

He saw the angel of death heading his way: "When I saw the show on Tuesday I kinda had a feeling. And then I was kinda in the dumps all day Wednesday…I kinda knew."

He never felt animosity from the other contestants: "Not at all, everyone is a family.  That was the hardest part of leaving, leaving the extended part of my family."

He was never trying to give the show the finger: "My philopsophy was to stay true to myself and try to put my personality out there."
(Of course, what else would a mischievious teenager say when called into the principal's office?)

He did read the blogs and web coverage, but not for the reasons you think: "I read the blogs more to balance myself because it was kinda impossible not to hear stuff and a lot of the time it was negative, so I read blogs to try and balance the positive and negative."

The thinking behind his hair: "At a certian point that had sorta become my thing.  Everyone looks for something to grab onto with each contestant, that was my back atcha."

Plans now: "I'm looking at a music career but also want to venture into acting and modeling and possibly Broadway."

Simon's hostility?: "From the beginning I think Simon had hopes for me and when I didn’t fill that potential, he was disappointed. He's an amazing person and what he does is awesome but I learned more from him than anyone else in the competetion."

When did he realize America had entered the Sanjaya Universe?: "I think it kind of trickled in.  It's been kinda surreal for me.  We truly are in a bubble, we don’t have the slightest idea of the capacity of the show.  I got an inkling everyonce in a while of something diferent. Something going on, I guess a cultural phenomeon."

So there you have it. The first public words from the eye of the hurricane.  Stay tuned to this space for all breaking developments on this historic day.